Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd July 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd July 2012 Written Update by Illyria

Carries off from Friday where Shyam is manhandling Khushi and threatening that he will kill Arnav as he only needed 15 days time. He continues to manhandle Khushi and states that for his love he will go to any length, and ASR needs to die for this.

ASR is fighting off all the goons and trying to escape.

Shyam continues that if only Khushi understood, but now Arnav will have to pay for Khushi’s mistakes, he asks khushi why she chose Arnav over him. Khushi finishes his sentence and states that if the need be Khushi can do whatever it takes no matter the standard, because she loves ASR and for her husband she will be willing to do anything.
Inside Arnav is continuing to struggle with the kidnappers

Khushi continues that she will go to any length for her love, Shyam states they are the same, but Khushi rebukes stating they are different, but its beyond his understanding. Shyam continues that Arnav will have to pay, Arnav finally comes outside and hears Khushi scream and he notices her and shouts her name. Shotr rabba ve scene and ASR continues with fighting the goons and Khushi calls his name.

Shyam manhandles Khushi and is taking her away, Arnav sees this and follows Khushi whilst fighting off the goons, Khushi is trying to get away from Shyam’s grip but is not able to. Shyam puts Khushi in the car and drives off, Arnav follows in a jeep and the kidnappers are behind him.

There is a road chase with Shyam, Arnav behind them and the kidnappers behind him. Khushi tries to get Shyam to stop the car, but Shyam is hysterical that Khushi lied to him. He stops the car, grabs Khushi and goes into the woods. Shyam states their love may be different, but if he cant get his love then no one can, since she is willing to do anything for Arnav.

We see that Shyam has tied and bound Khushi in the middle of the road and he drives off. Khushi is trying to set herself free but is not able to. Arnav is driving and looking for Khushi, when he turns the corner he notices her bound, he swerves the car and just misses hitting her

When he goes to untie khushi, Arnav turns around to see the kidanappers are there on their motorbikes. He keeps looking at Khushi and then at the kidnappers, he tries to help her and then all the kidnappers are on him trying to get him away from Khushi (rabba ve playing at this time), he continues to try and get to Khushi but everytime the kindnappers overpower him, Khushi is helpless in watching and unable to untie herself.

Arnav tries hard to beat up the kidnappers but he is then knocked down. Khushi is finally able to untie herself and Arnav gets up and starts fighting the kidnappers again. One of the kidnappers then has a gun held at Khushi and Arnav stops fighting. Kidnapper threatens that if Arnav takes another step he will shoot Khushi.The kidnappers now take turns in beating up Arnav

Khushi keeps calling Arnav’s name (sad rabba ve in the background) Khushi is able to get away from the gunman, but then he grabs her and shove sher back, she topples over the edge and screams Arnav’s name, Arnav looks on shocked (there are short flasbacks of them meeting and other scenes), As Khushi screams his name Arnav screams Khushi, somehow he gets the strength and starts beating up all the kidnappers, he goes to the edge and calls out Khushi’s name but there is no answer. The kidnappers come back and he fights them off again, he gets hold of the gun and points it and one of them, the others run away scared. He lets the guy go and goes calling for Khushi again, he screams her name in agony

PRECAP: Khushi is in Arnav’s arm and he is calling her name but she doesn’t answer, he notices blood on his hand, he is pleading with Khushi to talk to him, he rubs her hand and is pleading her to say something

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    May 29, 10:31 Reply

    ARSHI r just awesomest!they r the best jodi in the word i LOVE THEM BOTH

  2. Ally
    July 03, 13:39 Reply

    hahah Nice episode though they r just pulling the episode on and on. Gosh…. the best part is taking ages…!

  3. Anonymous
    July 03, 05:53 Reply

    its mind blowing …… but love is a rubbish i dont belive in it

    • Ally
      July 03, 13:38

      hahaha ur funny! 😀

  4. ancy
    July 02, 18:54 Reply

    Tru lv is hard to gt..its lyf wd in lyf…nd Arshi togethr luks killng…nd Barun, u r just freakngly mind blowing… <3

  5. saliha
    July 02, 18:25 Reply

    superb episode….but khushi …..i really feel sad…..i actually cried seeing the promo….cant wait for tomoros episode… Arshi love you…..

  6. Rashika Singh
    July 02, 17:42 Reply

    You will never try to hurt your true love and this is what Arnav and Khushi are doing and Shyam’s love for Khushi is not true.
    Love you both (Arnav and Khushi)
    Can’t wait to watch 2moro’s episode

  7. nisaandri
    July 02, 17:30 Reply

    i realy excited to watch nex episode.. why not maha episode…?

  8. Anonymous
    July 02, 17:25 Reply

    ya, great great episod.. Precap was mind blowing , lets watch and see…guys

  9. Maha
    July 02, 16:48 Reply

    Great precap…wow…..its not just a show but an epic….mindblowing

  10. nisha
    July 02, 15:51 Reply

    wat nonsense … y arnav was waiting tht much tym to releave khushi

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