Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th December 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th December 2012 Written Update by -BlackBeauty-

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th December 2012 Written Update

Dr. Dubey (DD) announces that the stuff has to come to the conference room. Nidhi playfully mocks Ashu that he must be knowing what this is about since they stay together all day.

In the conference room, everyone wonders why DD has called them. DD wants them to support his decisions about the various proposals. Nidhi says that no one will support his decisions but to her surprise, everyone votes in favour except Nidhi herself. DD taunts her for this giving her age the fault and says that her not voting will not make a difference. Nidhi is upset when Ashu shows more support for DD.

Aditi and Nidhi crib about how the senior staff supported DD. Nidhi says that the reason why DD never called the junior staff was because he knew they would oppose him. But they are determined to do something.

An aged couple visit Kotnis because the man has stomach infection. He wants to eat something made by the woman but outside food isn’t allowed in the hospital. Nidhi comes and tells them that he has bed no.17 so she can get him admitted and go. Nidhi enjoys their cute banters.

DD once again brings up Nidhi’s young age and hence lack of maturity to Ashu. Ashu defends Nidhi saying she is a good doctor but DD insists that experience comes with age not the MBBS degree. He goes on about their age difference and Ashu feels a little awkward. Just then, Nidhi comes and reminds Ashu that he promised they’ll go to Sanjeevani in the evening.

The wardboy stops the old lady saying that outside food isn’t allowed. The lady protests against this since she knows her husband cannot eat hospital food and only eats food made by her. Nidhi overhears this as the lady gets agitated. Nidhi tells him to go and says she’ll handle it. She explains that this is the rule and no one can do anything. The lady seems disappointed.

Nidhi tells Aditi about the incident. Aditi tells Nidhi that rules are meant to be broken.

Nidhi sees the old lady sitting sadly with the tiffin. Nidhi asks her to give her the tiffin and go to the ward. She will send the tiffin. The lady gets happy. Nidhi puts the food in a carton box.

Meanwhile, the old man flatly refuses to eat any food apart from the one cooked by her wife. Nidhi sneaks in the food to the room and the couple gets happy and Nidhi is happy seeing them happy. The old man enjoys his home-cooked meal and the lady urges him to eat fast before anyone sees. Unfortunately, DD comes inside and sees the food.

DD calls the wardboy and enquires about the outside food coming in. He takes the tray away from the old man and explains to the couple that the patient needs to eat hospital food and it is for the patient’s good. He tells that hospital food is good for his health. DD goes away and the old man gets upset. the lady tries to convince him to eat hospital food but he says he won’t.

Nidhi sees the old lady sitting alone. She sadly tells Nidhi that her old man was left hungry as his food was snatched away. Now, he refuses to take the medicine, he is very stubborn. She starts crying saying her husband will die. Nidhi promises that tomorrow onwards, he (Om Prakashji hsi name) will get home cooked meal. However, having assured that to the lady, she doesn’t know how she will manage that.

Precap: Nidhi reminds Ashu that they need to go out in the evening. Ashu tells her to go and get ready. He will come after a meeting.
Nidhi is ready but Ashu is still busy with the meeting with DD and a few others. He even cuts Nidhi’s call.

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