Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 3rd August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Khushi searching for Anajli. Nani comes there and asks her what you are searching for? Khushi says no one and Nani leaves. Khushi then says to herself, so many problems are going on and she doesn’t want to bother anyone else so she will find Anjali herself and if she can’t find then she will tell everyone.

Khushi goes outside to find Anjali. She says Anjali just did prayer so she wouldn’t go to temple either. She then thinks about calling Arnav but she doesn’t have her phone.

At home, Arnav is wondering why Khushi still didn’t come. He calls her. A servant comes there with her phone. Arnav asks him where is Khushi, I told you to tell her to come here right? Servant says he did tell her but don’t know where did she go. Arnav says in his mind, if Khushi ran again from house then I swear…

Khushi then sees Anjali beside a tree. Anjali seems to be talking with someone. Khushi says Anjali di and goes there. She says thank God I found you, do you know how tensed I was. Khushi then looks around and asks her what is she doing here? Anjali says nothing and asks Khushi what is she doing there. Khushi says I was searching for you that’s why I came here. They then go home. Khushi looks behind at the tree and wonders with whom Anjail was talking and we see a shadow on tree there.

Back to home. Khushi says thank God no one found anything. She asks her but where did Anjali go all of a sudden? Arnav comes there in an angry mood. He says, Khushi what the hell where were you? Khushi says I was here only. Khushi says I heard you wanted to change this kurta and you’re still in kurta and shouting at me? Arnav asks her to stop her nonsense and tells her to come to their room. Khushi says you go, am coming behind you.

In their room. It’s dark. Arnav tells Khushi to be careful. They argue now why Anajli got so happy today. Arnav says why would anyone get happy seeing me in this stupid kurta. Khushi says you wouldn’t get idea like this in your next two lives and in that she tells him that idea was hers.

Break 1..

Khushi tries to go away from there. Arnav stops her and asks why do you think I still have this kurta on? He says he knew it was her idea. He says whenever he turns he feels like this pajama would fall down but still he has it on.. he asks her do you know why? He goes closer to her and kisses her on forehead and says that’s why.. to see smile on your face. He then turns on the lights. read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi then sees gifts that she packed at Buaji’s house. She goes oh my.. I forgot something to put inside or what and will you make me pack everything again? He tells her to open gifts and check. She opens one gift and it’s ‘chane’ inside. Arnav is smiling at her. She then sees Salman Khan’s poster and gets happy. She signals Arnav very good. She then sees Jalebis, gol gappas, and a jewelry box. She looks at Arnav and then opens it. It’s same chain that Arnav gave her before. She gets emotional. Arnav comes closer to her again and wipes her ears and they hug each other.

It’s morning now and Khushi is in her bed. She opens her eyes and sees Arnav sitting right there and looking at her. She gets up. Rabba ve plays in background and they two are looking at each other. Arnav then goes closer to her and Nani knocks their door.

Arnav opens the door and asks her what happened. Nani says it’s urgent that’s why she came. She tells him to go with her and she leaves. Arnav tells Khushi, we are not done talking yet and leaves. Khushi says it felt like as if I stopped breathing.

Nani looks very worried. Arnav comes there and asks her what happened. Nani tells him she got call from an Aashram and they said Subitra devi is not there, she has disappeared since 2 days. Arnav says why they didn’t call us when she was missing since 2 days. Nani says 14 years ago.. they shouldn’t have left her there. Arnav tells her not to worry and he will find her. He goes to change.

In Aakash’s room. Aakash asks Manorama if Arnav called her from Aashram. They reveal that she is Arnav’s dadi then. Payal comes there and asks if anyone is coming.

Payal asks Aakash if anything has happened or what? Arnav and Nani left in hurry and Manorama also looks worried. But Aakash doesn’t tell her anything.

Break 2..

Anjali is sitting in a temple area in their home. Khushi comes there and gives her a pooja’s thaal. She then gives her red roses. Khushi tells Anjali whatever happened in last few days.. Anjali says she doesn’t want to talk about past. She says she has seen because of past how much Arnav has changed. Anjali says she wants a new beginning. Anajli then thanks her and says as soon as she saw Arnav in a kurta.. it was Khushi behind that. Anjali then leaves from there. Khushi looks at Devi Ma and smiles.

Episode ends..

Precap: An old lady is entering Raizada house.


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