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Episode starts with Khushi sleeping holding Arnav’s hands. Arnav then takes off his hands and goes outside his room. Khushi wakes up. Arnav is remembering how Anjali told him to leave her alone. He goes in Anjali’s room but does not see her there. He searches for her and he sees her with Nani. Anjali is sleeping in Nani’s room. Nani goes outside and tells Arnav she just made Anjali sleep just now. She says Anjali has got hurt due to all that happened today and asks him to go to sleep as well. Payal is worried in her room and calling Aakash. Aakash comes there. Payal says she was worried so much. Aakash said he went outside as he wanted to stay alone. Payal says she knows it’s bad time and soon everything will be fine. Aakash takes off his hands and says, ‘ I know’. Payal asks him why he’s talking like this with her. Aakash asks if she remembers her promise that she did before 1 day of their marriage that they will never hide anything from each other. He says he had expected her to fulfill that promise just like him but Payal failed. Payal asks him to believe her but Aakash says why he should. Now he will always think about what more Payal has hide from him. He says somewhere your responsible for this, to payal. And says if she had told him then today situation might be different and he leaves.


Arnav still thinking about Anjali and how close he was to her. Khushi comes there and keeps her head on Arnav’s shoulder.

Anjali wakes up and still thinking about Arnav’s slaps to Shyam. Khushi comes there but Anjali closes her eyes so Khushi says it’s good she slept and she leaves. Nani is watching all this. Anjali opens her eyes and cries as soon as Khushi leaves. Nani and Khushi come where Arnav is sitting. Nani says she wants to tell something to both Arnav and Khushi. She tells them she is not getting everything that’s happened. She says this much happened and no one knew about this? Whenever she thinks about Shyam, she only thinks about he did so much for their family, he cared about everyone, kept Anjali so happy and still he was betraying them. She says she can’t believe this.

She says she doesn’t know what to do and who to blame. Arnav says but he has no doubt. He knows about Shyam since long time. Nani asks what are you saying. Arnav says since Aakash got married, since Khushi and him got married, he knows about Shyam’s character. He tells how Shyam told Khushi on marriage day that he loves her and he doesn’t care about Anjali. Arnav says that night he misunderstood and he did his biggest mistake of his life by not trusting Khushi. He says he asked Shyam but Shyam said they both love each other but Anjali comes between them. Arnav says he betrayed everyone and his mistake was he kept thinking Khushi is with him but that was just his misunderstanding. It was only Shyam whose intentions were bad. Nani gets shocked and she says Anjali has to go through so much and now her heart is broken. And she says she won’t be able to take if anything happens to her kid due to this.

She says this is testing time for us. we will have to give some time to Anjali to get out of this, no matter how much time it takes. She then says to Khushi, more Anjali see you more she will remember about what has happened and requests her to stay away from Anjali for some time. Khushi says she understands and she will stay away from Anjali for some time.

It’s morning now. Arnav comes to Anjali and tells her what they used to say each other when they were sad. He says your turn now but Anjali doesn’t say anything. He asks her to eat something for him. But Anjali goes away. Arnav gets a call and then he leaves.


Here Khushi comes with water for Arnav. Arnav says he will have to go to office. He knows there are so many problems at home and he doesn’t want to go but it’s urgent and says will be back in an hour. He asks Khushi if she’s fine. Khushi says am fine but what about you. You haven’t taken medicine either. Arnav says but Anjali, she hasn’t ate anything either. Khushi says to take care of Anjali, you will have to take care of yourself first. She then gives him medicine and says until you don’t take your medicine, I won’t let you go anywhere. He takes medicine. Khushi is leaving but he keeps blocking her way. They look at each other and smile.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav says to Khushi,’ you have to stop going back if I come forward. In fact, you will have to learn to go forward with me. ‘

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  1. rekha
    August 02, 07:06 Reply

    plz put pictures on every episodes

  2. shama
    July 10, 20:17 Reply

    Wow i loved the last part of the episode, cant wait to see it tomorrow. Khushi is so cute

  3. Resha
    July 10, 17:13 Reply

    awesome episode….im waiting for the shyam problem get solved…liked the small love moments of ARSHI

  4. riya
    July 10, 16:44 Reply

    wow at last Arnav UNDERSTANDING khushi and that it wasnt her faut.its so cute they are folling in love again

  5. richu
    July 10, 16:23 Reply

    any way their rabave sean was superb

  6. Jenny
    July 10, 15:56 Reply

    Arnav business nahi chore sakta yaar sister ya wife ke liye

  7. Anonymous
    July 10, 15:41 Reply

    The ending was awesome. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  8. nisha
    July 10, 15:32 Reply

    arnav is mad r wat …. a phonecall is important 4 him morethan his sis :@

  9. afrina
    July 10, 15:31 Reply

    this rabba ve is nt a required 1 at dis situation.

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