Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th November 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 9th November 2012 Written Episode

Everyone has gathered in the living room and helping Sheetal in walking so she gets fine like before. Nani asks Payal about Aakash and she says, he is busy and upset with some USA deal. At the same time, Aakash comes there and says, I got a good news that I got USA deal.. but now I will have to go to USA for couple of months. Manorama and Nani get emotional and say, they will miss Aakash. Anjali says, America is not too far.. when we miss him.. we can always do a video conference. Manorama then tells Payal to go with Aakash. Khushi also gets emotional. Arnav says to everyone, don’t worry.. I will make sure Aakash’s work gets done fast.

Arnav goes to look for Aarav and he sees him giving water to plants. Arnav says in his mind, strange.. we got so many similarities.. how is it possible? Arnav then goes to him and says, your mum will be fine in couple of days.. everyone is here to take care of her. Aarav says, and we will go from here in few days as well. Arnav says, don’t go if you don’t want to. Aarav says, but you want us to leave so… Arnav says, I never said that. Aarav says, but you never stopped me either.. and I know why.. it’s because you don’t like me. Arnav says, I like you a lot.. why are you saying like this? Aarav says, you’re lying.. I used to think that you like me.. but no.. I know that I am not important for you today either. You’re very bad.. I hate you. Arnav says, it’s not like that. Aarav says, then why didn’t you stop me? Why can’t I stay with my dad like other kid? Arnav gets lost in some thoughts and he remembers how he asked Sheetal to tell Aarav about his father. read full updates with pictures only at He asks Aarav, you know about all this? Aarav says, yes.. mum told me everything, but she told me not to tell you anything. Arnav says, I am so sorry and hugs him. Aarav tells him, you left me outside Aashram, but mum came and took me from there. She told me, if I do everything the way you like.. then you will start loving me.. but no..mumma was wrong. Arnav again says sorry to him and hugs him. Arnav says, I will do everything fine now. Aarav gets happy and asks, so I can stay here now? Arnav says, you don’t need to go anywhere. Aarav hugs him and says, I love you dad.

Sheetal is annoyed with someone on the phone. She says, Aarav is fine and how many times have I told you that don’t keep calling me. She hangs up and says, this aashram people have made my life difficult. (Finally her evil look is out).

On the other hand, Arnav asks Aarav not to tell anything about their secret to Sheetal. Aarav asks, but why? Arnav says, because I want to give a surprise to her.

Break 1..

Everyone is back to the living room. Aakash says, flight is tomorrow. Arnav says, as Aakash is leaving for months.. I think we should have a party tonight. Khushi gets shocked seeing Arnav happy like this. Sheetal then says, I and Aarav are leaving tonight. But Arnav says, not at all.. i have planned some things for Aarav. I have to teach him basketball.. have to take him to some museum. Sheetal is getting happy from inside. Arnav then says, I have a surprise for everyone tonight as well. Anjali gets excited and asks what is it. Arnav says, just wait and watch. Arnav then helps Sheetal and takes her to her room. Khushi is wondering what is going on.. Arnav is making both mother and son happy today… and me? And what is the surprise? Does he want to include both mother and son in our family. She says to herself, no this is not possible. Payal asks her what is she thinking? Khushi says nothing.. Payal then says, this is what I will miss .. your madness. They hug.

In Sheetal’s room, Arnav apologizes to Sheetal saying he should have been with her when she needed him most. Sheetal says, it wasn’t your fault.. it’s just situation was like that. He says, I will make everything fine.. I just need this one day. I will correct all mistakes that I have done in past. He leaves from there. After he leaves, Shetal talks with herself, I waited for your this one day since months.. this is what I wanted.. you to correct all your past mistakes .. which YOU NEVER DID. But nevertheless finally I am going to get the result for the hardwork that I did.

Arnav is coming down with a smile on his face and Khushi sees him. She wonders why he is so happy. She asks him, what’s going on? you smiling today. Arnav says, Sheetal told me a very good joke. He then tells Khushi, if Sheetal or Aarav needs anything, then make them comfortable and tells Hariprakash to make their favorite dinner.

Break 2..

Khushi as usual gets nervous and starts making jalebis. She says to herself, get ready.. seems like it’s time to leave this house. At the same time, Buaji and Khushi’s mother come there. They ask her.. did anything happen? Khushi says, I am just making them for Payal as she is going to America and there she won’t get jalebis. Payal comes there and hugs buaji and her mother. Nk comes there and tells everyone to help him in preparing for the party.

