Jeannie Aur Juju 22nd November 2012 Written Update

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Jeannie Aur Juju 22nd November 2012 Written Update by hana_y

Jeannie Aur Juju 22nd November 2012 Written Episode

the show start with vicky make the other man lose by the help of jennie and he ask the bank manager to play again which he ask why he ans that he has already lost with check and mat then he accept for his lost and he said him to come in his office at sharp ten o’ clock vicky and jennie were happy .

the ofice member arrive at vicky house to congrats him and said they all help him that why he won the chess he said yes it all with your help and they leave him . vicky was happy he say it all due to her if he has win the chess he said you are my best friend and he leave jennie sai di dont want to be your friend but your love that too soon .

next day it was already ten o’clock he was still on the bed when he saw the time he shout how the alarm clock was not working he run start to be ready he call for jennie and told her to help him as he has been late it should be at the office with the manager then jennie blink her eyes and he was in the office with his pijama trouser . he start explain how their company priya airline is help full and how he will do progress he said also why he came with pyjama the reason too .jennie saw teh pant was there she was afraid what will happen and in the bank vicky got the draff he was happy .

there jennie was still waiting and she talk to herself what if juju did not get the draff due of the pant and he is not calling to say what has happen . vivky first call jennie to inform her about the good news . she said sorry juju said why sorry said thx i got it it all due to you im coming at home to change then i will go to the office as i will not be able to go with the pijama and jennie do her magic his pant was already on him he thx her again .

druga husband enter in vicky house jennie saw him she said he came again i will make him afraid now the she start doing all thing to make him afraid finally he got afraid and he leave .

at office priya dad was crying with happiness vicky has made their company to go ahead and then he said he will have to reduce some thing in the office it start with the tea they will get tea only two times in the morning and afternoon and they all leave his cabin .

vicky call jennie to share his happiness with her she come and run to him and they have a love hug vicky then call her by mitram and they broke the hug sh esaid you are ready tehn he sai dyes sh eblink and they reach at the wed place he ask whose wed is this she said ours juju said let return back he blink twice then jennie said it her who is jennie not him then they return back . how it would be nice if we got married jennie said then vivky mod ring and it was his father he congrats him and he said they will come in two days which vivky was happy on hearing this news even jennie too . sh esaid you kuku and tuku are coming he said who is thi stuku sh esai din her wold mother we said kuku and father tuku . they will stay here for two weeks with me tehn he said what will i do with you jennie how will i be able to talk with you then the show end here

precap ; we saw a sadar pilot who was talking with vicky and his clothe was hugging with out any thing .

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