Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th September 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th September 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

An injured Amar turns around and passes out..looking at Nidhi! Nidhi asks someone to help to take him to the hosp.. as he is alive! Others suggest to wait as its police case or else Nidhi will get into trouble! Nidhi says she is a Doc.. and she knows what she is doing! Nidhi rushes Amar to KGH! Rangu sees and so does Ashu! Rangu asks Nidhi to leave the stretcher and that he will handle! Ashu asks where she found him? Nidhi shares that the guy was injured in a shoot out and she rushed him to the hosp! Ashu says that then she should have waited for the cops as its police case! Nidhi says she knows but she could not risk her patients life! Ashu says sometimes they should work in a cool and logical manner.. and says.. she should inform the police atleast! He says bringing the patient to KGH without informing Police is a proof of n Nidhi butts in saying that she knows that he will think she is childish but she cant see anyone die! Nidhi continues to walk ahead besides Amars stretcher! Ashu asks Rangu to inform the cops! Cop comes to meet Ashu! He says that what has happened is a mistake! Ashu apologises and says that interns are new docs and they dunno law and hence made a mistake! Ashu says that if the intern is a girl, they tend to get carried away! Cop says he understands but no one can break law! He asks to see Nidhi! Ashu calls Nidhi! Nidhi is with Amar in the ward! Nidhi receives the call! Ashu tells Nidhi that cops want to talk to her! Nidhi says sure.. and asks Laxmi to take care of Amar and goes to Ashus cabin!

Nidhi comes and asks the cop to ask her whatever he wants! He says that she should have waited for the cops! Nidhi says she knows and that it was her mistake and she is sorry but she had to save her patient! Nidhi tells cop about the Hippocratic oath! Cop says that it was a shoot out and if she knows what kind of person this patient of her is? Nidhi says a doc cant ask character certi to her patient before saving him ! Cop tells Nidhi that she has to come to the police station and Nidhi agrees! Cop excuses! Ashu tells Nidhi that she got herself in trouble unnecessarily! Nidhi tells Ashu that its better if he stops worrying about her! Nidhi goes away!Ashu is taken aback!

Its nite and Nidhi checks Amars report and tells Laxmi to take care and that she is going home! She asks Laxmi to inform her as soon as Amar regains consciousness! AshNi are walking side by side in the alley of KGH but both are quiet!Nidhi arrives home and CS says that he has made special dish for her and asks her to get fresh! Nidhi gets fresh and joins CB and DB at the dinner table! CS brings the special dish! Its ‘Hare Chane ki kadi and Methi Muthiya’! Nidhi recollects herself reacting excitedly about the dish as its Ashus fave ! DB says that CS has made it with a lot of effort after seeing the menu from Nidhis notebook! DB praises CS! Nidhi smiles! CS thanks his family and his old buffalo for all the praise being showered! DB says that his praise will be complete when Nidhi will praise him! Nidhi stays quiet and eats with a sulken expression! She gets up and leaves the dinner table! BG – Naina lagiya barisha..Tujhe bhula diya! Ashu is sitting on his bed and is all sad! He keeps looking at AshNis wedding pic! Nidhi too sits on her bed and recollects moments with Ashu ..and sulks! She looks at her moby and remembers Ashu hugging her .. painting her toenails! Ashu too recollects hugging Nidhi..! Finally both switch off the light and fall asleep!

Nidhis cell rings..! She receives it and is shocked! She says she is rushing..! DB comes to the hall and is shouting at CS for not keeping water jug by her bedside! She notices light on in Nidhis room! DB comes into Nidhis room and looks around for Nidhi and screams …! CB comes out! DB says that Nidhi is not in her room! CB says that no need to be tensed and better they call Nidhi on her moby! CB calls Nidhi on the cell but it goes unanswered! DB suggests to call Ashu! CB says that no chance of Nidhi going to Ashu as Nidhi is upset on Ashu! DB reminds that seeing ‘Hare chane..’ she got emotional and hence mite have gone to meet him! CB calls Ashu..! Ashu gets up from sleep and receives the call! CB asks if Nidhi is at Ashus place and Ashu says no! Ashu asks the matter and CB says.. Nidhi is not at home and not receiving her cell..! CB says its a matter of tension..! Ashu is worried too! DB prays for Nidhis safety! Ashu too tries Nidhis cell but it goes unanswered! Ashu calls Anjie and asks her if Nidhi is at her place and Anjie says no and suggests to check at the hosp! Ashu says ok! Rangu asks who it is and Anjie shares the mater! Rangu says if not at home, she is at the hosp.. afterall she is a doc! Ashu calls up the reception at KGH! He asks about Nidhi and receptionist says she is at KGH and if he wants to speak to her?! Ashu goes quiet!

Part 2

Ashu says that Nidhi din tell him before going so he got worried! Receptionist shares that Nidhi mite not have wanted to disturb his sleep so left without informing! Ashu agrees ! Nidhi asks for the report of the patient! She says that all is normal! Laxmi bai says that he was shouting in pain! Nidhi suggests to give pain killer injection! As Nidhi is about to give the injection .. Amar opens his eyes and says that she hasnt checked his eyes.. so how she knows that all is well? Nidhi is taken aback!

Part 3

Nidhi checks Amars eyes and asks what is the matter with his eyes? Amar says to check carefully as he cant see anyone but the Godess who saved him! He asks what sickness he has? Nidhi says its called madness, craziness and its cured by electric shock! Ashu calls DB and asks her to calm down as Ndihi is in the hosp due to some emergency and mite not have informed them as she din wanna disturb them at nite! DB suggests Ashu to go to the hosp and bring Nidhi to their place! Ashu is taken aback! DB says that its late and how Nidhi will come?Ashu says that if she can go alone, she can come back alone too! DB screams and says she can but now Ashu is awake so he can do this much! Ashu agrees!

Precap — Nidhi asks Amar how her hubby wuld feel if he overheard whatever Amar is saying! Amar asks if she has a hubby?! Nidhi says its her personal matter and who is he to interfere…he is her patient and should stay in his limit? Amar smiles and says she looks even more pretty when she is angry! Nidhi sulks! Amar asks if Nidhi was with her hubby for real? Ashu is squirming in the alley of KGH!

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