Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th October 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th October 2012 Written Update by BlackBeauty

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th October 2012 Written Episode

Ashu sits on the bed beside a sleeping Nidhi and kisses her awake. Ashu and a sleepy Nidhi start discussing his room-service and special treatment to her. Ashu gets a little serious and tells Nidhi that it’s good to have dreams and ambitions at the cost of her health. Nidhi apologises for being late yesterday and not spending time with him. He says it’s not about him but her since she hardly ate anything. It’s not good to fulfill dreams and then not be healthy enough to enjoy it. Nidhi is happy that Ashu cares so much about her. They eat breakfast together in their room.

DB is doing puja when Khushi passes the puja-ghar. She gets a mischevious glint in her eyes and takes some ladoos but before leaving she notices DB’s saree on fire and shouts to warn her. But when DB opens her eyes she scolds Khushi for taking the ladoos. Khushi gets panicky and quickly pours water over the fire. DB is in shock after realising what happened.

DB comes in Khushi’s room still in a but of trance and looks a little sad too. Khushi apologises for stealing the ladoos but DB says she should be the one apologising and talks nicely to her saying that she shouldn’t have refused her the ladoos. She says she shouldn’t have upset Khushi for making some stone idol happy and asks for Khushi’s apologies. DB seems very senti.
Later in the evening, everyone is preparing for the puja. Khushi shows DB the mala she made and reminds her that one mala means one ladoo AshNi are amused by their conversation. Khushi says she wants rasmalai but DB says she has to work first. Nidhi says they should start the puja.

After the puja, DB gives the prasad to Khushi first. Khushi also seems to turn over a new leaf and says she will only take whatever DB will give. When DB and Nidhi are left alone, DB talks about kids in the house and how the entire atmosphere changes. DB is also worried because Nidhi is late everyday from work. Nidhi says that the workload is too much. DB says that she has more responsibilities too. Nidhi realises that DB is again talking about having a child and the two women have an argument about career and kids. Nidhi ends the discussion says she wants a child too but at the right time (I’ve not written her speech in detail but it’s must watch. She’s said some very thoughtful things).

Next morning, Ashu is chasing Khushi around the house and finally catches hold of her to check her. Khushi giggles and this makes Nidhi wake up. Nidhi smiles listening to their conversation on chocolates, breakfast, etc. Khushi then happily checks Ashu too. Nidhi comes to them. Khushi jokes that a girl is snoring in Ashu’s heart. Ashu and Khushi pull Nidhi’s leg on sleeping too much Khushi kisses Ashu and he asks her to kiss Nidhi too. But Khushi naughtily says that she has only one kiss and Nidhi should kiss Ashu too Ashu thanks Khushi and bends for a kiss but Nidhi brushes him off and says she needs to leave (Aww!).

Nidhi asks Kaka to clean Khushi’s room since it’s so dirty but Kaka says Khushi has asked him not to touch her things. Nidhi decides to clean Khushi’s room herself but is appalled to see what a mess it is. She starts clearing things up and once the room is done, she heads for the bathroom. There, she finds some money and recalls how money had gone missing from their house a few days ago and how Khushi had reacted when Kaka had broken this news to Baba and Ashu. Nidhi knows her doubt on Khushi was right but wonders if she should tell this to Ashu or not.

Precap: Khushi notices the money in her bathroom missing. She asks Kaka if he had cleaned her bathroom and Kaka tells her that Nidhi was going to clean her room so maybe she did.

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