Jodha Akbar 2nd July 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 2nd July 2013 Written Update by pollyanna

Jodha Akbar 2nd July 2013 Written Episode

The voiceover says that Jalal is taking away injured Abdul on his horse, the bugle of war has been blown unknowingly. Jalal wants to cature Amer by hook or crook and get Jodha in his palace/harem to teach her the lesson. Jalal was illiterate and asked Abdul to write the warning on the wall/ground of the prison.

Suryabhan motivates and encourages the soldiers to find out Jalal and the one who captures him, will be rewarded as the commander of the Rajputanas.

Jalal is surrounded by the soldiers, he is asked to surrender, he gestures and starts fighting, killing them softly,slowly and he gets the FB of Jodha’s words at the prison. With perfect deftness he kills one and all.

One of the soldier returns and takes Suryabhan, Jodha to the place of mass massacre and they are all shocked at the sight. Suryabhan takes the pledge that Jalal will have to answer for his act. Jodha is speechless and worried.

Jodha’s father, the king of Amer- Bharmal and Suryabhan are encouraging the subjects and getting ready to take revenge from Mughals for his dare devilry act and Suryabhan vows that till the time he doesnt get Jalal’s head, he is not going to marry Jodha. The ladies are all getting emotional as the war is declared and they get tensed about Jauhar.

Jodha is recollecting her interactions with Jala at the prison,almost burns her hands while remembering her vow which she took at the temple. She is disgusted with the fact that Jalal is such a coward that he was in disguise for the past 3 days and tells her mother that it was him who saw near the pond.Her mother remembers the lady’s(Shagunibai) forecast about Jodha going to Mughals house.

Some lady comes and informs that Suryabhan has refused to marry Jodha, hands a letter to Jodha which says that he wants to meet her as soon as possible.

Jodha’s mother questions her father about Suryabhan’s decision and is surprised to know that he too agrees with his line of thought.

Suryabhan tells Jodha that though they are not allowed to meet in private but he wants to clarify certain things about his decision. He tells her that he has to first think about his country and then get married. Jodha is pleased to hear this and he assures her that he will wipe out the reason who has become a reason of divide between them, Jodha gets emotional, holds his hand and tells him that she will wait for him.

The halwai seth is talking to his employee and he passes out when knows that Jalal had visited his shop.

Abdul tells Jalal that he should have got Jodha instead of him, Jalal assures him that she will soon come to him , will get attracted to him herself. He is washing his face when he saw the soldiers. He gets alert and takes out his saber.

Precap: Jodha and some ladies are going through the tunnel which will lead them to 2 options–out of Amer or Jauhar

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  1. Ajay partap singh
    July 08, 11:57 Reply

    So much fans of so called rajat esp. Girls he is good hope he will soon achieve his dream of becoming star

  2. Xia
    July 03, 10:36 Reply

    Di aap mujhe bhul gaye phir se lik rahi hu main thik hu aap kya kar rahe ho

    • ritu
      July 03, 10:38

      maine reply kia tha,”8pm ka w8!” but abhi 8pm baj gya, hehe

  3. ritu
    July 03, 10:36 Reply

    @yuvi,@diya : meet u all in today’s epi wu page..

  4. ritu
    July 03, 10:29 Reply

    thank god! u both r present here

    • yuvi
      July 03, 10:32

      i am not going anywr.too exited to watch ja and chat with u guys

    • ritu
      July 03, 10:33

      i too @yuvi

    • yuvi
      July 03, 10:36

      it is 8. ja started

    • ritu
      July 03, 10:36

      yup! watching

    • yuvi
      July 03, 10:25

      yes dr.

  5. Xia
    July 03, 10:21 Reply

    Main b thik aap kya kar rahi ho

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