Jodha Akbar 12th September 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 12th September 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 12th September 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
jodha sadly says for a wife her own husband arrest her is too much insult, i profusely said that i didnt do anything but for everything is a game my respect my dignity today ruks said that culprit is someone else so you changed and justice has also become a game for you, yeah i lied that i killed your child because i thought you would kill me but other innocents would be saved, i pain of death is less then the pain of being your wife, i hate you so much thats why i lied also, i want to curse you but my values says that i cant curse my husband, but i pray to get free from you and your evil mind its better to die then living in this hell but ruks didnt give me that chance also, she folds her hands and says i request you to please go from here, he doesnt budge so she sternly says go he gives a angry look to her and leaves. Jodha looks up at him and sadly sit on bed.

Scene 2
ruks ask knowing you dont love her, she hates you then why you did nikkah with her jalal says because not getting her was my insult i wanted to show her as my victory, wanted to crush her arrogance under my feet, her hatred gives me peace but i didnt know she will behave like this with me. Ruks says i have one idea send her back to amer, he says still she is not proved innocent so how can i send her ruks says but i think she is innocent, behind any crime there is some reason she has no interest in your kingdom nor does she want power, she is not interested in your wealth she is not even interested in you jalal feels hurt a little and tries to leave when she stops him and says do some action against salima asap, either she proves her stance about that box or accept her crime. Jalal says i will do same but dont let anybody know about it.

Scene 3
at night jalal thinks what is happening, jodha’s brother saved my life and i on a doubt kept them under arrest, now doubt is on salima, after khan baba i gave her respect, gave rahim everything then why will she do anything like this? I am mistaken this time too. Prime minister comes in and jalal says i wanted your opinion as after khan baba you are assisting me he ask what you want to share, jalal says i got some proof which says jodha is innocent then what should i do because dont want to do injustice , PM says you have already done injustice as you have kept innocent person under house arrest,he also says it is not known when culprit will be caught but you should free jodha and brothers from house arrest soon as it is wrong for mughal kingdom if innocent is captured, jalal says and what to do with real culprit? he says you have doubt on that person till you have some solid proof against that person you should not take any action jalal thanks him for the genuine advice he says anytime.

Scene 4
jalal and all are present in court jalal says nice you are here and thanks hamida for thinking about mughals justice, amer princes ws not able to get any proof in 10 days to prove their innocence but I have got some proof which shows they are innocent so I order to free them from arrest with all respect and I appreciate that under they gone in war with me and das saved my life so I am making him minister of some state and till real culprit is caught you people will be our guests maan says I will with them jalal says no take your position back and stand with me maan goes and sits with him jalal says to jodha that you can shift to original room, tension between them is visible as they gives angry looks to each other and jodha leaves.

Scene 5
Maham and her daughter in law,Javeda have a nok- jhok moment, Javeda is irritating Maham with her childish talks and also praises Jodha which gets Maham very hyper and angry. Maham finally gets exasperated and asks her to make sweets , Resham comes and informs that Jodha is now free and Maham gets a shock and wonders what Jalal is upto.

Scene 6
Jodha is elated to know that Hameeda did pooja for the past 10 days moti says because of her jalal gave you 10days time jodha says dont talk about him moti says why now? he announced your freedom jodha says on a small doubt he made me and my brothers culprit without any proof she is still is miffed with Jalal. Hameeda comes jodha greets her and says I was about to come hamida says you asked for anything for 1st time so I ahd to fulfill your wish and asks why she was not happy when Jalal pronounced her not guilty, Jodha tells that she is angry with his attitude, I am not happy I am very much angry the way he treated me has given much pain to me and if you are feeling bad with my words so I am ready to be scolded but he treated my family in way too rude manner. Hameeda tries to pacify her says I know he was wrong that is why I stood uo against his order and asked for 10days for you, He lost his child I understand his pain but I understand your pain as your sister would be husband got killed in all this, your anger on him is upright you have the right and he has to understand your anger as insulting someone or play with someone’s respect is not right ans says if you have any complain against him just tell me jodha says why jalal lacks your good qualities he is your son she says it is my fault i was not here one time of his upbringing jodha says not your fault but his bad fate that he didnt get your upbringing, hamida blesses her and both share a nice moment.

Scene 7
Jalal again in one of his night walk, recalls Ruks showing him the evidence, his nikaah with Salima , moments with Rahim. He comes in Salima’s room, she is surprised to see him, he tells her its his right as a husband and asks her to help him in removing his clothes. Salima is hesitant, he removes her dupatta from her head and gets closer to her and Salima is very uncomfortable.

