Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 24th July 2012 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Khushi entering her Buaji’s house. Buaji asks what is she doing there? Khushi is sad and crying. She goes and hugs her and says she was missing her a lot. Buaji says you could call then, why you had to come here for that. Khushi asks why .. she can’t come to meet her? Buaji says you can definitely come, and then she sees her bag and asks what is that?

Arnav is driving back to home and he sees Khushi’s phone in his car.

Khushi takes out ‘laddu’s and asks Buaji if she gives her that then would she let Khushi stay there? Buaji asks but what has happened? You just came few days ago on your birthday. But before she says anything more, Khushi puts a ‘laddu’ in her mouth and goes to make food as she’s hungry.

Arnav comes back and is outside home. Inside house, Khushi is saying to Buaji that she will make food today. She sees Arnav outside of their door and she gets shocked. Arnav rings the door and Buaji goes to open the door. Buaji is about to open the door but Khushi sends her to kitchen saying ‘that rice’. Khushi opens door now. She pushes him behind and asks him why he came there? read full updates with pictures only at Arnav looks down to his collar and says, ‘it’s okay, You’re my wife. It’s your rights’. Khushi then takes off her hands from his collar. She says him, Buaji just slept and you’re making noise here. Buaji in kitchen wonders about rice. Arnav gives her phone to Khushi and asks if everything is fine. If not then he can call doctor. Khushi says everything is fine. She has to make food now. Arnav says okay, take care and leaves.

Break 1..

Khushi goes to Devi ma and asks to forget her as she is lying since morning to everyone. She says but what she can do, she has no other option. How can she tell him that she has left Raizada house. And anyways her and Arnav’s relationship is just for some time. She says when she saw Anjali’s face in morning, she felt what Anjali wanted to do. Anjali talked with her but …. she can’t see Anjali like this anymore. Khushi says Anjali will only stay happy if she is not around her. And if Anjali is sad then Arnav will be sad which he can’t see. Buaji asks her what were you saying rice. Khushi says have to make them. Buaji then asks who was on the door. Khushi says someone came to ask for vote.

Arnav back at Raizada house. Payal asks her if Buaji is fine. Nani also asks how is she. Arnav says should be fine. Nani asks that means you didn’t meet her? Arnav says no and then Nani tells him to call her. Arnav calls Khushi and asks her to give it to Buaji. Khushi says she is sleeping but Buaji is talking loudly and Arnav hears it and he says seems like she woke up and asks her to give her phone as Nani and Payal want to talk with her. At the same time, someone else calls at Buaji’s house number and Khushi goes to pick it up. She talks about home rent. Arnav hears it. He asks whose call was it. Khushi says leave it and she says to give phone to Nani. Arnav says give to Buaji. Khushi says give to Nani else she won’t give it to Buaji. Arnav says, ‘this girl is crazy’ and he gives phone to Nani. Khushi talks with Nani in Buaji’s voice. By mistake, she says Nani ji but then she coughs and says she is fine in Buaji’s voice. Nani asks what happened to your voice. She says she got ill. Nani says not to worry, Khushi is there now and she will take care of you. Nani then asks if she comes there, but Khushi says no. And then Nani gives phone to Payal.

Buaji comes there and asks Khushi what was happening. Khushi says she was talking with Preeto. Buaji asks then why were you saying Nandkishore and why were you coughing? Khushi says she just was copying everyone, her, mami ji etc.. She says Hello Hi Bye Bye and leaves.

Arnav tells to Aakash, he will have to cancel a Mumbai deal but Aakash says he will go there. Arnav then asks Aakash if everything is fine between him and Payal. Aakash says everything is fine and leaves.

Aakash is talking on phone and he says he got the ticket. Manorama asks him for how many days he is going. He says he will be back in few days. He then asks Payal if she wants to go with him. Nani says it’s wonderful idea and tells Payal to go to Mumbai with him. Aakash says to Payal, he’s going to pack his bag and if she wants to go then tell him fast.

Manorama says Khushi went to Buaji’s house. Payal will fly with Aakash. What she will do.. sit at home with Nani? Payal tells her, she can’t go with Aakash. Khushi is not there so Payal should stay at home.

Payal comes to her room. Aakash is on phone and he says an extra ticket for Payal but Payal stops him. He asks her what happened? You’re not coming? Payal says Khushi is not here and.. Aakash says right.. Khushi.. Buaji.. you just stay here and he leaves.

