Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 21st September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Payal asking Khushi if she knows what is she doing. Khushi says, yes they are doing bachelors party. Payal asks her, then why you didn’t stop them? Khushi says, for what? All guys are celebrating.. what’s wrong with me? We, girls, have so many events in which guys can’t come. Payal says, you’re very innocent.. you don’t know how these bachelors parties are. Khushi says, I know.. we enjoyed whole night during Preeto’s (Khushi’s friend) wedding party… we ate gol gappes.. played antakshari.. and had fun.. guys will do same thing.

Payal asks her, you really think guys will play antakshari there? Payal says, no .. far away from this house.. do you think only guys will be there? Khushi says, obviously…Payal says, there will be girls.. there will be dance.. there will be wine.. Khushi says, but Arnav didn’t invite me.. did Aakash invite you? Payal says, not us.. other girls… whom we can’t trust at all. Khushi is shocked and asks.. all these happen in these parties? Khushi says, omg.. what did I do? I said him to go to the party happily. If anything like this happens, then I won’t leave Arnav.

Scene changes to the party. Nk and Aakash have a glass of wine in their hands and they seem drunk. Khushi and Payal enter there. Aakash says, we had lots of fun tonight and he suddenly sees Payal and gets shocked. Payal turns off the music. Khushi asks Nk, what is this? Nk says, all this was.. Payal asks Nk, how can you do all this? I never thought in my dreams that you would do such stuff. Nk says, thank you for the compliment.

Aakash asks Nk to sssh.. and says she’s mad. Aakash then asks Payal, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. Payal then takes Aakash to home with her. Khushi is angry at Nk and asks him, aren’t you ashamed? organizing such parties? Nk says, you said in morning organize party the way so Arnav enjoys.. he enjoyed now. Khushi then asks where is Arnav. Nk says, he must be somewhere here. Khushi is that angry that she forwards her hands to press Nk’s neck. Nk then points somewhere and says he’s there. Khushi sees a couple in a shadow and gets shocked. Nk says her, you can’t go there but Khushi threatens him again and he says, you can go.. go. Khushi goes there.

Khushi enters the room and Arnav is on bed. Khushi starts searching for something. Arnav asks her, what are you doing here? Khushi asks where is that witch. Arnav asks who? She starts searching for her everywhere. Arnav holds her hand and stops her. He asks what are you searching for? Khushi says, I am sure that I saw a girl here. Arnav says what? No way.. Khushi says, you stay quiet.. is this your party? is this what you wanted to do? How can you even think about it? Arnav gets serious. Khushi asks where is she? Arnav then shows her a statue and asks her.. you really think I can do such thing? Khushi says.. no.

Arnav continues, what if there was party for real? Khushi says, what? that means there was no party? why did you lie to me? Arnav says, you only told me to go and enjoy right.. if I can become Salman Khan for you then.. Khushi says.. you scared me. Arnav then says, you spoiled my bachelors party.. what about that? You will be punished. He goes closer and closer to her and says something in her ear. Khushi says, no.. I can’t do that. Arnav says, relax.. there is no pressure. Arnav then goes to kiss her but Khushi pushes him and runs away.

Khushi comes back in a black saaree and she dances on song “Namk Ishq Ka”. Arnav smiles seeing her and he dances with her as well.

Break 1..

Arnav asks Khushi, why did you come here? Khushi says, to tell you that only I have rights on you.. and if any witch comes then I… Arnav asks then what will you do? Khushi says, I will kill her. Arnav then takes Khushi somewhere.

