Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd November 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 2nd November 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aarav telling Sheetal, I am not going to school.. we have to go to meet papa today. Sheetal keeps ignoring him. Aarav says, so now I got it.. you lied me again like always and you’re not taking me to meet my father. Khushi says in her mind, maybe Sheetal doesn’t want Aarav to meet Arnav. She says, what’s fault of this poor child in that? Aarav is crying as Sheetal tells him to leave for the school. Aarav leaves from there. Khushi tells Sheetal, I know it’s your personal matter, but Aarav is your son and you have no rights to hurt him. Payal and other family members also tell her, you shouldn’t have lied to him .. you broke his heart. Khushi asks Sheetal, why are you punishing Aarav for someone else’s mistake? Sheetal says, what do you think that I like talking like this with him? But I have no answers to his questions.. I can’t give him his dad no matter what. Sheetal leaves from there.

Raizada family is worrying for Aarav. Manorama says, I think Sheetal can’t fulfill her responsibilites for Aarav. Nani says, Sheetal has so much stuff to do but I agree whatever she did today wasn’t right. Sheetal was there and listening all that. Sheetal now gets call from Aarav’s class teacher. Sheetal tells her to collect money from Aarav, but principal tells her that Aarav is not school anywhere. Sheetal says, how is this possible? I dropped Aarav till bus myself. She gets call again and class teacher tells her that Aarav wasn’t in bus either. Raizada family is getting worried. Manorama says, did anyone kidnap him thinking him as a part of Raizada family? Khushi calls Arnav and he leaves from the office.

Khushi, Nk, Sheetal are on street and asking everyone if they saw Aarav, but no luck. They return to home. Khushi says, they informed to police. Arnav and Aakash return to home. Sheetal says, it’s all my fault.. I shouldn’t have scolded him. Arnav asks her, what did you say? Sheetal tells him how she lied Aarav that she will introduce his dad to him. Arnav tells her, why would you promise him that you can’t fulfill? Sheetal says, he was sad so I just said to make him happy and I thought he will forget in the morning, but he got even more excited. Arnav asks her, did you tell him where you will take him to meet his dad? Sheetal says, yes.. but I don’t think he knows how to go there. Arnav leaves right away to go to that place. Sheetal and Khushi are also with him. Aarav is on the street asking everyone for a cafe location. In car, Arnav asks Sheetal why don’t you tell him about his dad? Why are you making him do all this. Aarav is trying to cross road but too many vehicles are coming and he’s struggling. Some kid in school uniform is crossing the road as well and he comes across Arnav’s car. Arnav’s car was about to hit him, but Arnav put the break on the right time. They think it’s Aarav but it turns out to be someone else. Khushi says in her mind, Arnav is so worried about Aarav.. I never seen him like this before. Aarav reaches the cafe and is waiting for his dad. He wonders, even if his dad comes there.. how he will know it’s his dad. Arnav, Khushi, Sheetal are still searching for Aarav.

Break 1…

Aarav is desperately waiting for his father to come. Arnav, Khushi, Sheetal finally arrive at the cafe. A cafe manager tells Aarav, you’re waiting here since so long.. I think you should return to your home. Aarav says, no I am waiting for my father. Manager tells him, I will drop to your home.. do you know your address?. Aarav says in his mind, if I go home then mum will never let me meet to my father. He then tells manager, my house is right behind the cafe. Manager tells him, so you go to your home.. if your dad comes here then I will send him to your house. read full updates with pictures only at Aarav leaves the cafe and Arnav, Sheetal, Khushi enter. Arnav asks the manager, did you see any kid here? Manager says, yes.. he was waiting here for his father since long and then he said he lives around here so I told him to go to his house.. is he your son? Arnav says, no he’s not my son.. where did he go? Manager says, that I don’t know. Arnav gets mad and says, couldn’t you let that kid stay here for while? You had that rush to clear the table? Khushi says, maybe Aarav left to go to home.. and he might be around some where here. Sheetal says, no he can’t go home.

Break 2..

