Honge Juda Na Hum 11th October 2012 Written Update

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Honge Juda Na Hum 11th October 2012 Written Update by BlackBeauty

Honge Juda Na Hum 11th October 2012 Written Episode

Muskaan begs Rohan to tell her about her past though she knows he doesn’t want to talk about it. It is very important for her to know about her past because only then she can move on. Anirudh tells her that as her closest friend, he should tell her everything because even he lives under this burden; but as a doctor he cannot tell her about her past because she had reacted badly to it when he tried it a year back. He tells her he cannot take this risk till he is convinced she can take this stress. He asks her to stop running behind her past and let her past find her.
Nidai looks at the wedding picture of RM and decides to show the pic to her. After all he had promised not to ‘say’ anything not ‘show’. However, Tara catches him. However he manages to fool her and go scotfree.
Anu tells Rohan she is very tired. Rohan requests her to get him samosas since he is very hungry. Anu says he is the man he should get it for her. Rohan says he needs to complete a painting and Anu finally agrees warning him that she will get back at him. Rohan admires his handiwork when he spots the guitar. He starts playing it and singing too. Across the road in the cafe, Muskaan hears the music and feels happy, then sad. She gets drawn to the melody and starts walking towards Rohan’s gallery. She climbs up the stairs and sees Rohan with the guitar. The guitar has an ‘RM’ tag on it. Rohan doesn’t realise her presence in the room and continues playing and singing. As he finishes, he seems disturbed.
He wonders why he can remember only the tune of the song not the wordings. Just then, he spots Muskaan in the mirror. He turns around to face her and she tells him that she has heard this song somewhere and asks for the lyrics. Rohan says he doesn’t know the lyrics. They both seem upset at not being able to recall anything. Just then Anu reaches and is surprised to find them staring at each other like this. She snaps them out of their trance and Muskaan says she came after hearing the tune. She apologises and leaves. Rohan says that he played the music and she came. Anu jokes that the tune pulled Muskaan, she wants to hear it too. Rohan says some other time; he still seems lost and doesn’t even eat the samosa.
At the cafe, Muskaan is also sitting absentmindedly. Manya comes to ask her something but her timing proves to be wrong as Muskaan snaps at her.
At the Duggals, Nidai is trying to find a suitable place to keep the photo and finally keeps it.
Muskaan is about to leave when she looks up to the art gallery and feels slightly disturbed. She sees Anu pull the shutters and take the guitar which tenses her further. Anu doesn’t acknowledge Muskaan at all but Muskaan asks her if she wants a lift. Anu refuses politely but Muskaan insists. Muskaan can’t help but stare at the guitar again and again. She wants to touch it but then decides against it. She asks Anu for a favour; she is constantly having a deja vu of the tune and wants the lyrics. Anu says she asked Rohan but he didn’t tell her. Muskaan is disappointed.
They reach Rohan’s house and Anu thanks Muskaan. Preeti spots Anu and she tells her that Muskaan dropped her. Preeti seems happy that they’ve patched up. Anu tells her about the tune incident. Preeti wonders what tune drew Muskaan but Anu doesn’t know.
Meanwhile, Muskaan still seems lost as she enters her house. She starts feeling a little dizzy.

Precap: Anirudh doesn’t understand why Muskaan is stressing so much over a song, maybe it’s important to her. Anirudh says that there is something that has happened which has made Muskaan recall her past. Tara lies that it’s nothing. After Anirudh leaves, Avi tells Tara that he will tell Anirudh the truth about Muskaan’s ill-health.

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  1. Naila anjum
    October 12, 19:10 Reply

    Rohan-muskaan u both r so cute ur exprsns awesome yaar love u both…

  2. Muskaan
    October 12, 02:34 Reply

    Rohan-muskaan are perfect couple….i lov rohan a lot………..

    • saili
      October 13, 05:17

      yah wat 2 say RM r the bst couple ever after priya and ram.

  3. K king
    October 12, 01:37 Reply

    I like this show it my 2fav show on sony..1is Bade ALH

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