Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th July 2012 Written Update

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Episode starts with Arnav pulling Shyam with his collar and throwing him out of their house. Anjali is shocked and just looking at him. Arnav closes the doors. He says sorry to Anjali and says he knows she must have hurt a lot but he trusts Khushi, he has full confidence in Khushi that whatever she’s saying is truth. Anjali loses her balance and falls down. Everyone runs to her.

In Anjali’s room. She is lying on bed and everyone is gathered there. She opens her eyes. Arnav comes near her but she stops him and Arnav goes back. Manorama says to her that doctor told her she needs rest. She looks at Arnav and then Arnav says he wants to talk with her alone. Nani says before that she wants to ask him a question. Arnav says he will answer her question but first she wants to talk with Anjali. Everyone leaves Anjali’s room including Khushi.


Arnav says her she got to trust him. He had to think about her and her coming child. Today it was time to fulfill all promises that he did to her in ‘raksha bandhan’ and he had no other option beside telling Shyam to leave. He apologizes to her. Khushi is listening all this from outside. Anjali doesn’t say a word and is remembering about Shyam.

Outside Nani and Manorama both are sad and crying and they are also thinking about their good moments with Shyam.

Aakash also same thinking about him. Payal comes there but Aakash leaves from there.

NK is looking at everyone.

Anjali now thinks about how Khushi and Payal blamed Shyam and how Arnav slapped him. She takes her hands away from Arnav and says to him that she wants to stay alone so leave her alone. Arnav is trying to say something but she requests him to leave alone. She then takes him outside her room and locks herself inside her room. She tells everyone to leave her alone, she doesn’t want anyone. Arnav leaves from there then. Nani goes to Khushi but Manorama stops her and takes her with her. Aakash also leaving. Payal tells him she has to believe her and Khushi but he says why you didn’t tell him before and now he doesn’t want to listen anything and he leaves.

Khushi hugs Payal. NK leaves.

Inside her room, Anjali is looking at Shyam’s photo and says she won’t be able to live without him.

Khushi says to Payal she can’t see Arnav and Anjali like this.

Arnav is his room, he says he hurt Anjali so much and he never wanted to see any tear in her eyes. But then he says it was necessary to tell the truth and now he can’t see her like this.

Khushi is searching for Arnav and she sees him standing on side. She remembers how Arnav slapped Shyam and how Arnav said this slap was for my wife and he believes all that khushi said. A servant comes there and gives her a cup of tea. Khushi is shivering while she takes it to Arnav. Arnav takes it and Khushi is leaving but Arnav holds her hand and stops her.


Khushi hugs him. Arnav carries her and takes her to bed. When he is leaving, Khushi now holds his hand. Khushi is sad and crying.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav says to Nani that he has no doubt in his mind,. He knew a lot about Shyam since before. Nani says him what are you saying. Arnav says since he got married with Khushi, he knows Shyam has a bad character. Khushi is also there with him.

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  1. tayef
    July 09, 16:22 Reply

    Finally arnav have some faith on khushi and i believe soon they will confess their love

  2. Bambieyez
    July 09, 15:57 Reply

    Loved today’s episode. Finally arnav has full faith in kushi. Feel a bit peed off with akash… Don’t the man realise that Payal kept all this from him to avoid hurting his family, even though she explained her motives ?!?!? He’s being unsupportive. I feel sorry for Anjali, purely because to understand her, you must put yourself in her shoes. Imagine having complete trust in your husband, never having no reason to doubt him as he has never shown her anything but love (obviously the snake acted differently behind her back – but how was she supposed to see the evil side of him- he was nothing but sweetness in front of her) then to be bombarded with the accusations of deceit and infidelity ( well nearly- if the snake could have his way)… Also to be carrying his child… Every woman’s fear would be to find out that her husbands a lying cheating scumbag – only after finding out she’s carrying the devils seed… Any wife would want to look for someone to blame. Hopefully she’ll come to her senses sooner rather than later and realise what’s true and what’s not – and not hold resentment towards kushi and Arnav

  3. Angel
    July 09, 15:57 Reply

    Thank u so much 4 d quick update! Hey heard sm rumours that anjali gonna abort her child…if its happning she must hav belivd Arnav n Kushi.

  4. Wenz
    July 09, 15:51 Reply

    We want the clearance between arnav and anjali very soon…. We will get boring if it’s get long time..

  5. Resha
    July 09, 15:23 Reply

    arnav ur so sweet…u understand khushi well…anjalii what a sister u r???hate u..

  6. Ash
    July 09, 15:18 Reply

    Thank You so much for the quick update.

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