Arnav also says, he won’t go home.. he knows if he goes home then he won’t get to meet his dad again. Sheetal says, this was his last chance to meet his dad and he didn’t want to miss this chance. Khushi says, but if he was there.. then we would be able to see him. Arnav says, I am sure he is here.. and they start searching for him in the cafe. They can’t find him. Khushi says, he’s not here. Arnav says, no.. he came here to meet his dad.. I am sure he’s hiding so no one can see him but he can see everything. They see some freezer and goes to check there. Aarav is sitting inside that freezer and freezing. Arnav takes him out. They take him to the Raizada house where doctor says, he’s fine now.. I gave him medicine. You just take care of him.. it will be better if he rests. Everyone leaves the room. Arnav tells Sheetal, think twice before you tell anything to your kid.. you know Aarav is very sensitive so be careful. Arnav leaves from there.

Episode ends.


Precap: Maha Episode tomorrow. Aarav comes out of his room. Khushi tells him, you should be resting. He asks her, why everyone is making so much noise? Khushi tells him, tomorrow is Karva-chauth fast so everyone putting mehendi in their hands. Aarav says, oh yea.. mum also fasts every year. Khushi turns back and looks at Sheetal.


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  1. Unknown
    November 03, 13:09 Reply

    Khushi is behaving so stupid……she was also very crazy at d basketball match……how rude of arnav is not at all concerned for Khushi…..arnav said to Khushi tumghar parraho tumhe lag jayegi….what crapp is this….no romantic scenes how boring…………. Aarav is cho cute he looked so innocent when he was crying awwwww……….if arnav hurts Khushi or she hurts arnav I will not watch it yaar…….let’s see wat happens

  2. Anonymous
    November 03, 11:44 Reply

    This series crap!! I don’t expect this series to be like this… It sucks that the episodes become boring!! I miss arshi moments ..

  3. HEART+অর্ণব
    November 03, 11:14 Reply

    I m at study room. Waiting 4 moha epi! Litl tensd, coz my mom creat problm in watching it!

    • kath
      November 03, 11:20

      oh great heart…………….. cant wait… do u see sur kshtera

    • POOJA
      November 03, 11:36

      Yups!!!!!heart same condition is happened in my house….my mom now seeing Bengali show….?

    • malathylingam
      November 03, 11:39

      Hi pooja…

      dont worry… ur mom will give a chence to watch IPKKND???

  4. grun
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    • POOJA
      November 03, 11:16

      No,grun we all accept u as a friend…..bho kath k sath thora asunderstanding ho gaye thi…..that’s it…
      Galti kiya saja to bhugat nahi parega…….but now we friends….

    • kath
      November 03, 11:19

      but pooja he is acting to be me…. see lower comments…………… grun u r so wicked

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    • kath
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      its ok grun……… we r friends now….. dont do that again and please dont leave ………… we need comments nd friends 😛

  5. kath
    November 03, 10:59 Reply

    guys……….. koi to mujh se chat kre…… cant wait cant wait cant wait

    • kath
      November 03, 11:09

      hahaha…………… just bored….. m gion to watch sur kshetra to time pass………. cant wait………. what r u doing?

    • POOJA
      November 03, 11:11

      Hi kath!! I gave a answer for ur question.please c it……nd reply must….

    • grun
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      oh thank GOD…….thanku………. but who is sath?????pooja di

    • kath
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      grun………….. dont act to be me……….. u r copying my style and why r u ansewring pooja 4 what??? dont act and pretend to be me because i can see ur name……….

    • POOJA
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      Sath kisi ka naaam nahi……sath matlab hum sab k sath….ok!!!!!!!!

  6. K king
    November 03, 10:53 Reply

    Cong to all ipkknd fans for 300 comments in 24hr…thank u frds… now real work in now as i said early said to go for 500 com for tonights mah epsd..this will make our show top of top shows

    • POOJA
      November 03, 10:59

      We will do it…… but tum v to comment karo….shirf barhane k bat kar rahi ho….please come soon nd write comments…..

  7. abha
    November 03, 10:42 Reply

    8, 8.30, 8.40, 8.50, 9.00 ah… kab aayega ye time!!!!!!!!! waitin so much yaar!!!

    • kath
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      how old r u?

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      Hip! hip! Hurray….. ipkknd k jai ho….!!!!!!!!!!

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      hip hip hurray

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