Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 18th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Jr. ASR’s mother asking Khushi what do you want? Why do you do all this? For money? Arnav from back says, excuse me, she was saving your kid. Both Jr. ASR and Arnav say together, at least listen to her. Kid’s mother turns and sees Arnav. Arnav goes, Sheetal? Sheetal goes, Arnav? Khushi asks Arnav, do you know her? Arnav says, I and Sheetal were in same class in college.

Arnav then introduces Khushi to Sheetal saying, she is my wife. Sheetal doesn’t really seem too happy meeting Khushi. Khushi then says to her, I wasn’t kidnapping your son.. I was saving him from the kidnappers. Jr. ASR says, yea mum.. she is right. Sheetal then says, actually I am sorry.. Khushi says, not a problem.. I understand a mother getting worried for her son.

Arnav then says to Sheetal, it’s been a long time… how are you? is that your kid? Sheetal says, yes .. he is my kid.. Aarav. Khushi then tells Arnav, this is same kid about whom I was talking about. Arnav shakes hand with Aarav and says to him, I heard you didn’t like my suit. Aarav says in angry tone, I said what I felt because I don’t lie. He then asks Arnav, does your wife always stay like this? Arnav just smiles. Aarav then says, but she is sweet. Sheetal interrupts and says, we are getting late.. it was nice to meet you. And they leave. After they leave, Khushi is happy and says, it feels so good right when you meet your old friends. Arnav holds her hand and says, you come with me and they go to the car.

Seeing Arnav, Khushi asks, you just seem upset or you are upset with me for real? Arnav says, what fun do you get in interfering in others business. Khushi says, what fun? but someone was kidnapping this small kid, how would I let that happen. I am a responsible citizen. Arnav says, fine you wanted to help him but why you had to put him the car and drive when you don’t know how to drive? Khushi says, I know how to drive.. it’s just I didn’t drive since long time so I wasn’t comfortable. Arnav says, what if something had happened to you? Stupid. Whenever you go to help someone else, something wrong happens to you. When will you stop doing all this? Khushi says, fine.. after today I won’t help matter if people are dying in tsunami or earthquake. I won’t say hello hi to anyone either.. else something bad will happen on me talking. Arnav tries to say something to her but then says, forget it.

They return to home now. Nk gets happy seeing them. Anjali asks him, you just met them then why are you getting so happy again? Nk says, just like that.. I love them. Manorama says, seems like it’s love fever in this house. Look at them (Khushi–Arnav) coming from the honeymoon. Arnav says, Khushi wanted to eat ice cream so we just went there. Nk says, so romantic. Khushi leaves from there without saying anything. Manorama asks Arnav, you didn’t buy her right flavour ice cream? Arnav is also leaving from there now. Anjali asks him if everything is fine. Arnav says, yes. read full updates with pictures only at Arnav now comes to his room and tries to talk with Khushi, but she just avoids him. Arnav then asks Khushi to pass a file. Khushi says, I have decided not to help anyone from today. I will just live in my own world and worry about myself only. Arnav says in his mind, maybe I said too much. Khushi now comes to the kitchen and is making jalebis. Payal and Anjali are there as well. Anjali asks Khushi, what should we make in lunch today that Arnav would like? Khushi says, whatever we will make.. everyone will eat. She then says, there is no need to do anything for anyone. You try to do others good and others blame you only. It’s better if we just concentrate on ourselves. Arnav comes there now and Anjali, Payal leave.

Arnav asks Khushi, where is my white shirt? Khushi says, I don’t know.. and from today I am not going to look after any of your things.. mobile.. file.. socks.. so from today if you ask me anything.. my answer will be same that I don’t know. Khushi then eats a hot jalebi and goes.. ouch. Arnav quickly gives her water but she doesn’t take it and starts walking from there. Arnav holds her hand and stops her. Khushi says, don’t touch me. Arnav says, oh really? and If I touch you then.. what will you do? Khushi says, you don’t know me.. and if you want to know me then go and ask those kidnappers. Arnav still doesn’t leave her hand. He says, you can’t do anything because when I hold your hand and look into your eyes…. Khushi puts her hand on her eyes and says, it’s your misunderstanding. Arnav says, then look into my eyes. Khushi tries to leave from there again but Arnav doesn’t leave her. Khushi says, I will call Di.. Payal.. nani ji.. aakash ji.. Arnav says, list of ‘ji’ is done.. now what? Khushi then picks up a jalebi and says, then I will make laad governor eat this. Arnav finally leaves her hand Khushi runs away from there.

