Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2016 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he couldn’t figure out what is in his heart for her, as he misses her whenever she is not with him and asks what is our relation tell me…He says If I am restless then I couldn’t focus on work and compose song. Pragya moves her hands and tells him that their relation is different from the world, just like sunlight and moonlight…sea and seashore etc….She says if you are a mountain..I am flowing water, desert waits for water…etc. Abhi says I can’t understand. Pragya says you and me…us…Mitali comes and asks Abhi to come as Aaliya has important work with him. Abhi says okay, I will come. He comes downstairs. Aaliya says I have a surprise for my Bhai. She says I hope everyone here will like the surprise. Abhi goes to Pragya and asks about
her poetry in room. Pragya smiles and signs Abhi to see Tanu who is standing behind him.

Tanu says what you was going to make him understand in easy language. Abhi says she told some poetry and said that she will explain in easy language. Tanu asks what is its name? Pragya says our relation. Abhi also gives example and goes. Tanu asks Pragya why did she come here? Pragya says you wants to marry him, but he was searching me and when I came, he stood up and came to me. Aaliya comes there and asks Tanu not to do any drama and relax. She says we shall forgive enemies also sometimes, as you will marry Abhi. Pragya goes. Aaliya says I need your help to plan a surprise, and asks her to come. Pragya meets Dadi. Dadi asks why did you come late? Pragya says traffic was much. Dasi says Dadi was angry. Dadi asks how did you both come together. Purab tries to say. Dasi says they came and that is what it matters. She asks Pragya about aaliya’s surprise for Abhi. Pragya says I didn’t know. Purab says she has nothing to do. Aaliya tells everyone that she has a surprise for him. She says she made montage of Abhi, Purab and her. She says Purab always stood by him. Abhi asks Purab to come to him. She shows the pics on projector.

Abhi and others see the pics. It shows starting pics of Abhi’s childhood and then shows Purab and Pragya’s pic in the factory, where she hugged Purab. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks them to stop it. Aaliya says let it run. Purab and Pragya are shocked. Everyone is shocked to see Purab and Pragya hugging each other. Aaliya says you are different from what you appears. She says I used to loved you and thought if you know about my feelings. I loved you seeing your honesty, but now I come to know that Nikita is the reason. She says you are having an affair with her. She says I am with you since childhood and you haven’t chosen me and this girl. She asks how could you? Tanu thinks so this is the surprise?

Dadi says these pics are fake and morphed. Aaliya says it is real and says she will show pics again. Dadi asks Pragya to tell truth, and says if these pics are real then tell me the truth behind it. Pragya says these pics are of us, before coming here….Purab and I….Aaliya says truth is now out…She says Bhai’s secretary is having an affair with his friend. She says they have kept this fact hidden from Bhai. She asks why you have hidden this truth from Bhai, and tells Nikita that she started her affair and didn’t think about her brother at once. She says you have betrayed Abhi and kept affair with Purab. She says both of them have done wrong. Pragya cries and don’t tell anything.

Tanu says Aaliya said right, they have betrayed Abhi. She says what they would have done in reality if they are so close in pics. She says even we didn’t get this much close. Aaliya says I don’t understand why they have hidden fact from Abhi. Tanu says their friendship is just for name sake with Abhi. Aaliya says that’s why they are compatible as they have same thinking. She says Abhi must be feeling so hurt….and both of them have hidden this truth from him.

Pragya tells Purab why you are saying this, when you have no such relation with each other. Purab says when truth is out, we shouldn’t hide anything. Pragya is clueless. Abhi is shattered.. .

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  1. vasudha
    December 31, 06:10 Reply

    peoples are fools still getting good trps… then why they change the plots….???? seroiusly best serials are ending very early this type of gaint wheel scenes serials are running with good trps.. …dont know seriously what audience are showing that much intrest with this repeated scenes…..

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