Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 26th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Arnav and Khushi sleeping. Khushi is thinking how NK said you can do DNA test with a hair and then she tries to pull out one hair of Arnav. She succeeds in pulling one after couple of tries. Arnav wakes up and asks what happened? Khushi says, there was something in your hair. Arnav pulls her hand and asks her to sleep. Khushi loses hair.

It’s morning now. Anjali, Nani, Payal, and Mami are getting Aarav ready for the school. They change his shirt and then ask him to change pant. Aarav shouts, nooo. All ladies turn their faces away and then finally Aarav changes his pant. They put tie and coat on and he’s ready. They give him breakfast now. All are telling Aarav what to do and what not to at the school. Aarav is annoyed hearing their tips. Sheetal tells Aarav, someone is looking very handsome. Aarav goes, what the.. Sheetal gets emotional as for the first time, she seen Aarav getting love from so many people. Nani says, get used to it.. we are all with Aarav now. Mami asks Sheetal, why don’t you get married? Nk gets excited and says, good idea. Khushi is holding an oil bottole.. Nk asks her, why are you holding oil bottle? Khushi says, it’s oil massage time today. Your mind stay relaxed with this oil. Khushi then invites Arnav for oil massage, but Arnav refuses saying I don’t like all this. Khushi is thinking how to get Arnav’s hair and she says, at least let me take Aarav’s in the mean time.

Khushi now asks Aarav for the massage. Aarav also refuses saying, I have to go to school. Khushi says, but with oil.. you will be able to concentrate other. Aarav says, I don’t need to put oil to concentrate. Sheetal tells Aaravn, your school bus must be coming and then she goes to drop him.

Manorama asks Khushi to give her a massage saying she needs rest. Khushi has no choice but to say yes. She does a massage to her and Manorama falls to sleep and starts snoring. Khushi says to herself, I wanted to do something else.. and now I ended up doing something else. Don’t know why everything gets complicated. Nani calls Manorama for the breakfast. They are at dining table. Nk tells Khushi, there is a magic in your massage… with your massage Mami ji fell a sleep. Nani says, to make Mami sleep you don’t need to do any massage or anything. Mami says, I was tired getting Aarav ready that’s why.

Khushi is serving some food to Sheetal and Arnav tells Khushi not to give that to Sheetal because she has an allergy with it. Arnav tells Sheetal, remember I brought salad one day for you and you had problems with your throat for a week. Nk says, wow Nannav.. you remember that old stuff.. Arnav says, I knew since college time that Sheetal Kapoor has this allergy. Khushi asks Sheetal, your full name is Sheetal Kapoor, then why do you call Aarav ASR? Sheetal starts coughing.. Nk gives her water immediately. Sheetal says, I think I need to rest and leaves from there. Khushi says in her mind, she didn’t answer this time again.. I will have to do DNA test somehow. But I will have to wait for one whole day.. Aarav went school and Arnav will be going to office soon. Nk asks Khushi for gum.. Khushi says, there is only ghum (sadness) in Khushi’s life.

Khushi is chewing bubble gum and giving water to plants. She is thinking how to take out hair and then suddenly says, what a solution it is.. it will definitely work.

Aarav returns from the school and is carefully entering house so no one sees him. Arnav sees Aarav and asks him what are you doing? Aarav says, I am hiding from your family. Arnav says, excuse me.. why? Aarav says, whole day they keep touching my cheeks or make me eat or do my hair.. I am sorry.. but.. Arnav says, I understand.. come with me.

Arnav and Aarav are at the pool side and walking here and there together. They both are walking same exact way. Khushi is watching them and gets nervous. Aarav asks Arnav, doesn’t your wife talk too much? Arnav says, you will get used to slowly slowly.. Aarav now says, sometimes she behaves like a kid. Arnav agrees.. Khushi comes in and shouts, what did you say? Aarav tells Arnav, now her anger will be filmy too. Arnav says, look Khushi.. Khushi says, nahi (like a filmy way). Arnav tells Aarav, you were right. Khushi asks, what do you want? me to take insult all the time? Aarav says, we were just trying to make you understand. Khushi says, you think I am childish.. I am filmy.. I saved you from the kidnappers.. I did your admission in school and you’re calling me filmy? She then tells Arnav, I didn’t expect this from you. Arnav says, you’re not filmy at all.. Aarav says, and you don’t do drama at all. Khushi is walking away from there, but both Arnav and Aarav hold her dupatta and stops her.

They both apologize to her. Khushi says, if you both are really sorry then get on your knees. Both Arnav and Aarav say, what? together. They get on their knees and say, sorry, to Khushi. Khushi also gets down and hugs both together and says, I was just kidding. Khushi then purposely makes bubble of chewing gum and then tell them, I will remove right now. And this way she is able to pull out both Aarav and Arnav’s hair together.

Break 1..