Khushi is giving water to the plants and Arnav comes there. He asks her, so now you won’t even let me touch you? Khushi starts signing.. aaj mausam nahi hai suhana (weather is not good today).. baat karne ka nahi hai bahana (not a reason to talk)… what the.. what the.. Arnav then tries to touch her and says, listen to me. Khushi says, don’t come close me.. I will throw water on you. Arnav then takes water pump from her hand and puts it down. Khushi says, I know karate too so don’t test me. Arnav again tries to touch her and Khushi is walking away from him.. and in that her dupatta comes in Arnav’s hand. khushi asks him to return it to her, but Arnav instead ties it on her mouth and eyes. Khushi asks him to leave.. Arnav says, I am your husband and I can do anything with you. He then carries her and takes her somewhere. Khushi is moving her legs and hands.. Arnav tells her, stop swimming in air.

Break 1..

He then puts her in a car and says, don’t try to open your eyes else I will tie your hands too. He asks her to put the seat belt on. And he drives somewhere. Khushi asks him, what are you doing? Arnav says, just sit quietly. Khushi asks, are you kidnapping me? Arnav says, think whatever you want. Traffic police stops Arnav and asks for license. He asks Khushi if she is fine. Khushi says, I can’t see but you can see right? Don’t you see this cloth on my eyes.. he’s trying to kidnap me. Arnav says, she’s my wife and not listening me that’s why. Khushi says, I listen to all he says,, but he still gets angry at me. Khushi and Arnav are fighting with each other.. traffice police says, sir you can go.. I don’t wanna come between husband wife fight.

Arnav now takes her out the car and taking somewhere. It’s same garden place where they came before (where all Arnav’s mother memories are). He finally takes the dupatta off her eyes and says, I am trying to talk with you since so long. Khushi says, noo.. I don’t want to hear anything. Arnav says, what if I force you to listen to me then? Khushi says, what? You can’t do anything like that. Arnav says, really? look around there is no one here. Khushi says, if you do that, then I won’t talk with you. Arnav says, I bet.. you can’t stay quiet for even 5 minutes. Khushi accepts his challenge and tries not to say anything but she fails. She says, I can’t stay quiet.. it’s like a punishment for me. I am like this since childhood. When I stay quiet.. I feel like whole world is finished.. and it’s only me who is left. Arnav shuts her.

Break 2..

Arnav bends down his head. Khushi says, you don’t need to bend down your head to me. Arnav says, there is a need.. you deserve it. He then says, Khushi you’re mad.. you talk a lot.. you test my patience many times and make me angry, but….. Khushi says, is that why you’re bendin down your head? so I forgive you. Arnav says, no.. I am bending my head down because there can’t be anyone like you. Your selflessness.. courage.. patience to help others.. everything is special and that is why I respect you a lot. He says, I never bend down my head to anyone but today, I felt like doing it because I know.. you’re much better than me.. you’re special.

Khushi gets emotional.. rabba ve plays in background and both stare at each other. Khushi hugs him and says, but Arnav ji.. should I tell you something? It’s amazing that you said so much and I didn’t say a word. She then says, you don’t do filmy talks like this.. it doesn’t suit you. Both laugh. Arnav then kisses her on forehead.. and says, I am sorry.. I over reacted this morning. Khushi says, no.. I know you were afraid to lose me.. but don’t worry.. I won’t leave you that fast.. I will stay with you only. Arnav says, i know you’re very brave.. but do me a favour.. next time if anything like this happens, then call police. Khushi agrees.

Episode ends with Arnav-Khushi’s hug.



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