Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th December 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th December 2012 Written Update

Part 1

BB is holding his head and Ashu comes and asks the matter? BB says.. he is ok but since he ate chinese.. he is feeling nauseatic..! He shares he had vomited n taken meds! Ashu asks if he surely did take meds n BB says yes! Ashu keeps looking at BB n then asks him to take rest.. BB asks him to proceed! Ashu tells Nidhi to do experiments on him or herself but not on BB! Nidhi asks the matter n Ashu shares that even if BB agrees to Nidhis experiments.. the things may not be good for him..! He shares that BB is vomiting as he couldnt digest the chinese! Nidhi feels guilty! Ashu asks her to be careful as BB mite agree just for her sake! Nidhi offers to check n Ashu says no need ..he is resting! Ashu asks why is she in saree? Nidhi says.. if lady doc wears saree patients take her seriously! Ashu asks her to wear trendy sarees and Nidhi says..she is a responsible doc so wearing simple sarees .. helps.. as simplicity is true mark of maturity! Ashu tells her that no matter how the clothes are they suit her perfectly! Nidhi thanks him n proceeds!

Jyotika-Priyanka welcome Rangu back in day shift! Rangu says that.. he is glad to be back to civilisation n all ask him if staff was not civilised at nite n he says..he became a bat coz of night shift! Nidhi-Aditi come n greet him n Rangu avoids them n runs off saying they are the cause of his trouble..! Nidhi wonders what is the matter n Aditi says no idea..winds are blowing strange off late since Nidhi is wearing sarees! Nidhi comes in the canteen n sits in a chair next to Ashu..! Ashu smiles..! Ashu orders veg burger with fresh bun …cheese ..butter .. mayonese .. onion .. n fresh fries! Nidhi orders green tea and salad! Nidhi asks Ashu why he is eating burger? He says.. in the mood..so! Ashu says.. how long to worry for cholesterol n diabetes! Ashu asks Nidhi to order but she says no .. n says..when one is chained in bad habits.. one needs to break those shackles.. that is maturity! Burger comes and Nidhi watches with glazed eyes! Ashu eats fries all slowly n stylishly trying to temp Nidhi..! Nidhi sips her green tea n almost spits.. coz of the taste! Ashu offers Nidhi burger but she resists saying she no longer has age to eat burgers..! Ashu is licking his fingers and then says.. he is going for a meeting ..n will eat on the way…! Nidhi watches the burger and pushes aside her salad..! She starts to eat the french fries from Ashus plate.. n also orders another burger for herself..! A while later she cancels the order ..but tries to eat the leftover fries from Ashus plate..! She stops midway .. thinking its cheating n eats her salad..!

Ashu discusses the issue of the new wing for the hosp .. n asks how to arrange finance for machines in the new wing..? Dubey agrees that its an issue..! Ashu suggests if Govt can release more funds? Dubey says.. these are fixed funds so not possible..! Dubey says they need alternate solution..! Ashu wonders what to do! Nidhi overhears the whole thing n then knocks and enters ..! She gives the file to Ashu and goes off..! In the intern room .. Nidhi comes and says that they have a big problem..! Aditi says.. Dr. Dubey. .n its all of 5’7″ …! She shares that its possible the new wing wont be made.. ! Jyotika asks..why? Nidhi says..coz of lack of funds..! She says that they need to think of something..!

Part 2

Aditi suggests to host a fashion show! Nidhi is taken aback! Aditi says all the youngsters in the hosp can do fashion show..! Ahana asks if in hosp attire? Aditi says. no stylish attire! Nidhi says Anjie can design .. but who will attend? Aditi says corporates..they can finance their attires and raise funds! Nidhi agrees and suggests to conduct the fashion show in the wards for the patients! Aditi says there is a problem! Nidhi says.. Dr. Dubey! Aditi wonders who will convince Dueby? Nidhi suggets to try but all say..he wont agree! Nidhi suggests Ashu .. n Aditi says.. Ashu n Dubey have only one difference.. that Ashu is Nidhis hubby..! Nidhi says .. nothing like that..n that Ashu is trying to adapt to younger gen tastes..so why not try!

Nidhi comes to Ashu .. in his cabin! She asks if Ashu is busy? Ashu says.. not much..! Nidhi says..that they have an idea to raise funds for the hosp new wing but maybe he wont like the idea! Ashu asks her to share..! Nidhi says..its possible that he will find it frivolous! Ashu says..how can she judge without sharing? Nidhi says.. that.. they suggest to hold fundraiser fashion show.. where instead of models the hosp staff n doc will walk the ramp! Ashu shocked.!

Part 3

Ashu taps the table and asks how will it help to raise funds? Nidhi says..they can invite a celeb from fashion/film world .. to attract investments..! Ashu says he does not like the idea..rather.. likes it a lot..! Nidhi asks really? Ashu says..yes…its young and cool ..! Nidhi asks if he is serious? Ashu says..yes..! Nidhi asks him to present this idea to Dubey..! Ashu is taken aback n speechless! He asks he?? Nidhi says..yes..him ..! Ashu smiles and says ok .. n that he will try! Ashu says..he cant take guarantee.. n Nidhi says. ofcourse.. n asks him to try atleast once! Ashu says..yes..! Ashu is fumbling .. n goes ouf the cabin! Nidhi jumps in joy! Ashu comes in Dubeys cabin ..! He says that Nidhi gave an idea on behalf of the new interns.. for fund raising..! Dubey asks what? Ashu shares..! Dubey asks how Ashu liked this idea? Ashu says.. he din like it.. just agreed to communicate to Dubey..! Dubey says.. no sensible doc will agree to such an idea..! Ashu nods..!

Precap — Dubey tells Nidhi that even Ashu din like the idea! Nidhi says Ashu liked it.. when she asked! Dubey says..thats coz he din want her to feel bad! Nidhi is disappointed!

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    December 25, 06:14 Reply

    in olden days people used to marry with age difference,even girls without education used to manage well so please don’t irritate us

  2. Anonymous
    December 25, 06:11 Reply

    even people @ nidhi’s age r matured,so production doesn’t need to show lik tis

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