Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 18th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Khushi getting emotional and asking Arnav to promise her that they will come to this place after their marriage to take blessings of Arnav’s mother. They hug then.

At Raizada house, Garima begs Dadi for not cancelling the marriage. Garima says, what’s Khushi’s fault in this? I didn’t know Arnav’s father was married. I have regret for falling in love with him. I am sorry for everything that happened with this house. Dadi says, then you would have faced me and would have apologized to me. But no, till today you are hiding from me.. running away from me because you know it’s your fault. Garima says, believe me.. I tried many times to talk with you. Dadi says, lie.. I won’t let Khushi destroy Arnav’s life like how you destroyed Arnav’s father’s life. I will tell the truth to Arnav. Shyam is hiding and still listening all this. I will tell him that you’re responsible for his mother’s death. Now this marriage won’t happen. Dadi shouts Arnav.. Arnav. Garima is begging her not to tell all this to Arnav but Dadi doesn’t listen and goes to Arnav’s room.

Garima is worried and says to herself, Khushi won’t be able to live without Arnav. Shyam is looking at her and smiling.

Whole Raizada family is in a room except Arnav and Khushi. They are playing guessing the movie game. Dadi comes there and asks where is Arnav. Aakash says he went somewhere with Khushi. Dadi leaves from there. Nani wonders what happened with Dadi.

Break 1..

Garima is saying in her mind, I will have to talk with Khushi and tell her all the truth before Dadi talks with Arnav. That poor girl doesn’t even know from what all she will have to suffer because of me. Seeing Garima worried, Khushi’s father tries to calm her down. But Garima says, nothing happened.. I am just tired. Garima is calling someone. Nani comes there and asks her what happened. Garima says, I am fine.. I was just trying to call Khushi. Nani tells her to rest but Garima says.. it’s okay. Nani says in her mind, on the other side, Dadi seems worried and here Garima.. did something happen between them? Shyam says in his mind, no matter where Khushi and Arnav are .. in end they will have to come here. He says, when I waited this long for this big blast, then little more.

Dadi, in her room, is also waiting desperately for Arnav to return.

Everyone wonders where Khushi and Arnav are. And here they come holding each other’s hand. Nk tells Arnav, Nannav you can’t go out with Khushi like this at this time… it’s not allowed. Khushi says, we didn’t break any ritual.. in fact we did one more ritual. We went to meet someone very important.

Shyam comes to Dadi’s room and tells her, Arnav is here now. Shyam leaves.

Nk tells Arnav, so you couldn’t even wait this much.. you’re very impatient. Garima goes to Khushi and Arnav and asks Khushi to go with her. She takes her on a side and says, I want to talk with you about something important. Before Garima says anything more, Dadi comes there and says, WAIT. Dadi takes Khushi’s hand off from Garima’s hand. Arnav asks Dadi, what’s wrong? Dadi says to Khushi, there’s only little time left before your marriage.. and before that I want to tell you something. Dadi then puts a bangle in Khushi’s hand and says, YOU’RE WELCOME TO THIS HOUSE. Everyone is shocked and happy.

Dadi says, these are our family’s traditional bangles. We give them to generation to generation. As now you’re going to become bahu of this house, you have rights on them. Don’t remove them until your marriage is done. Khushi takes blessings from Dadi. Dadi leaves from there. Shyam is wondering what’s going on.

Nk says, I feel like am seeing a dream. Manorama also says this is a miracle. Shyam is angry.

Break 2..

Anjali comes to Shyam and he brings smile on his face. Anjali says, I can’t believe what Dadi just did.. now I think this wedding will be perfect.

Dadi is praying and Garima comes there. Shyam listens to their conversation. Garims tells Dadi, you really have a very big heart. You didn’t punish my daughter for my mistake. Dadi says, I don’t want history to repeat itself. I want this family to be happy. I can’t stop this marriage because of a woman like you. I can’t see everyone getting sad in this house. Shyam is angry. Garima says, you saved my daughter’s life.. she wouldn’t be able to live without Arnav. Dadi says, I know that. Garima asks her, did you forgive me? Dadi says, go .. your family is waiting for you. Dadi leaves from there. Garima thanks God for not breaking Khushi’s heart.

Buaji asks Garima, don’t you have to come to home or what? Nk jokes and says, else water will go off. Manorama says them to come early as there is sangeet ceremony tomorrow. Khushi’s family leaves but Khushi is still standing there. Arnav tells her, bye. But she is still here. She says to him, I am very scared.. Dadi gave me bangles.. gave blessings too.. Arnav says so? this is a good thing. Khushi hugs Arnav and says, I am very happy that I can’t even tell you how happy I am.. Dadi gave me bangles.. blessings and I met to your mother too.. so much happiness in one day and that’s why I am scared. Arnav smiles. Buaji shouts and calls Khushi. Arnav says, you’re really crazy. And I am very happy as well.. Khushi says, that’s why I am scaring.. by seeing laad governor’s smile. Khushi laughs and runs away from there.

Episode ends with Arnav’s smiling face.

Precap: Buaji and Payal performing (in sangeet’s ceremony).