Everyone is waiting to see Arnav’s surprise, while Khushi is scared and says to herself, hope its not that surprise that I am thinking about. Aarav is passing by from there and he hurts his leg. Khushi gets up right away and runs to him. She says that she will put the haldi on it so it won’t hurt too much and Aarav will be fine soon. Sheetal is still sitting on the sofa and says, it’s okay Khushi.. he’s a strong boy.. nothing happened to him.. he will be fine. Khushi wonders, how can Sheetal behave like this? She can clearly see that Aarav has got hurt and she doesn’t care. Khushi leaves from there with Aarav to put medicine on his wound. Sheetal says in her mind, good .. get used to it Khushi.. I just care about my money.. once I get my money, I will go away from here and you will have to take care of Aarav.

Arnav puts his phone on a sofa purposely and goes away. Sheetal is coming down and the phone rings.. She sees that and says, it’s Aarav’s doctor phone. Before she receives it, Arnav comes back and takes it from her. He picks up and talks with doctor. He then tells Sheetal, it was my doctor’s call.. he said my sugar level is in control. He then says in his mind, just couple of hours more, and then I will put your real intentions out in front of everyone.

Episode ends.



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  1. Arshifansang
    November 12, 07:31 Reply

    check out the news section of
    ipkknd page in starplus website..
    barun sobti quits ipkknd..
    is everything really ovr…???
    pls anyone tel this is not true…
    i feel lik crying… cant evn imagine
    dis show wthout barun..

    • HEART+অর্ণব
      November 12, 08:15

      We r in same boat, frndz! Me too is so upset. Bt, i want 2 liv 2days lyf hapily! So no tears, jst wait 4 ASR007’s dhamaka! I hope, 2day khushi’l slap sheetal!

    • Arshifansang
      November 12, 08:24

      yup.. atleast let us enjoy last few epis wth barun.. i want them to be rocking.. i still pray tat some miracle shld happen and barun ll stay bac…

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 07:16


  2. I C E
    November 12, 06:19 Reply

    Hi friends, happy diwali 2 all.

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 06:20

      Happy diwali….ice….

    • HEART+অর্ণব
      November 12, 07:19

      Hi ice, ur name is realy cool !
      Oooh, at last, monday hs cum! Waiting 4 a suupppeer coool epi!
      Wy so tensd 4 2morw ,frndz? Lead ur 2day’s lyf hapily! Waiting 4 ASR DHAMAKA!!

    • I C E
      November 12, 07:21

      Thanx pööja… I’m eagerly waiting for 2day’s epi….

    • I C E
      November 12, 07:28

      Thanx hèárt… Happy diwali…

    • I C E
      November 12, 08:41


    • POOJA55
      November 12, 06:17


  3. Caina786
    November 12, 05:49 Reply

    universty of peshawar
    n wht u doing?

  4. Caina786
    November 12, 05:38 Reply

    nw m bck 4rm uni
    ex dx true dat etx barun own dicisn to quit ipkknd

  5. POOJA55
    November 12, 05:12 Reply

    Mughe bohot dar lagta hai crackers blast karne k time….iss liye mere bro nd vai mughe darate hai….but i blast crackers which r easy to blast…anyways sab bohot maza karna…

    • Caina786
      November 12, 06:25

      Hey pooja
      hwx u?

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 06:34

      I m fine….what about u????Sam ko join karogi na hamare sath….

  6. HEART+অর্ণব
    November 12, 04:57 Reply

    Kath, তোমার অদ্ভুত বাংলায় আমি মুগ্ধ ! Dnt knw wat 2 say! Ha. . Ha. .
    Ok frndz, Happy diwali 2 al! Actuly , i lyk dis! So many lights al around, nice! In personl lyf, i lyk darknes, soft lyts like candls!

  7. Fan of sarun-a.p[yamuna]
    November 12, 04:28 Reply

    Hi heart, thats so cool-that u r doing well. I m also very upset. We all wishing for ipkknd not to end and everything is happening against us.

    Hi pooja55. Tumhe kitni baar change karna pad raha hai, Sab tumhare peeche haath dhoke pade hai.

    And happy diwali to one and all. And aap log ache se padaai karna.pooja,heart,sumon,tn,faiza and whoever having exams all the best and do well. Ok. Bye. Raat ko milte hai.

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 05:00

      Thanx Yamuna…..HAPPY DIWALI……

      Mere piche sab hat dho k pari hai…..let’s c what r they doing…..anyways just c mohit nd sanaya together…they r celebrating diwali with a lot of crackers nd fulghari something like that….they r looking so preety….friends mohit k khamosiya starts today at Sanaya7.30 p.m.i m so exited about that…..