Aakash is leaving home now and Manorama is crying and says him to take care. Aakash says not to worry, he will be back soon. Manorama then gives him a warning that Mumbai is not like Delhi and says sea is dangerous there and asks him not to go near it.

Payal asks him if he took his ticket. Nani says Payal that she should have gone with him. Aakash says he will be busy there so it’s okay. Anjali says him to take care and Arnav says he will drop him to Air port and on returning, he will go at Buaji’s house as well. Nani says this time meet with Buaji. They leave.. Nani and Anjali also leave. Manorama goes to Payal and asks her why are you crying? Your husband left that’s why or your trip plan got crashed that’s why? She then leaves from there.

Break 2..

At Buaji’s house. Khushi remembers her moments with Arnav when he came to live there. Khushi says to herself, stop it now, you took this decision on your own and now you can’t go back. Buaji comes there and looks at her and asks with whom you’re talking? Khushi says with myself. Buaji asks are you fine? She asks if she had a fight with Arnav. Khushi says no and asks her to stop all those questions. Buaji says she will call Arnav herself. And at the same time, outside ‘gol gappa’ person comes and Khushi says leave all this… let’s go and eat gol gappe.

They are eating gol gappas and Khushi tells her Shukla ji called today. Buaji asks her did he say about rent? Khushi says yes. Buaji says since last few days there are many problems. He gave us time and now it’s been 3 months. Khushi says not to worry as she has came back. Buaji asks why are you saying like this? You have just came for few days right? She asks Khushi to tell the truth but Khushi this time puts Gol Gappa in her mouth. She hears a car sound and gets worried. Buaji asks what happened?

Arnav comes out from the car. Khushi has a worried look.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is on door with a doctor. Khushi opens the door. She asks him why you brought doctor here? Arnav says so he can check Buaji and asks her to move. Khushi says Buaji is sleeping and asks doctor to come back later. Arnav asks doctor, should patients be awake for blood pressure checking. Doctor says no, he can still check while she sleeping.


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  1. Anu
    July 25, 06:40 Reply

    you going to caught with arnav..
    be with arnav thats only nice and fit for u and the viewers like me…
    pls go to raizada home as soon as possible..

  2. candy
    July 25, 00:56 Reply

    i dont agree wid sadi that khushi dosnt suit to arnav..arnav life dosnt have any fun etc..but khushi is ful of fun in dis way she completes him na..
    Guys remembr dialogs of arnav on nit of their marriage..naa mani tumhe apna biwi maanoonga naa apni biwi ka darjaa doonga..nd nw he said biwi ho tum meri haq hai tumhe mujhpe…wow he is so fast accepting her..
    Khushi daling u’ll be caught soon…
    Cast nd crew u r doing a grt job guys carry on:-)

  3. Sadi sed
    July 24, 13:39 Reply

    I honesty feel this show is becoming total balderdash…
    For weeks it’s intense and filled with emotion and suspense, then next it stoops into nitwit nonsensical comedy.
    The character of khusi…the town clown ….is not suitable for a dynamic cBusiness tycoon, such as the character of arnav, who focused and ambitious.[ all due respect to Sanaya who plays the character quite well.). however I feel that she should a adopt a more mature character now… I find it quite frustrating to watch at times…especially when khusi adopts the town clown, rambling idiot..
    The writers if the show should let the romance develop for a few weeks…this is what people are waiting for…after the tempestuous ride of forced marriage and then saving arnave and then conVincing the family that Shyam is the baddy…you are going to lose a lot of viewers because their is just satisfaction after the strife to save Arnav…and to appease the razaida family…give some reward to the viewers of allowing the Arnav and khusi to release their emotions….all the episodes allude to the love for each other but nothing happens….

    The only

  4. Mansi Medha
    July 24, 13:21 Reply

    I like d way kushi grab his colar n drags him behind $ ofcors arnav dialog.

