Fear Files 29th September 2012 Written Update

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Fear Files 29th September 2012 Written Update by PiaSenGupta

This story is about a headless killer near a area of Mumbai .There is this kid kunal who sees a dream where all the villagers kill a man by chopping his head from his body .Kunal’s uncle Suresh tells about the same story of this headless killer to all the children of that area. Suresh actually got to know about these things from his grand father .

In the area many people are killed by this headless man , First a cleaner, then father of a kid , the mad person who roams in the area etc. Almost all the kids have seen this headless man but no one believe them .The policemen think all the murders are done by a serial killer .

Whole area is disturbed and frightened by these incidents and murders. Kunal ‘s uncle tells his brother and sister in law that according to his grandfather the headless man can only be destroyed when his head and body will be together , somehow they have been separated and all these are happening due to that .Kunal was hiding and listening to all these , he discloses to the family members that while playing with his friend in the forest he saw a skeleton head which he threw in fear , that head must be of the headless man’s.

Suresh is afraid of all these and decides to join the head of that man with his body ,but he is killed by the headless man in the road. Kunal ‘s father does not believe in all these ,but his mother takes him to the place to complete the task ,but the man arrives there and holds her hair to kill her when Kunal’s father reaches there and save his mother ‘Kunal somehow manages to join the head with the body and the ghost disappears ,The one police man who was present there was a narrator and Kunal who is a grown-up man is also another narrator ‘The policeman still think the killer was a human being ,but Kunal said it is upto us to decide whether we shall believe him or not.

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