Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th November 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th November 2012 Written Update by -BlackBeauty-

Nidhi and Aditi decide to make Ashu confess somehow in front of Dr. Dubey that Nidhi is his wife.

At dinner that night, Nidhi gives Ashu a cold shoulder and he just plays along normally. He asks Kaka to give him some tea tomorrow in a thermos because he likes tea at home. Nidhi wants to go away. Ashu tries to stop her but she goes to eat in front of the TV. Ashu wonders when he will understand women.

Khushi comes carrying a big gift and everyone, the Vs, the Ss and RanJi, are surprised. Mr. S has got dolls for her. Khushi says she doesn’t like dolls but thanks him anyway. Nidhi calls up to enquire about Khushi. Anji seems a little upset and hands the phone to Khushi. Khushi says she is getting bored and wants to come back. Everyone is upset at this and Nidhi agrees to Khushi but is upset too.

Later at night, Nidhi tells Ashu about Khushi’s desire. Ashu is also a little taken aback that she wants to come back so soon. He feels she should stay for a few more days since it takes time to adjust. But Nidhi feels that the connection has to be instant and they have another debate on generation gaps.

Next morning, Nidhi is filling tea in the thermos and says it’s only for her. Ashu will get tea from Dr. Dubey and they start arguing again on tea. Kaka also seems to have forgotten about Ashu’s tea. Nidhi reminds Ashu that tea has played a big role in their love story. Ashu starts singing an old song. Nidhi asks him to try new ones but he says he is not interested in item numbers

Next morning, RanJi and Khushi are having breakfast when Anji gets a call from someone who wants her to design an order. Anji says she cannot take time out for this. Just then Khushi mentions that she should pack her things since Nidhi is coming to pick her up. RN asks her to eat first. Anji tells the client to send the clothes overm she’ll work from home.

Nidhi’s colleagues are enjoying her tea and gossiping about Dr. Dubey. Think of the devil, Dr. Dubey comes and blasts them Aditi and Nidhi pull his leg and annoy him a lot.

Nidhi is thinking deeply about something and Aditi wonders what her plan is. Nidhi tells her the plan and Aditi assures her it will be done. She also tells Nidhi she isn’t as innocent as she thought, she’s quite a masterplanner. Nidhi looks proud of herself

But RN doesn’t seem to be as approving for her plan. He flatly refuses to be a part of Nidhi’s plan because he thinks it’ll fail. Nidhi threatens to tell Dr. Dubey that RN leaves his cabinlights on if he doesn’t help her. He seems scared and she assures him nothing will happen to him.

Precap: RN somehow makes Dr. Dubey see that Nidhi is feeding Ashu and this shocks Dr. Dubey.

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