Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 9th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Anjali looking at childhood photos and crying. Arnav comes there and Anjali hides the album. Arnav tells her you always told me don’t let your past ruin your future and for so many past years you told me to forget past and now you forgot your own words. He asks her to forget everything that happened. Anjali says they will have to forget their past thinking it as a bad dream. They both decide not to look back in past in things which make them sad. They hug each other.

Khushi and Payal are sitting together. Khushi says she feels like Dadi is very upset with her. Payal says you didn’t do anything intentionally. Dadi is just too strict with you. Khushi says you’re my sister so you will take my side but Dadi ji.. since she came she has issues with her. Payal says you saw that but you didn’t see Arnav fighting for you, how he said Khushi is my wife and she can go and do whatever she wants. Khushi is smiling and says she never saw him like that before either. Payal says you’re very luck that you got husband like Arnav. Khushi is smiling, she gets up and starts walking. Title song plays in background.

She comes to their room now. Arnav asks what happened.. do you want to say something or what? And she just hugs him. She then tells him to forgive her. Arnav says you don’t need to be sorry. Khushi says she is saying sorry for some other reason.. and says she saw him without clothes. Arnav says excuse me? And Khushi shows him his childhood picture. Arnav tries to snatch that picture but Khushi doesn’t give and starts running. Arnav follows her and then they fall on bed and bed breaks.

Break 1..

They both start laughing. Khushi tells him she never saw him laughing like this before. Arnav says bed never broken like before either and he takes photo away.

Dadi is in living room and thinking about what Arnav just told her. Manorama comes there listening music and dancing. Dadi stops her and says don’t you have any manners? Manorama says she is listening bhajans. Dadi then asks where is Shaym. Manorama says no one is here with that name. Dadi stares at her. Manorama tries to change topic but Dadi tells her not to change topic. Manorama doesn’t know what to do and NK comes there and says, ‘Yo! Masi ji. What’s up?’. He sees Dadi ji and shuts and says she is very scary. read full updates with pictures only at . Dadi ji says him don’t you know you don’t interfere when two elders are talking? NK says I am not ‘chote’.. I am NK. And when did chote said ‘beach mein’ (interfered). He says beach is in Mumbai not here. Manorama whispers to him.. do something else.. Dadi asks him to leave Manorama alone for some time so she can talk with her. NK tries to change topic and says you talk so sweet and asks her to teach him as well. She says him a fool and leaves.

Everyone is gathered in living room. NK is asking about Radha-Kishan. Aakash says they used to love each other but couldn’t marry. Nani says their love was great and says they never took saat-phere. Khushi then strikes that her and Arnav didn’t take saat-phere either and says meaning they didn’t get married. Payal says without phere marriage is not complete. Nani says only after pheres they are called husband-wife. Khushi is blanked out.

Some people come with new bed. Servant says Arnav’s room bed is broken so this is new bed for them. Manorama says what did they do like that that bed broke? Were they playing cricket or not. Everyone is laughing. Khushi hides her face and Arnav pretends as if he’s talking on phone. Anjali gets a call and she leaves from there. Khushi gets up and starts walking but Arnav is standing in her way. Arnav blinks his eye seeing her. Khushi then leaves from there.

Arnav is talking on phone and he sees a shadow. He goes to check and it’s Anjali. Anjali asks him why he looks worried. Arnav says nothing and leaves from there. Anjali has a relief.

Arnav back on phone and Khushi comes there. She tries to talk but Arnav stays busy on phone. Khushi says only she cares about everything and says what she will do now.. they didn’t even do pheres. Arnav then asks her what happened. Khushi tells him that they are living like husband and wife. Arnav says that’s because we are husband and wife. Khushi says no we aren’t and says she realized today that they never married. Arnav asks how you realized that all of a sudden? Khushi says they didn’t do pheres and they didn’t do anything that husband-wife suppose to do. Arnav says ya.. you’re right. He then asks her what they are supposed to do. Khushi tells him all the events and in end she says ‘suhag raat’ (honeymoon). Arnav stops her right there and says exactly.. you’re so smart.