Khushi leaves and Sheetal comes to the pool side. She tells Aarav, it’s time to sleep. Arnav says to Sheetal, I hope you both are comfortable here.. if you need anything then just tell me. Sheetal says, we are fine and it’s just for few days.. Arnav and Aarav then handshakes in an unique style. Arnav asks, what was that? Aarav says, mum taught me.. that means.. we are together in good and bad moments and we always will be together. Aarav and Sheetal leave. Khushi was hiding and listening all this. She is a bit nervous.

It’s morning now. Khushi is waiting for reports and there comes a courier man. Khushi takes envelope and going to her room. Anjali stops her and asks what is this? Khushi says, it’s just bank papers and leaves from there.

Break 2..

Khushi comes to her room. She says to herself, this paper can change my whole life. She is about to open it but then puts it away in a cupboard. She says, this can’t be true.. and takes out envelope again. She is about to open and this time Arnav comes there. She hides it again.. Arnav asks, are you fine? Khushi says, yes.. Arnav says, but you don’t seem fine.. are you sure? Khushi says, yess.

Arnav is leaving, but then sees Khushi hiding an envelope from mirror. He tells her, you’re hiding something from me. Khushi says, no.. Arnav says, excuse me.. I can see it.. Just give it to me. He takes envelope from her hand and sees that it is DNA report of Aarav and Arnav. He asks, you did DNA test of me and Aarav? Khushi tries to explain to him but Arnav pulls her hand back and he seems to be angry.

Episode ends.

Precap: Angry Arnav tells Khushi to open the report and remove doubt for forever from her mind that there is any relationship between him and Aarav. Khushi is not sure whether to see the report or no. And we see Sheetal’s face in mirror which means Sheetal is watching all this from outside.


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  1. Jia
    October 30, 05:12 Reply

    Hey um bck jia here. Plz dnt ask me where am ì? I thnk u al mis me i mis u too i raima,sumon kath and al new. Ipkknd alwaz nice asusual hey um getng engagd before 1 week.

  2. Raima chaudry
    October 29, 09:23 Reply

    kath i have stomach cancer and i can only eat soft food like bread,milk,noodles,rice,popcorn,boiled chicken etc which are soft and liquid but after cemeo i can’t drink anything for 5days i feel thirsty don’t even ask how thirsty would i be for 5days…and heart thanks for the blessings and other friends

  3. kath
    October 29, 07:08 Reply

    BREAKING NEWS guys, im leaving this page 4 somedays until these things get better…… byeeee.. will miss u alot <3<3…. bye shiv, heart,zq, pooja and all..

    • Heart
      October 29, 07:15

      Bt wy? Plz dnt leave! We al will mis u!

    • kath
      October 29, 09:13

      yeah kind of…… they make me feel uncomfortable………. ok byee

  4. Barsha
    October 29, 07:00 Reply

    dont be sad everything will be fine.
    May god bless u.

  5. Barsha
    October 29, 06:48 Reply

    Pooja, i read ur comnt. And shivani just calm down dear!!!!
    Bura mat mano plz abhi sak dur ho chuka he. Just chill:)

    • arhi1590
      October 29, 09:20

      sheetal is aarav s mausi and aakash s cousin and there is no relationship between aarav and arnav i am damn sure of it all and go to barun /facebook you will come to know of the whole story

  6. Raima chaudry
    October 29, 06:33 Reply

    Heart i’m back to Pakistan as i have cancer i told you and for few days i have less cemeo but only for 1month after one month doctors with increase it that’s i’m able to reply or comment so let me chill for few days i have still have pain and don’t ask what happens but Allah is going help…and my all sisters are not well as they are crying for my health and papa mama are like crying more then my sisters what to do if they cry how would i live up till now my house is going terrible trust me as i’m smallest sister and smallest daughter and all knows i’m ladli of my family if i’m not well what would they feel for me i’m confused

    • kath
      October 29, 07:03

      u have got cancer of what??

    • Heart
      October 29, 07:06

      Raima, plz dnt break down! Allah is always dere 4 u! U hv 2 b storng!

    • Fan From Malaysia-Malathy
      October 29, 08:44

      Hi sis…
      Get well soon…
      I’ll pray to my GOD to give the strength to u to overcome the illness.
      I know the pain of your family members because we in my family also lost my brother 22 years back and my aunt 2 years back due to same reason. Trust in GOD… The GOD definitely help u to cure…
      GOD bless u…

    • arhi1590
      October 29, 09:23

      raima everything is gonna be alright and even i will pray to gods to make u alrite and god may mostly listen to yhis 13 years young girl

    • zq
      October 30, 02:49

      hye raima!!!!

      i m also suffering 4m stomach diseas bt it is not serious … im taking medicine

      bt i want 2 say allah ap ko aur mje sehat de aur diseas se fight krne ki himat de………..