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  1. arshi
    September 19, 11:57 Reply

    Today’s episode was super.i enjoyed it. I really love u arshi. Nk, manorama,payal and nani were so nice. Pls make arshi to be marr ied. I am waiting 2 see them as a perfect couple. I again make a request 2 show the ipkknd episodes at 5.30pm pls

  2. Heart
    September 19, 10:39 Reply

    My feb writer is MZI.n i read al kind of book.i m adicted!now i m reading Hp 7.i m a fan of Hp sinch my 7clas.nw i m als rding nite fal by aisak asimov.n i lik j.b. also.

  3. Heart
    September 19, 10:33 Reply

    My feb writer is MZI.n i read al kind of book.i m adicted!now i m reading Hp 7.i m a fan of Hp sinch my 7clas.nw i m als rding nite fal by aisak asimov.

  4. sana
    September 19, 10:22 Reply

    dadi is not playing right. the best episod

  5. Raima chaudry
    September 19, 10:05 Reply

    They will have a marriage see 19th September 2012 new promo out arnav will say i’ll marry khushi do watch it

  6. SUMON
    September 19, 10:03 Reply

    Yes , Faiza & Heart i m a 19 years old boy not girl :D. U must b thinking how can a boy like IPKKND. well i like romantic things. And thats why i like IPKKND. And i usually don’t watch IPKKND at 8:30 pm of our country as i m a student. I often see IPKKND at 11:30 pm.
    Now r u get clear about your confution Faiza???

    • Arya fan
      September 19, 10:10

      Super exam dichi yaar.I am a diehard fan of justin bieber.i also like hridoy khan n habib’s song.hey sumon who is ur fav singer?

    • Arya fan
      September 19, 10:18

      Yes sumon now i get clear about my confusion.

  7. Heart
    September 19, 09:56 Reply

    Now i’v no fev singar.but i like robindro n rimix song(wat a combinetion!haha).u?n i like 2 read buks.tomar exam kemon holo?

    • Arya fan
      September 19, 10:12

      Heart i am crazy 4 books.i like humayun ahmed’s books a lot specially himu.

  8. Raima chaudry
    September 19, 09:06 Reply

    Chill people you guys must watch new promo that promo is about arnav by saying to dadi arnav said i will marry her this is not the story about love or hate you all must see new promo and finally they will have a proper wedding it’s out now noone can change this now arnav is too mad in love with her

    • arshi
      September 19, 12:00

      I like it

  9. Heart
    September 19, 08:38 Reply

    Who is disliking al our coments?PLZ frnd,dont do dis!by d way,hi sumon,i m also 4m b.dash.

    • Arya fan
      September 19, 09:10

      Hi sumon n heart,who is ur favourite singer?n sumon r u a boy?i just want to make sure.

  10. imesha
    September 19, 05:55 Reply

    really happy about what dadi you all in iss pyar ko kya naam doon.

  11. anshel
    September 19, 03:31 Reply

    yaartum logo ne naya promo dekha – ye saali daidi to kamini nikli jaan bujh ke shadi din bataya ki sochne samjhane ka mauka hi na mile .she too much.ab shayad arnav shadi na bhi kare
    let me tell umy fingers r crossed just hope ki arnav khusi ki shadi ho jaye wqaise bhi khusi ki kya galti. garima to uski sagi maa bhi nahi hai

  12. saud rashid
    September 19, 02:48 Reply

    totally shoked e.p! Dadi kya sooch kar yah kar rhi hay any way i love iss pyar ko kya naam doon

  13. ruba
    September 19, 02:16 Reply

    guys there is a big ?mark about arshi marriage ………after the new promo…pls directer ji dont break my heart………..:(

  14. Urgent reply asap!!!
    September 19, 02:03 Reply

    Can anyone tell mehow to get teri merilove stories kesongs from theepisode dil breaker… Was. Verygood epi…good story n acting n backgrndscores… Someone help..:)

  15. SUMON
    September 19, 01:48 Reply

    I am 19 years old. I live in Narayanganj. Now i am a student of Hons 1st year of English Department. @ Fazia

  16. SUMON
    September 18, 21:47 Reply

    Hei arya are u from Bangladesh??? Me also….:D

    • Arya fan
      September 18, 23:20

      Really?u r 4m bang. I thought there is no1 4m my country.but i was wrong.btw heart is also 4m bdesh.n u can call me faiza.plz tell me sumting about u.

  17. mina
    September 18, 21:00 Reply

    anaithum dadi seyal. it seem like “naan avan illai”.
    dadi like multiple talented enemy. i think next year she will nominate for best ‘villain’/ enemy of the year 2013

  18. Ar
    September 18, 20:20 Reply

    there is something big going to happen… dadi will not let this go so easily…. She is planning for some dhamaka!

  19. Gaya
    September 18, 18:17 Reply

    Ok when will they get married n kiss we wanna c kisses between arshi

    • ruba
      September 19, 02:06

      me too gaya……

  20. Heart
    September 18, 16:12 Reply

    Faiza,u r in PV also?tumi r konta dekho?i’v replid on pkdh

    • Arya fan
      September 18, 23:25

      Yeah as bcz of my username is arya fan i definately watch PV.besides i watch PR,madhubala,BALH.obsor thakle jeta dekhay setai dekhi.

  21. Anonymous
    September 18, 15:33 Reply

    I think Arnav won’t react for Dadi’s action coz true love can’t be shattered easily.

    By the way I have read these words ” smile, smile, smile and be a villain” Dadi is right example for it.

    Guys from the hatred of the viewers we can say Abbas Mehtha a excellent actor.

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