Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th September 2012 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 26th September 2012 Written Episode

The show begins with DADI scolding Garima telling she is the reason for her son-daughter’s death.
Garima tells dont punish my daughters for my sin. I am ready to bear any punishment.
DADI: what was Anjali-Arnav’s fault ? Like for your sin my children faced trouble same will your daughters face …
DADI geos forward and takes off bangles from Khushi’s hand and tells from today YOU HAVE NO RELATION WITH ANRA or MY FAMILY.
DADI tells guest to leave what are they waiting for…
Garima ask for forgiveness but DADI says she wont and leaves…

Nani tells Garima she is confused wheather to forigve her or not !
She lost her daughter.
Manorama goes on scolding … I too dont believe.
Payal tells if my mom is problem, my sister wont have any relation then I too cant belong with Raizada family.

DADI is about to put off the AGNI fire by pouring water. Khushi shouts NO, she runs towards DADI and holds her hand to stop her from pouring water.
Khushi tells today is her love’s examination, Arnav will come, he loves her more than himself. So she sits infront of fire waiting for Arnav, but the fire goes offf…
Garima cries in despair and Payal holds her.

Arnav on the other hand is in delimma, he remembers his moments with Khushi. HE cries too…
Khushi on the other hand is still waiting for Arnav…

Anjali cries .. Shyam tries to console Anjali. Shyam tells Arnav might be in too much tension we should look for him. Anjali ask Akash & NK to go and look for Arnav as his phone has been out of contact.
Payal tells Khushi to get up… from pandal… Akash brings water for Khushi but she doesn’t drink,., she is adamant .. Arnav will come. Nani is looking all these and crying. How will Arnav face all these…
Akash tells everything will be fine.

NK comes and tells Nani to be strong and gives her medicine. He requests Manorama to stop being bitchy in this situation as everyone is tensed.


Garima cries in front of her husband tells him to believe her. She didn’t know he was married. It was all in past before meeting him.
Bauji tells Garima will Arnav believe ? What will happen to this house now ?
Khushi tells Payal dont worry, Arnav will definitely come…
Garima, Bauji, Baba cries seeing Khushi going hysteric.


Khushi sees everyone crying … She tells Payal do you think Arnav will not come ?
Khushi goes on… She will scold him… for being late…
Khushi ask Payal: What if he doesn’t come back… ?
Payal has no answer…

Arnav still hearing DADI’s voice saying its Garima who spoiled your life … your parents life…
Arnav gets angry and breaks the benches… and shouts… Aagggh…
He truns back and slowly walks and finally breaks down crying …
Arnav cries a lot …

Episode ends

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  1. suttan
    September 27, 11:06 Reply

    oh pls dont cry it hurts me cas i love u asr , bring old asr back arrogant who will b there 4 his love

  2. supriya
    September 27, 11:02 Reply

    omg!!!!!1 very terrific situation . alwaz hope for da best arnav looks vry innocent whyl cryin lyk a small kid

  3. reshu
    September 27, 08:21 Reply

    pls make arnav and khushi together,ths stupid shyam who spoiled the marriage

  4. nh
    September 27, 07:02 Reply

    oh!!!very sad to khushi….but she have to face the situation….she shld also give support to her mom first….n this bloody dadi…….i jst wnt to kill her n shyam….

  5. tamil
    September 27, 05:36 Reply

    arnav must go for kushi…..

  6. verity
    September 27, 05:30 Reply

    Aranv & kushi will both have faith in love & they will win. But as routine story should not get happen like, 5 yrs leap, child of arnav & kushi etc….

  7. Raima chaudry
    September 27, 04:50 Reply

    avina only barun is taking little break for his new movie project he will come back soon and for sanaya i was saying as she will be missing in ipkknd for 1 or 2 days she can take some time out with mohit

  8. navya
    September 27, 03:53 Reply

    arnavji pls take a good decision. khushi she not garima daughter. she is your wife so plsssssssssssssssssssss get married for khushi.i can’t see your cry face.

    love is pain of heart. so pls don’t take the pain for arnav & khushi.