Precap–Jodha asks Rukaiya who is the culprit since she(Ruks) knows the truth

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  1. anna pitt
    September 13, 13:02 Reply

    hey this is not that salima it’s maham anga… omg… she acted so superb that no1 understood that it was she… even her gay slave(resham) also… mind blowing actress, iam gradually becoming her fan… nt for the charecter but for the acting

  2. anonymous(anna pitt)
    September 13, 12:40 Reply

    thnx to atiba for replying….. well atiba it’s a humble request to u that could u pls write the words on english hibut language hindi???? so that i can learn my mother tongue atleast… n as i don’t have any nice fend in india so i want u to be my v.good frnd…. hope u will respond positively to my proposal…. and yes don’t worry iam a girl only….:-:-P

  3. anonymous(anna pitt)
    September 13, 12:36 Reply

    thnx to atiba for replying….. well atiba it’s a humble request to u that could u pls write the words on hindi but language hindi???? so that i can learn my mother tongue atleast… n as i don’t have any nice fend in india so i want u to be my v.good frnd…. hope u will respond positively to my proposal…. and yes don’t worry iam a girl only….:-:-P

  4. sia
    September 13, 01:47 Reply

    tanni u said ja will air on 7:50.from when it will start at dat tym?

  5. Abbhay91
    September 13, 01:27 Reply

    Waiting for today’s episode i dont think salima placed dhatura in kesar
    lets C wht hppns next!

  6. Kashish
    September 13, 00:06 Reply

    Gdmrng swt Atiba ji n all JA fans:):)….. Hope today koi jara hat ke wala epi dekhno ko nile hum sabko:p.

  7. Dj
    September 12, 23:03 Reply

    Nyc epi…jodha n rukya both r mind blowing…

  8. sita
    September 12, 22:45 Reply

    actually how wives jalal have?

  9. sia
    September 12, 22:32 Reply

    javida:woh toh aapke samne tik bhi nai sakti. Aap dusro ko fasati hai aur woh toh bichari khud fasi huin hai. Hahaha

  10. sia
    September 12, 22:28 Reply

    gud morning guyz hav a nyc day

  11. atiba
    September 12, 15:56 Reply

    I’ve uploaded pics enjoy 🙂 .

  12. sash
    September 12, 14:50 Reply

    I feel that maham is involved in the miscarriage

  13. Fahmida
    September 12, 14:41 Reply

    Parhaps salima is not da real calprit,and jodha will find out the real culprit.may be it is sharif.loved todays epi.

  14. bonny
    September 12, 13:35 Reply

    waiting for some interrsting scenes 🙂

  15. Jo
    September 12, 13:35 Reply

    Hi everyone, hope u enjoyed dis episode as much as I did.
    Wow! Atiba tld u things wud look up soon, comments 4 so…lol
    I think Salima is being set up. I’m jus happy that Jodha n her brothers r free.
    Bhagwan Das n Maan Singh r jus so handsome.
    If Ruks think by sending Jodha back 2 Amer she is doing her injustice she is sssoooo wrong.

  16. jodha fans
    September 12, 13:07 Reply

    awesome episode…..going well…i think jodha should give a good punishment for akbar for his ill treatment on her

  17. sia
    September 12, 12:58 Reply

    bye guyz. Gud nyt sweet drmz

    • suraj
      September 12, 12:58

      bye gud nite

  18. Kashish
    September 12, 12:52 Reply

    Plz ekta mam jaldi se jo n ja k love story shuru kar dijiye, wo sab JA fans k liye bara sa gift hoga. Kitna intezar karna parega hum logoko:(:(….

  19. sia
    September 12, 12:51 Reply

    ryt suraj. When tvt will fall down then she will come 2 her sense

    • suraj
      September 12, 12:58

      yeah u r right

  20. sia
    September 12, 12:49 Reply

    seems lyk evry1 has gone

  21. sia
    September 12, 12:45 Reply

    atiba why no pics still? Plz upload asap

  22. sia
    September 12, 12:45 Reply

    atiba why no pics still? Plz update asap

  23. atiba
    September 12, 12:41 Reply

    I’ve updated scene 6 with full dialogues please check.

  24. sia
    September 12, 12:40 Reply

    oh no then i won even read wu

    • suraj
      September 12, 12:47

      gul khan spoil a fantastic show….! bcz of her SUNKYYYYY mind

  25. tanni
    September 12, 12:35 Reply

    me too waiting for jalal-jodha love story.. before dis ruks pregnancy track, we got many lovely, mindblowing episodes full of jalal-jodha romance or their cute nok-jhok.. but dis pregnancy & miscarraige track spoiled everything..

    kitne din ho gaye “ishq hai wo ehsaas” gana sune.. kaan taras gaye wo sunne ke liye

    • suraj
      September 12, 12:38

      hey tanni dear hw r u?????

  26. sia
    September 12, 12:35 Reply

    oh me 2. I stoped watching but i red wu jst in hope dat no zoyan track

    • suraj
      September 12, 12:38

      dear ye shaadi zarur hogi afterall ye qh ke description main likha hua hai….! zee ki official wabsite par

  27. tanni
    September 12, 12:34 Reply

    WELCOME to all new comers to dis site 🙂

    i think even salima is not d real culprit.. otherwise why did she told jalal dat jodha has not killed d child?? may be d real culprit is yet to be caught..

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