Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 7th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Shyam coming to Anjali’s room. As soon as he comes, Anjali hugs him. Shyam asks her not to cry and says I can’t see you like this. He then gives her medicines and makes her eat food. Before Anjali eats, she asks him if he ate. Shyam says, without you.. how is it possible? They both eat together then. Shyam tells her how you will be fine without eating? You will have to take care of yourself.. I can’t be with you all the time. Anjali says, I was never that strong that I wouldn’t need you. I want you to be with me always. Shyam speaks in his mind, I want same thing to happen as well… if you don’t depend on me then how I will be able to reach my goal? Nurse knocks door and Anjali get worried. Anjali tells Shyam to go now but shyam says, no first you eat something. On the other side, whole family is going to Anjali’s room with food.

Anjali tells Shyam if anyone sees you then won’t be good. She requests him to leave. Shyam says, what if I don’t leave.. Arnav will come and fight with me right? Let him hit me.. I am not afraid of him. I am dying little by little everyday without you. Nurse is knocking door and whole family comes there. Arnav asks nurse what happened? and Anjali opens the door. Everyone gets shocked. Arnav asks her why she is standing. Anjali says, she got tired staying on bed. Arnav then says her to eat something. anjali says she doesn’t feel like staying in room and wants to eat on dining table with everyone. Before Arnav says anything, Khushi says why not and everyone leaves from there.

Everyone gives Anjali’s favorite dishes and sweets to her. Anjali says this is too much, you all eat as well from this. Anjali eats and Arnav is smiling looking at her. Arnav is standing on a side, far from everyone. Khushi goes to Arnav and tells him, you can eat now as well. Di seems so happy.. it must be because of some medicines. Seeing Anjali’s face, Dadi figures it out something is wrong. Arnav says, he will go and get medicines from Anjali’s room but Anjali stops him and asks him to sit beside her.

Arnav asks her to eat little more but Anjali says she is full now and says she should rest now. She is still weak and cannot walk properly. Arnav tells her that he will take her to her room but Dadi says she will take her. Nani is happy seeing Anjali getting better.

Anjali comes back to her room. Shyam is still there. Anjali tells him, you should leave now. Khushi sees Anjali’s phone on dining table and she goes to return it to her. Nurse sees Khushi coming and she tells Anjali and Shyam about it.

Khushi enters Anjali’s room and everything is normal there now. Anjali is lying on the bed and Nurse is there as well. Khushi sees her sleeping so doesn’t say anything. She then asks nurse what medicine Anjali is taking right now as she seems very happy and better than before. Nurse says, in this condition, it’s normal. she will stay happy sometimes, sad sometimes. Khushi then sees a shadow and starts shouting, someone is there. Nurse asks Khushi to stay quiet as Anjali is sleeping. Khushi leaves from there.

Anjali gets up as soon as she leaves and has a sigh of relief. She goes to Shyam and asks him to leave else someone will definitely find out. Shyam says, fine but I am leaving only because you’re asking. He tells her that he will be back tomorrow again. Anjali hugs him. Shyam finally leaves.

Khushi says to herself, someone was there for sure.. I hope it wasn’t him. She goes on, should I tell Arnav or someone else about it? and then says no, I don’t even know if anyone was there. If it wasn’t him, then everyone will get worried. She then sees Shyam leaving the house and gets shocked.

Break 1..

Khushi is back to her house. She is still wondering about what she saw. She then talks with God and says, Di gets happy when she meets Shyam and may be today she ate because of Shaym. Di need Shyam. and Shyam also cares so much for Anjali. May be he changed after losing his child? But Arnav will never let him come to Anjali’s life. She is confused what to do.

Break 2..

Buaji and Garima are making laddus for Anjali. Garima says, I think i should just stay at home.. Anjali needs rest and in that we go there. But buaji doesn’t listen to her and asks her to go with her.

Arnav and Aakash are going to meet some other doctor but Nani tells them, Anjali is looking better since last night and you don’t need to go. Arnav says, but I just don’t want to take any risk. As soon as Arnav opens the door, he sees Khushi. He tells her that they are going to meet special doctor. Khushi says to Arnav, I want to talk with you. Aakash leaves from there saying he will wait in car.

Khushi tells Arnav, you saw right? How Di gets happy sometimes and then suddenly sad. Arnav says, ya I know. I am worried about her and that’s why I am going to meet new doctor. Khushi says, I was saying that we should again… Arnav says, I am getting late and I really don’t want to miss this appointment. He says, we will talk after I come back. Khushi says okay and tells him not to worry, he will take care of Anjali. Arnav leaves.