It’s very dark. They then sleep on some whitish cloth. Arnav then turns on lights and he has made everything look like a night sky. Khushi asks how did you think about it? Arnav says, whenever we think about our mother… Arnav then points and says that’s my mother.. that’s your.. Khushi hugs him. She asks him, what do you think? What they would be talking about? They must be talking about us.. and must be saying that we are so lucky that we got true love. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav asks her, how do you think it’s true love? Khushi says, I know because one small tear from my eye and it hurts you a lot. Arnav says, everytime. Khushi says, I know.. when you went far away from me.. Arnav then kisses her on her forehead, hand.. and then he is about kiss her but Khushi closes her eyes and seems scared.. Arnav then stops and says, I know before marriage you don’t like all this.. he says, do you know..before I met you.. I always felt something is missing. He asks her to promise him that she will never leave her. He says, I won’t be able to live without you.

Break 2..

Now Khushi kisses him on his cheeks. Arnav takes out her bangles, kisses her hands. Arnav is again about to kiss her but Khushi hugs him. Arnav then opens her lace of blouse. And they finally kiss (not really but ye that’s what they show with camera angels).


It’s next day morning now. Khushi wakes up and is thinking about last night and smiling. She feels very happy. She says to Devi ma, you know right.. today is a very big day for me.. today is my marriage. She now realizes what she just said.. and she repeats.. TODAY IS MY MARRIAGE and is shocked.

Episode ends..


Precap: Buaji asks to herself.. what is this khushi doing? Khushi is in rush and talking on the phone.. she says, you won’t get any money if ice cream even melt down a little… and yes.. don’t forget some special kind of ‘halwa’ .. my husband has allergy from sugar. She now calls someone else.. Buaji asks her, do you know what’s today? Khushi is on the phone and says, today is my marriage.. I want roses not chameli. Buaji and Garima are shocked seeing her like this. Khushi tells them, she has prepared clothes and jewelries for everyone (and she herself is not ready yet).


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  1. love winne
    March 25, 19:33 Reply

    they are very lovely , arnav n khushi . thank you for the recap

  2. shaina
    September 26, 03:32 Reply

    Khushi will go missing when arnav will realize that she did no thing wrong and is innocent and feel guilty

  3. katrina
    September 26, 02:57 Reply

    I think so happyji will be missing & arnav will realising that he should not spoil one girls life.and that time khushi will be missing &nanavwill be searching.after many days he will be seeing & by that time khushi will be geting accident by arnav has hit her. there will be lot of people seeing arnav & rushing at him.ther will be a case on arnav.he wiill be getting bile & coming out & sees khushi is on the bed & crying. while dadi & shyam seeing this dadi will be telling arav i told lies to stop ur marriage ad that photo is duplicate.seeing on this shyam will say to why u told lies? dadi says that i could not see arnav crying & shyam willbe blackmailing dadaji that go and tell what she told was lies. dadiji will saying no icant shyam in angry will be killing dadi. by the time ajali willl be crossing & will see this& gets shocked to see the real face of shyam.she will be taking as a video & shows to her family lawyer & arnav.i want to kill him now. anjali will say arnav that we can move in the law way.arnav says before that i want tell khushi sorry. and that time khushi will be opening her eyes but arnav can not see this becauz payal will not leave arnav inside.payal will says to asr do u know how much dreams she is having about u? but u domt think about it.nd u will be thinking only about yourself.arnav will be begging payal will not.after a long time she will leave him to go. seeing on arnav, khushi will be turning. rest tomorrow.(only from me you can this beautiful imagination)

    • chinmaye
      October 04, 06:59

      was this her dream

  4. katrina
    September 26, 01:58 Reply

    21st was so nice bcauz happyji is coming in black saree& arnav is in romantic mood.anything it is like happyji favourite song teri meri…

  5. sasi
    September 25, 08:59 Reply

    khushi is super in that black sarary

  6. i love khushi in sareeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!especially black!!!!!!!today’s episode was so romantic!wow!!!!!!!!!i love u arshi!!!!!!!!!hope u love each other always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Khushii
    September 24, 09:31 Reply

    Yaar kia epi thi i jst luv it and kia khwaab tha wah wah khwab aisey hain to fir to had hai yaaaar i just luv khushi in sareeeeeeee wowwwwwww and arnav ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy Godddd its jst aaalaaa epi yaaar i m so exited kia btaoon

  8. arshi
    September 24, 08:23 Reply

    Hi gud evng guys. I am really excited 2 see 2days episode. But i am not sure that i can . But i will try my best.