Arnav asks her again what did you say in end? Khushi says honeymoon. Arnav says we will have to do all that but how about starting from backwards? We will do honeymoon first. He starts going closer to her but Khushi goes back. Arnav asks what happened.. you changed your mind? Khushi says no.. they have to do all the traditional stuff.. Arnav tells her let’s do it.. he won’t eat her and goes closer to her. and says it’s a deal.. it’s our ‘suhag raat’ tomorrow night. Khushi says no.. I was just talking about pheres.

Khushi starts walking. Arnav says her tomorrow night and Khushi leaves.

A Courier comes for Arnav. Before dadi goes to get it.. Arnav comes and takes it. It’s a big bag :O . Dadi says Arnav Singh Raizada.. he don’t even use his father’s name in his name.

Break 2..

Arnav comes to his room and Khushi is sleeping. She wakes up now. Arnav reminds her about their ‘suhag raat’ tonight and leaves. Khushi’s heart beat starts beating and she says what has happened to her.

Aakash sees Arnav and asks him.. is there anything special today.. you seem very happy. Arnav says nothing.. just a good day.

In kitchen, Payal asks Khushi what happened? Khushi says.. phere.. suhag raat.. Payal tells her what are you saying? Payal asks without phere how suhag raat is possible? You were asking yesterday about phere… today about suhag raat. Khushi says she is just asking. Payal then says she was scared before her suhag raat. Khushi asks why were you scared? Payal says like you didn’t scare before yours and she goes away. Khushi says you don’t know how scared I am.

Episode ends..


Precap: Dadi is asking Nani what are they hiding from her. It’s been two days since she came and she doesn’t know anything about Shyam. He didn’t even come to meet her. Arnav comes and says he won’t come either.


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  1. samaira
    August 16, 07:48 Reply

    awesome episode yaarrrrr!ARSHI im love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!i want 2 meet uu!!!!!!!!!!my tv cable is not there as itz ramzan & my xams r goin on so i just read the written updates with snaps!plz always send me the updates with each & every snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u do it so i will b very thankful 2 all of uuuu!!!

    • samaira
      August 16, 07:50

      not goooooooooooog actually its very mindblowing!

  2. sandy
    August 11, 06:19 Reply

    nice epi…….lovedd it <3 <3

  3. Shruti
    August 11, 05:32 Reply

    Awsssssssssssssssssssm i realy luved it

  4. Tintin
    August 10, 10:49 Reply

    Its the perfect track because then Khushi will hate Arnav because his dad was responsible for her parent’s death and Arnav will be mad at Khushi because her mom was the reason for his mom’s suicide.

  5. Tintin
    August 10, 10:46 Reply

    I think that Dadi is going to reveal that Arnav and Khushi are related in some way (not bro-sis but maybe like Arnav’s dad fancied Khushi’s mom and maybe was responsible for Khushi’s parents’ accident).
    This will obviously not only stop their suhaag raat but will also make them feel uncomfortable about their relathionship.

    Since the theme of the story is ‘Nafrat Paas Aane Na De, Chaahat Door Jaane Na De’, I think this new revealition will again put the story on its theme where they will have reasons to hate each other again but obviously their love/attraction will sort of keep bringing them back together.

    • rihanna
      August 12, 14:23

      true yaarrr so does that mean the whole raizada family gonna hate khushi and the whole gupta family gonna hate arnav??? :S 🙂 Little help here plzzzz

  6. Nandana
    August 10, 07:07 Reply

    that bed broken thats sence is super i loved

  7. kavi
    August 10, 03:10 Reply

    i luv ipkknd epi yesterday…truly i dint sleep last night…i watch ipkknd daily at 8,11,eary mornin 3,next day mornin 10.30,1,evenin 5.30……..i luv arshi and arshi fan……..I LUV U LOT ARSHI…. :d

  8. imesha
    August 10, 01:02 Reply

    guys!!!!!! dont worry . for us to keep watching the drama we should bare all the happenings bad .
    example:-dadi , anjali(most dadi)

  9. imesha
    August 10, 00:45 Reply

    I love the written update. thnx for the’s epi was soooooooooo hot but i think tomorrows epi will be the hottest (honeymoon! i cant believe my eyes) the updater upkeep the tomorrows update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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