  9. arshi's cute fan
    September 27, 03:39 Reply

    hey guys!! but evry1 shud understand garima as to wht happend n y is evry1 behind garima only….. esp dadi, y she isnt understanding that her own son is alot more responsible for wateva happend…. luv u arshi

  10. vrun
    September 27, 00:55 Reply

    Plz post written update of honge juda na hum

  11. anni
    September 27, 00:24 Reply

    guys i got this news from tellybuzz
    and do wish that this come true
    n thanxxxxx for update
    bloody f**k dadi

    • anni
      September 27, 00:29

      guys who didn’t read the new happening the news is that K [khushi] will go missing then A [arnav] will find her and they will marry in a temple

  12. Anonymous
    September 26, 23:56 Reply

    please don’nt make the show like uttaran or pavitra rishta which we sropped watching because of bad direction and dirty twists atleast this show should not seperate the main characters.second thing is i heard that barun is leaving the show is it true . if it is true charm of the serial will go. the arshi pair is lookin good

    • Arshi4Ever!
      September 27, 02:29

      No! Barun is not quiting, don’t worry 🙂 He would never do that to us!

  13. Arshi Fan
    September 26, 23:12 Reply

    Hi Frens,

    marraige will be there I read the spoiler in the india forum…that 2morrow or day after marriage will be there and Dadi is going was Dadi’s last day of shoot in the set…so guys be happy Arnav will come back and hes gonna marry Kushi…

  14. bidya
    September 26, 22:37 Reply

    o god plz hlep kushik

  15. pragna
    September 26, 22:00 Reply

    omg i cant stop crying.does any one no what go na happen next

    • Arshi Fan
      September 26, 23:10

      marraige will be there I read the spoiler in the india forum…that 2morrow or day after marriage will be there and Dadi is going was Dadi’s last day of shoot in the set…so guys be happy Arnav will come back and hes gonna marry Kushi…

  16. love u barun alot
    September 26, 21:54 Reply

    Hi! faiza what a bad news?i think arshi marrage will not come.i lov arshi.if arshi get separate then i don’t know what i shall do.good morning guy’s.

  17. arshi
    September 26, 15:52 Reply

    I watched 2day’s episode with much pain. Arnav was awesome and i have no words 2 explain his acting. I am so depressed 2 see khushi in such a situati on. I watched the show even 2morrow is my exam

  18. Raima chaudry
    September 26, 15:40 Reply

    What is the problem with dadi…and bye barun have gr8 shoot with your movie career and plz come back soon for khushi so soon she can marry you as arnav lol sanaya can also go somewhere out with mohit and she will have time to meet him as she will be missing in ipkknd hahahah cute couple

    • avina
      September 27, 00:23

      what are you talking about ????bye barun?? where is he going? and sanaya? if they leave,both or even one of them, the show loses its charm, the great chemistry they have…hope it’s not true

  19. ASR.... love u!!!
    September 26, 14:43 Reply

    heeyyy guyz many rumuors have been going around dat hamare hot superstar “Barun will quit ipkknd”.. bt he himself has denied after the production house started recieving messages questioning barun’s status…. we may not see him as he has to shoot for his movie as well so juz a break cuz it wud be very hectic for him to do so much… nd his movie shooting is taking place in mumbai itself….

    juz read dis news… feelin very very glad and satisfied….
    BARUN/ASR… whueva u r we always have loved, are loving u much more than be4 and will love u way more than now!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

    "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." 😉

  20. K king
    September 26, 14:18 Reply

    Hey u all team of ipknd give fans what they want otherwise u will lose ur show..and if that happed u all have to find new jobs and u may not get n then u will not get money ethier…so its good for u to make it right no more tension…

  21. Anonymous
    September 26, 14:14 Reply

    pls arnav understand yar..its not garima’s fault..its ur father fault..ur mother died just for ur father not Garima…feeling so angry with u.stop crying and take ur life can reduce everything<3<3<3

    • sweety
      September 27, 01:46

      ya ya i too agree with wat u saying. his father should knw that he having children totaly its a’s father’s mistake yae…

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