  9. Raima chaudry
    September 24, 07:38 Reply

    And now don’t tell me in tomorrow’s episode 25th khushi will be missing but where

  10. sanaya
    September 24, 03:44 Reply

    it saying that re marrige wil not happen extacly now guys dadi will say thruth to arnav khushi will be missing from the family this is spoilers i did not know this true or not if it is not true pls don’t scould me guys

  11. Heart
    September 23, 23:17 Reply

    N.B. 4 nw comers.. Do u hv pasport&visa 4 cuming our Arshiland?:-/jst kidding yaar;-).u al r welcum! N aditya i dnt knw d date n epi i think it hapend last year same time.

  12. abha karan
    September 23, 14:35 Reply

    do din khatham! ab ek aur din hai kya? ARE DEVI MAIYAA ARSHI KI RAKSHA KARNA.

  13. Raima chaudry
    September 23, 12:54 Reply

    See what i said I’ll be back till Monday’s episode back from Murree and now back to ipkknd marriage so much scared on 25th khushi will be scared as always and how she is squeezing her flowers haar was making me feel bad now let’s see what happeneds next so much excited for their marriage and sad when khushi will get hurt if arnav doesn’t marry her on mandep lol i don’t know the complete spelling of mandep as i’m a Muslim and lives in Pakistan

    • Muskaan
      September 23, 13:21

      Its mandap

  14. Apeksha
    September 23, 12:26 Reply

    I <3 Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani, and i'm new to arshi land so i hope to hav a great journey ahead wid all of you!
    luv Apeksha

  15. arshi
    September 23, 12:00 Reply

    Thnx 4 ur warm welcome. IPKKND ROCKS

    • love u barun alot
      September 23, 12:28

      It’s ok.dost me sorry thank u nahi chalti.good night guys .

  16. love u barun alot
    September 23, 11:27 Reply

    Friends tum logone dekha arshi ki bich me Jo kuch hua bho sab suhagrat me dikhaya jati kaya sadi nahi hogi?iss liya fan’s Kong sant Karen k Liya eat sa dikhaya?

  17. arshi
    September 23, 09:35 Reply

    I am also new in this forum

  18. Heart
    September 23, 09:25 Reply

    Aditya,it was hapend when anjali told khushi to teach lavanya hous asr throw kkg out of anjali got angry &asr brought kkg back.’luv ASR’

    • Aditya
      September 23, 20:07

      Par episode no. Ya date bataye.

  19. Aditya
    September 23, 08:22 Reply

    Please koi mujhe ek scene ke bare me batao jisme anjali mandir me hai arnav di se mafi mang raha hai aur kah raha hai ki mai khushi ko wapas le aaya aur khushi umbrella liye dur khari sun rahi hai. Please bataye ki ye kab ka episode hai.

  20. Heart
    September 23, 06:09 Reply

    Thnx luv u barun a lot 4 repling.ami to b.deshe thaki.আমি কি তোমার নামটা জানতে পারি?AND WELCOME ALL NEW FRIENDs!

    • love u barun alot
      September 23, 09:39

      My name is poja.ami comment korte parina karan amar interconnect niye neoa hoeche.tai ami majhe majhe reply kori.

    • love u barun alot
      September 23, 09:51

      Sorry interconnect noi net connect.luv u barun n ipkknd.

  21. Heart
    September 23, 06:09 Reply

    Thnx luv u barun a lot 4 repling.ami to b.deshe thaki.আমি কি তোমার নামটা জানতে পারি?AND ALL NEW FRIENDs!

  22. Amy
    September 23, 03:36 Reply

    Hy gus i m ur new frd

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