Khoobsurat 16th April 2013 Written Update

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Khoobsurat 16th April 2013 Written Update by ApoorvaFan

Khoobsurat 16th April 2013 Written Episode

Starts with Aaru and her parents scene. They are shocked when she announces she is going to Madhav’s house. They obeject and say that it will effect her life and she cannot live with a dhokebaj family. But Aaru says, her being there will help Dadi get well. Aaru’s dad is angry and he says, he cannot allow her to spoil her life by gettting into emotional pressures. He says, she is not going there and his decission is final. Camera cuts on Aaru’s worried face.

At Parewal house, Bharathi is asking the servant to pack food to take to hospital for Dadi. She also says, RaMa will be back so he has to make them eat lunch. She picks up the newspaper lying there and sees the front page news ” RJ Ehasas is married to big industrialist Mansingha’s daughter Aaradhay” is the heading and RaDhya pic which was taken immediately after Jaymala is there. She is angry/upset seeing this and says, when people get to know that actual Ehasas is Madhav and she is married to Madhav, they make more stories.

Hospital: Brij and the two sisters arrive at hospital. Madhav who is sitting next to Dadi, gets up and Brij sits there and tries to speak to Dadi. Suddenly Dadi wakes up and moves a bit animatedly and she is trying to say Aaradhya’s name… They all try to console her but she seems to be uncontrollable and her health is getting effected. They all are worried. She also says, she is blabbering that she cannot do any after marriage rituals etc… including two P Sisters, all are worried… We hear Aaru (the saviour) appear at the door step of the room.(First time I have seen an ICU room where entire family is allowed and when the patient is serious, no doc or nurse is not there )

She holds Dadi’s hand and Dadi feels at peace and slowly her readings are becoming normal. Aaru says, you can do all the rituals with me. I have come now… Your bahu. She asys, without you I will not do Grihapravesh. Dadi is showing remarkable steady peaceful face and her ratings are looking great All of them are happy. Madhav has oh! unbelievable look. Ps are also happy. Dadi says to Brij to talk to Doc and get her discharged…

RaMa speak to Doc in the hospital lounge area. They request him to discharge her and he says, he can do that on their risk and Madhav says, its better if she is at home. Doc says they have to take care of her properly otherwise her life is at risk. Doc leaves from there and RaMa are walking back to Dadi’s room. Madhav says, Dadi’s health is not ok and today if Aaru did not come, they must have faced critical situation. They both see Aaru standing there and she says, she wants to clear that she is here only for Dadi.

Madhav thanks her and he says, after what happened with her, its great that she is still helping them. He also tries to add that Dadi should not know that she is here only for her sake but Aaru cuts him and says that she will leak any info to Dadi. She reiterates, its only the relation of humanity and no other relation can be expected of her. Both RaMa are having straight faces and looks like Rahul is feeling sad for Madhav.

At parewal home: Bharathi is walking out fast thinking if neighbours have seen the papers, they may come and ask for bahu and its better she goes to hospital early. At the entrance she is caught up by the neighbourhood ladies who ask her about grihapravesh of new bahu. She says, Dadi is sick and she is hospital and she is going there. They suggest to accompany her to hospital so that they can meet Dadi and also the new bahu.. She is eating the words on what to say…

Servant RD runs and announces that Dadi is back from hospital. Dadi in wheelchair pushed by Rahul and all other family members in the frame now. These ladies enquire dadi about her health and then they ask about the new bahu. Dadi says to Bharathi to make preps to invite Bahu and she calls out for Aaru. Slowly Aaru walks into the camera. She is dressed like Dulhan and her head is covered in Ghunghat.

Precap: Aaru’s grihapravesh. Both RaMa are standing at the back of her on either side.
(Looks like no one knows that Madhav is actually married to Aaru)

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