Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th December 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th December 2012 Written Update

Part 1

Ashu is looking at his face in the mirror and and says that ..he is fine.. and age has not left its mark on his face yet..! He breathes in and touches his tummy..! Nidhi asks what he is doing? He says breathing exercise..! Nidhi says thought he is making six pack abs..! Ashu asks.. if she likes six pack abs? Nidhi says.. no .. and that it looks like some creature is walking inside the abs..! She says body should be fit and healthy ..not blown all over! Ashu looks at his face and Nidhi says ..stubble is where it was..! Ashu asks Nidhi if he will look younger if he shaves? Nidhi says she loves him the way.. he is.. ! She says..but he has just a little paunch rest is fine..! Ashu says.. he can start to do some crunches to reduce the paunch..! Nidhi says.. to go ahead..! Ashu starts to do and Nidhi says now? Ashu says.. if he starts from today.. by tomorrow it can be lesser..! Ashu lies on the floor to do crunches..! Nidhi watches.. from bed.. and smiles..! Ashu squeals in pain and Nidhi asks him to do it slowly..! Nidhi asks Ashu to stop..and Ashu says..he is ok and then grimaces in pain saying neck sprain! Nidhi says.. she had told him to go slow..! She says paunch wont reduce in one day…so he better relax.. n she gives him a shoulder rub..! Ashu feels relieved..! Ashu asks what she is doing? Nidhi says giving massage.! Ashu says..then what is love? Nidhi says.. one should not break attention of the massage giver..! Ashu says…what about the massage taker? Nidhi says.. so what..he is her hubby..! Ashu says..if only she can do this everyday and Nidhi says.. no time..! Ashu says..wish they had so much time..! Ashu is all relaxed and Nidhi asks where is he? Ashu says..in heaven n Nidhi asks to come back..! Ashu tells her to help him to come back and leans back at her for a kiss! Nidhi smiles and closes in on Ashu..! BG- Bavri piya ki..! Doorbell ..rings and their moment is spoiled..! Nidhi runs out..and Ashu lies on the floor with a goofy grin on his face..!

Anjie arrives with the outfits..! Nidhi offers tea and water but Anjie says..dun need anything! She asks if designs are ready and Anjie says.. yes..! Nidhi asks if Rangu suspected anything ! Anjie says..nope he din! She sees Ashu and says that when he smiles.. he looks 5 years younger..! Ashu smiles and says..she din need to lie so much..! Anjie says…she is telling the truth..! She suggests Nidhi to make Ashu model in her fashion show..! Nidhi.. looks at Ashu top to bottom and says.. doubtful as he has a paunch..! Ashu sulks.. and covers his tummy..! Anjie says.. paunch can be reduced.. ! Nidhi says.. these days people are too busy and end up having a paunch.. trying to fill their tummy ..so..! Ashu says..if the discussions on his paunch are done.. he can go to sleep? Nidhi says..yes and says.. he can go ..she will be late..! Ashu asks her to come under the pretext of it disturbing BB.. her getting late in the morning.. ! Nidhi says she will manage all..! Ashu says fine and that now onwards he will sleep early and get up in the morning to go for a jog ..! Nidhi asks why is he suddenly worried about his fitness? Ashu says..he is a doc.. if he is not fit.. how will he ask patients to be fit? Ashu goes off..! He stands in front of the mirror..and says.. dun have much paunch.. it can be reduced!

Anjie – Nidhi discuss about venue and Nidhi says..canteen or lobby..! Anjie says.. canteen..! There is another round of doorbell and Aditi arrives..! She greets Anjie..! Nidhi says.. patients can sit on one side.. and sponsors on another! Aditi suggests to have entry of models on stretchers..! Anjie says..comic relief..! BB gets up with a couf.. ! He drinks water.. but keeps coufing..! He overhears Nidhis voice..! She discusses about sponsors..! BB overhears and approaches them..! He asks the matter to them..! Nidhi asks if he din sleep? BB says.. he got up to drink water. heard voices so came..! He asks the matters and Nidhi shares the idea of fundraiser fashion show..! BB taken aback.. but offers to help . .for sponsorship ..! Nidhi thanks BB and makes him sit!

Next day morning.. Nidhi comes to Ashu and wakes him up .. saying he will get late..! Ashu says.. Nidhi looks so fresh ..so early in the morning? Nidhi says.. she had promised she will balance all and is also excited about the show! She tells him about jogging..! Ashu says.. yes..he is getting ready..! He asks about her preps for the fashion show and Nidhi says.. good one! She asks about their plan and Ashu says.cant say as its a secret..! Nidhi says..cant share with wife? Ashu says…can but not now as wife is competitor..! Ashu gets up to leave for jogging!

Part 2

AT hosp Ashu-Dubey check the cards and tell Rangu its very good! Dubey gives the list of his students working in corporates.. and says that once letter goes..funds will flow! Right then Aditi-Nidhi come and Dubey asks what they are doing? Aditi says..to take Ashus signature..! Nidhi looks at the cards and Dubey asks what she is doing here? Nidhi says..accompanying Aditi! She asks Rangu what all these cards are? Rangu gives out the whole details..! Dueby-Ashu fume..! Nidhi smiles..! Aditi comments wondering how much one can get donation from greeting cards.. ! She says that… no one reads such cards and letters and they end up in trash..! Nidhi-Aditi say that.. they have eaten chat-samosa on such letters..! Dubey says..they will follow up on phone! Nidhi says.. no one receives such calls..! Nidhi excuses himself..! Ashu tells Dubey that..the girls will fail .. in their idea of fashion show..and their idea of cards for donation will work better! Dubey asks.. who gave permission for such a show? Ashu says.. he thought Dubey did! Dubey says .. no way..!

Part 3

The girls are discussing the fashion show and Dubey stroms into Nidhis cabin and says so they are planning this show behind Dubeys back? No ways. ..and says he wont give him permission..! Ashu too tells the girls to forget the fashion show and not to waste time.. as Dubey has said no to give permission! Rangu tells them that nothing can be done! Nidhi follows Rangu and asks who told Dubey about this? Rangu feigns ignornace and then says.. Ashu .! Nidhi is upset..! Rangu says..not willingly . just accidentally. .! Nidhi says..that .. he has to help them..! Rangu asks to trap someone else..! Nidhi says..he has to help them and asks for idea..! Rangu says.. since Dubey has come.. he has used his power. so why not use that on him! Aditi says..she understood..! She tells Nidhi the fashion show is on .. at all costs!

Precap — Ashu tells Nidhi its not fair..! Ashu says..using personal relation to get permission for fashion show .. is incorrect..! Ndihi asks..they did what Dubey was doing.. .. using power to get his whims and fancies implemented..but ashu din mind as Dubey was his professor. .but now if they are doing then Ashu din like?

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