  5. love u sanaya
    July 24, 13:14 Reply

    who the hell disliking all the comments …… idiot if u dont want to read the comments just go other site

  6. Anjali
    July 24, 12:41 Reply

    This show is just dragging again. we want ArShi to be together, but they are separating day by day. now khushi has left the house when anjali is finally calm with khushi.

    why doesnt arnav understand that if he just says i love u to her, she will be happy, she doesnt need bags worth 2 lakh and sarees.

    by the way my name is also anjali hahaha

    • deepak
      July 24, 12:47

      why are you communicating with ArShi fans then. die in a hole. if u hate it then keep it to urself. dont say it face to face with arshi fans

    • PINKY
      July 26, 13:30

      Great guys. what the?
      well done

  7. Farah deeba
    July 24, 12:30 Reply

    Khushi u will get caught . Im eagerly waiting for the nxt eps

  8. khaled
    July 24, 12:08 Reply

    Why in the world khushi is doing this? I am now like what the…… But after all it was a good episode. But i must say the show again might turn into a commedy.

  9. angela
    July 24, 11:53 Reply

    | |_| ^ | | |/ | |
    | | | |-| |\| |\ |_|

    Those who give WU..ds fo u.. yes…thank you so much fo ds fast update….

  10. Anonymous
    July 24, 11:52 Reply

    arnav is so sweet! but i like khushi so much.

  11. ann
    July 24, 11:48 Reply

    cant wait 4 nxt episode

  12. shyma
    July 24, 11:48 Reply

    This is the best serial i hav ever seen…….

    IPKKND is like
    Stars in our eyes……………….
    Music in our ears………
    and Fondess in our heart……….

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  13. angela
    July 24, 11:48 Reply

    dialogue of the day…

  14. PINKY
    July 24, 11:46 Reply

    The person who is writing this update tih is for you

  15. poo
    July 24, 11:43 Reply

    ok ,plz upload fast the next

    • riya
      July 24, 11:31

      errr wt the hell u wnna kiss her on her lips like πŸ™‚ xx

    • love u khushi
      July 24, 11:39

      @riya well if it is possible yes i want to

    • riya
      July 24, 11:48

      soz didnt ment to upset ya like xx πŸ™

    • piya
      July 24, 12:27

      Lol πŸ˜› wanna kiss khushi’s lips ???? Arnav is gonna kill u πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    • love u sanaya
      July 24, 12:43

      no dear thier kiss always goes incomplete …… he is so coward in front of her dat he cant do this , what h will kill me

  16. sanjana15650
    July 24, 11:28 Reply

    nice episode…. i hate manorama, she is irritating!!
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    • PINKY
      July 24, 11:29

      Me too.

    • PINKY
      July 24, 11:30

      Khushi is going to get caught. Arnav scolds her and confess the truth. And then bring Shyam back etc etc etc…… (I hope so)

    • riya
      July 24, 11:50

      why would he bring shyam back what did khushi do now nothing then πŸ™‚ x

    • love u sanaya
      July 24, 12:31

      yaar i m getting nervous i dont want to see arshi seprate

    • PINKY
      July 26, 13:32

      I think shyam will be back so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. Just relax. Wait and watch his dirty games

  17. PINKY
    July 24, 11:19 Reply

    I now am not liking mamiji’s behaviour HELLO HAI BYE BYE!

    • riya
      July 24, 11:20

      i hate her she gets on my nerves why should payal not go just because she gonna stay home alone with nani arnav and anjali

      thats sly to payal πŸ™ (6) xxx

    • riya
      July 24, 11:50

      i knw yaarrr that is so sly to her

  18. Irum
    July 24, 11:18 Reply

    Thx alot guys for updating so quick! πŸ™‚

  19. PINKY
    July 24, 11:12 Reply

    2day’s episode was funny and great. I think khushi is going to get caught.

    • riya
      July 24, 11:13

      realllyyy well thts good then arnav should knw the truth now πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ xxx

  20. riya
    July 24, 11:06 Reply

    why the hell did she lie wen she knws that arnav loves her and i knw the marriage was for 6months but atleast sanaya think bout the whole raizada khandan πŸ™ xxxx love you sanaya barun

    • PINKY
      July 24, 11:14

      But what if it end in quarrel?

    • riya
      July 24, 11:19

      thats what i was thinking πŸ™ πŸ™‚ xxx

    • PINKY
      July 24, 11:21

      Whats up in ur mind? Can u tell me?

  21. riya
    July 24, 10:57 Reply

    yh tnx just update the rest of it soon please and pics also πŸ™‚

  22. DM
    July 24, 10:49 Reply

    Thanks for updating so fast πŸ™‚

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