Khushi speaks to herself, when Arnav comes back, I will have to talk with him. I will have to make him understand.

Episode ends.



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  1. maida
    September 29, 04:23 Reply


  2. kia
    September 09, 09:00 Reply

    can you people stop thinking that arnav and khushi are related cause garima and arnav’s dad was never married they were just lovers.

  3. Sarun faaan
    September 08, 22:05 Reply

    Waiting for arshi remarriage…..
    Epi was nice …
    Luv u arshi.
    Ipkknd rocks:)

  4. mary
    September 08, 15:52 Reply


  5. chitra
    September 08, 14:52 Reply

    can anyone tell me…where is payal?????

    • ptip
      September 10, 10:02

      Payal is leaving the show .. read the article on TOI

  6. Anonymous
    September 08, 08:47 Reply

    Strting ta dragg!!..vtsappenin bou da marriage?!!

  7. Anonymous
    September 08, 08:43 Reply

    Strting ta drag now!!…vtsappenin bou da wedding?!!

  8. araina
    September 08, 07:53 Reply

    vry borng hope to see gud episd nxt week

  9. imesha
    September 08, 05:11 Reply

    somehow me and my friends in Sri Lanka don’t stop watching the show good luck iss pyar ko kya naam doon love you all in ipkknd specially you two Kushi and Arnav.

  10. Anonymous
    September 08, 00:03 Reply

    i was watching these old episodes and it really ticks me off when i see arnav defending Lavanya (ugh!) ..why cant he defend kushi the same way with dadi?? Sorry cant stand that lavanya chic!

  11. AJ
    September 07, 22:10 Reply

    What a fantastic episode 🙂 <3 i don't know about u guys but i don't care if kushi tells arnav or not that shaym is meeting anjali cuz im happy with the twist who knows maybe shaym at the end will regret and try to gain everyones trust back? Sanaya ur too pretty barun ur too good 🙂 <3 😛 jo pehli hoa naaaa music ap hone laga hain music jo humko jaga kar q sone laga hain yeh ishq hain yeh kush aur hain yah kali kali shore hain o wasi to mein kya karoon kya karoon tu hi bata? IS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON IS PYAAR KOO KYA NAAM DOON 🙂 I think this means that out of all the situation thats going on their love still survive through 🙂 <3
    Great work to the entire cast of IPKKND

    September 07, 18:22 Reply

    Isnt Arnav and Khushi step siblings like step sister and brother and THey cant marry each other and whats it called i think if garima is arnavs other wife then… ? i dont get this serial.. just confusing

    • Anonymous
      September 07, 21:20

      Garima isn’t even khushi’s real mom then how can they be step brother and sister

    • Anonymous
      September 07, 22:01

      If they were related then Garima would never let them get married!

    • love ya arshi
      September 08, 08:41

      actually…i think…payal n arnav r step sis n step bro…

  13. devaksha
    September 07, 16:52 Reply

    Oh god! What’s with khushi she suddenly thinks shaym will change and she should have told arnav as soon as she saw him now arnavs going to be mad and all this damn commotion is dragging the wedding soo annoying I really can’t wait 2 see arnav and khushi on their wedding day. Hope shaym doesn’t manage 2 ruin dat too!!

  14. Nishazif
    September 07, 15:45 Reply

    KHUSHI, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell Arnav about Shyams presence in Shantivan! Cause if he finds out later, youuuuuuuuuu are in big trouble! Oh god!

  15. SUMON
    September 07, 14:27 Reply

    This is going to be very bad that Khusi is going to talk with Arnav about returning him back. It is going to create a bad relationship betwen khusi and arnav for sure. By this the show will be boooooooooring….:o

  16. Arya fan
    September 07, 13:28 Reply

    Bilkul abha.kuch bhi ho jaye ipkknd dekhna chor nahi sakti.ise nahi dekha toh bechani hoti hai.isliye i h8 sat n sunday.but satday ko agar ipkknd ke mahaepi ho toh dil kush ho jati ipkknd…lv u arshi….8-)

  17. Rinoza
    September 07, 12:50 Reply

    Nw ipkknd gts worst coz k anjali and shyam .Wht abt da security guard plz arnav put da security guard quick.And v ppl r woring abt khushi and arnav’z wed ,whn it wil hpn.?

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