  8. POOJA55
    November 12, 04:20 Reply

    Happy Diwali….my friends….~¤~

  9. Fan of sarun-a.p[yamuna]
    November 12, 03:41 Reply

    Hi frnds, gd afternoon. Kya barun sach mein show chodraha hai? What the… Aur break ka kya hua.. Are yaar.. Whats wrong with U? Before leaving the show, tell us why u are leaving? Plz barun dont go.
    Plz… Plz… Plz…

    • zq
      November 12, 03:44

      i agree wid u?????he mst give his fans a solid reason 4 leaving dis show…….


    • HEART+অর্ণব
      November 12, 04:10

      Hi frndz, gud aftrnoon! Wats up? My exm was fine! Bt i m so upset 4 barun!

    • ZQ
      November 12, 05:06


  10. zq
    November 12, 03:24 Reply

    Mein abi veg. pakoday bna k aya hoon…mein dream kr rha tha kash!!ipkknd ka team nd aap sb 4nds mere sath hote hum sb kitna njoy krte pkodoon ko!!!!!!!ha….ha….ha….ha

    any ways pooja thanx 4 offring me koffee !now u come 2 my home i will serve u pakodaaaas which imade recently….grma garam pakodaay

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 03:34

      Thanx Di……just imagine i am with u….yeah Di bho may b pashmeenDi ki parents hai……no i don’t c his Di’s pics…may b kashmera irani is sanaya’s sis….but who is sanaya’s bro?????

    • zq
      November 12, 03:41

      thanx pooja………..

    • zq
      November 12, 03:45



  11. POOJA55
    November 12, 02:04 Reply

    Di barun lived in delhi.he worked for a call center before joining t.v industry.he loves pashmeendi when they read in same school.means childhood valentines day he bought a gift for pashmeendi.he worked nd earned some rupees nd bought a gift.he belongs in panjabi family.his married life start on 12.12.2010 at guruduara….

    Sanaya belongs in parosik family.she has 1 bro nd 1 don’t know it perfectly….

    But i know many things about barun…..barun has 1 elder sis in real life….

    • zq
      November 12, 03:17

      thanxxxxxxxxxx a lot pooja.i saw a pic of barun,s wedding.i saw an old man &woman. Are they barun,s parents or pashmeen,s parents…HE HAS 1 SIS… DID U SEE HER PIC?and sanaya,s sis or bro…also linked wid tv industry

  12. kath
    November 12, 01:28 Reply

    yeah.,,… anyone online…. iam extreeeeeemely bored….

    • ZQ
      November 12, 01:29

      yess kath .what abt ur health dear…..

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 01:34

      I m online….vai fota means vai dugh…..

    • ZQ
      November 12, 01:55

      plzzz pooja tell me abt sanaya & barun family,if u nw abt them.i nw pashmeen &mohit some else family members????????

    • ZQ
      November 12, 01:55

      now i m going…….

  13. POOJA55
    November 12, 01:09 Reply

    Jokhoni poreche nojor…..
    ami to hoye gechi tor….
    Khuda Jane o Khuda Jane….

    Kano moner kinarai ashe dhau….
    Kano buker pashatai ashe keu….
    Meleni tar uttor ami to hoye gachi tor….
    Jege royechi rat vor ami to hoye gachi tor….
    Khuda Jane o Khuda Jane…..

    Kothai pabo bol kon khane tui
    Kothai tor desh ajj jaboi…
    Vebei keteche prohor….
    jege royechi rat vor …
    ami to hoye gachi tor…..

    Kuda jane o Khuda jane…..♥♥♥

    Please don’t stop ipkknd…..khuda jane hum ipkknd se kitna pyaar karti hoon……plz…♥♡♥♡♥

    • ZQ
      November 12, 01:13

      AAP Ka poem kuch smjh nhi aaya!!!!!but i nw u expressed ur love with ipkknd……,s nice

    • kath
      November 12, 01:16

      r u real pooja?

    • POOJA55
      November 12, 01:23

      Ha…ha…Di it’s not a poem it’s a Bengali movie song…..

      Yeah I’m real pooja….

  14. kath
    November 12, 00:39 Reply

    yes heart
    বে মুসত দ সামথিং এবাউট এটা দনে …. but you know i am a little weak in it………….. yar arnav jiii please ruk jaien chalien hamari khatir nahi pr apni khushi ji k liye hi…. koi to roke…. i didnt know barun would get that much frustrated although his fans response is good

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