    October 29, 06:02 Reply

    Barsha jab main kah rahi hoon ki main girl hoon to tum or pooja di majak samajh rahi ho.Agar mujh par yakeen nahi hai to Arshi lover se puch lo,wo meri school friend hai.
    Ab tumhari marji tum mujheboy samjho ya girl.

    • kath
      October 29, 07:05

      oh.. if u r BRO than u r not much cute and cool….. be girl and accept it that u r girl not boy……..

    • Heart
      October 29, 07:12

      Haha, hi shiv bro! I lyk dis kind of girl! & keth, plz dnt b uncomfortable! We al r frndz here!

    • love u barun alot- pooja
      October 29, 07:56

      Hi!SIVANI main isko majak kaha samgha!!!!!!!!please read my comment carefully.then u talk with me.

  8. Sarun faaan
    October 29, 05:44 Reply

    Finger crossed for today’s epi….
    Pata nahi khushi kya karegi?
    In the last scene sheetal ka face dikhaya gaya tha,mujhe to lagta hai kahi damn sheetal ne DNA report badal na di ho….
    Waiting for today’s epi…
    Luv u ARSHI:)
    And be the winner of Peopleschoiceindia nominations.
    Ipkknd? rocks!!!!!

  9. maneetkhurana
    October 29, 05:04 Reply

    hi friends i m from india
    meaning of my name = man geet khurana what says

  10. maneetkhurana
    October 29, 05:02 Reply

    love u arshi u both are really awesome n i know arshi cannt fight in todays epi also love this site who gives update with photo . i m sure for finding aravs father nk helps khushi.

  11. kath
    October 29, 04:10 Reply

    cause i didnot know that there were boys too on this website and i really dont feel much comfortable between boys…….i am feeling really sad and i even dont know why.?? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. Barsha
    October 29, 03:55 Reply

    I mean pooja .,……
    Mujhe v doubt hua jab woh shivani ki jagah shiv – bro likhi .
    But anyways she told that she is a gal….

    • zq
      October 29, 02:20

      u r rit…………..

    • Heart
      October 29, 07:17

      Hi minahil, wats up?

  13. kkgsr
    October 29, 00:48 Reply

    awsum epi….. detective khushi

    • love u barun alot- pooja
      October 29, 01:04

      Oh!ho SIVANI……….
      Please Janis k rani mat bano agar barun jaise kohi aya to bhag jayegi!!!!!!!!!!ha…….ha…….ha…..ha……

      Boys kaya Jane girls k feelings yea question to rahi jayegi na………..???????????????

      So please it’s my request girls k tarha bane raho……..


      So i call u SIVANI….

    October 28, 23:54 Reply

    I am a girl lekin mujhe girls ki tarah fashion karna pasand nahi.main boys ki tarah rahna pasand hai isliye maine kaha ki mujhe shiv bro kaho.And Jhansi ki rani ka naam to sab jante hain main unki tarah hi banna chahti hoon.
    Please all of my friend give your introduction.As-
    hobby-reading,listening music
    i am just like asr.But iam angry young girl.

    • S U M O N
      October 29, 00:24

      Hi Shiv Bro……… 😉
      im giving my introduction:

      Hobby: playing Biliard , cricket , Computer games , Drawing etc.
      Im a happy person to him/her who talks with me welly. But im very angry person who talks to me badly.

    • S U M O N
      October 29, 00:27

      Sorry the last line will be- But im very angry person to them , who talks to me badly.

    • S U M O N
      October 29, 02:18

      @Pooja , Hons(13) means Hons 1st year.

  15. Barsha
    October 28, 23:39 Reply

    Good mrning frnds…..,
    same here pooja!!!!:-)

  16. Heart
    October 28, 23:36 Reply

    Frndz, is dhruba singh story realy true or a rumr? I m confusd! Raima, wher r u now? Wat abt ur sis?

  17. Anonymous
    October 28, 19:20 Reply

    Totally agree she won’t open it nd say ta Arnav itrust u..buh still carry on investigating den Arnav fndz ouh nd dey end up fighting…typical!!

  18. Raima chaudry
    October 28, 16:08 Reply

    Hey so it’s true dhruv singh raizada next who cheated arav’s mom and dhruv is a elder a brother of akash and sheetal is not arav’s mother she’s his masi arav is a grandson of manorama and this drama is making me crazy for Monday can’t wait up till now

  19. Barsha
    October 28, 14:18 Reply

    Hey shivani, i luv to watch BADE ACHHE LAGTE HAIN!!!!
    Gd nites frnds.

    • love u barun alot- pooja
      October 28, 23:15

      Barsha,i gave a reply for ur question.
      Please see older comment…….

      SIVANI…..u r a boy???????????

      Tumhe to barun se nahi sanaya se pyaar karni chahiye!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Reply must………..

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