Kya Hua Tera Vaada 19th June 2012 Written Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 19th June 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Episode starts with Pradeep asking Mona to say if he is not her hubby still. Mona smiles n he is confused. She says she won’t answer that question, pointing to Anu, she will answer to it. Mona leaves staring at both.

Mona thinks its beautiful and is raining but still she didn’t realize that and she hums some tune.

Anu shouts at him saying, he brought her to his home and still doing Mona jaap she adds Mona is not his wife anymore and how can he show his domination over her? She goes on shouting at him n leaves from there.

A staff member asks Mona if she isn’t leaving. Mona says she is abt to. Pradeep sees that n goes to Anu’s room and keeps the door open . Mona is confused. He goes to Anu and apologizes. Anu is angry on him but he says he shouldn’t have spoken to Mona like that. He don’t care what she does but if she (Anu) is hurt he can’t bear. He hugs her and says, to him, she is more important and none else. He was watching Mona’s reactions. He says why not make this evening more beautiful and go somewhere for dinner. Mona leaves from there and he parts away from Anu.

Anu asks where can they go, they have said no to her friend’s invitation too. Pradeep remembers the restaurant name where Mona n Jatin are meeting. So he suggests the same.

Mona reaches the restaurant and enquires abt Jatin’s table. She is guided into a room. Jatin was staring out through the window. Mona was wiping away the dust on the saree. Jatin sees her n mesmerizes and gives her a tissue. She apologizes for her being late as it is raining heavily.

Jatin says its that she came here in such climate also. Mona says she is not alone n then kids enter. Jatin looks like taken a back but says that ok n now it will be more fun with kids. She asks him to order for a bigger table n he agrees.

Pradeep n Anu enters, Anu asks the staff for a private table but he says its filled. She says its not her style n was abt to leave but Pradeep insists her. They sit and Pradeep ji in search for Mona. He excuses on the name of restroom n searches for them.

He finds them sitting n having dinner together all happily. Pradeep thinks, Mona has no brain, she herself done wrong in meeting Jatin and now she also brought kids to introduce to him.

Jatin having fun with kids. Bulbul says abt the tennis n Rano says she won 1st prize for a poem n recites too on Jatin’s acceptance. Mona observing him all through. Jatin appreciates Rano n says ur mom must have been proud of her ri8? Rano says yes but also sad as her dad left the program in btw n didn’t return. Mona feels uncomfortable on this n stops her. Jatin says its not good to stop to say their words which they feel.

Bulbul fi8’s reg. it as not to share all house things with others. Jatin says they are very sweet. He asks Mona to say something abt herself. He heard a lot abt her from others but how does she share her feelings? He compares with rain. Pradeep was commenting from side that if he likes rain go in stand in rain why to eat Mona’s brain?

Mona was abt to say then again Rano asks whether he got any prizes? then did he got any taunts from the teachers? Jatin keeps on answering n Mona says that if he keeps on answering they go on ask him. He says its good habit. His parents never stopped him from asking so that’ the reason he was able to share his feelings that day. Rano again asks abt his home then east or west…

Mona thinks Jatin must know that her life is not only her’s she is for her kids and she can’t marry him nor kids can accept him as their father. Hope he understands and breaks this rista.

Rajbeer saying abt his car that its not working n Rano throws it. Pradeep was abt to come running but stops. Bulbul repairs it. Jatin appreciates but Rajbeer complains that its not working. Mona says she will get new one 2moro. but Jatin asks to give ti and repairs it. and it works.

Mona appreciates and asks how did he know all this? He says his childhood’s mechanism worked. In his college days he used to take his dad’s car without his knowledge and when ever it’s spoiled out of fear he used to repair it.

He adds there isn’t any difference btw the 2 cars but his hands shaken then. even 2day too his was lil nervous. He covers up saying if he didn’t get it done what will he answer to the kids? Pradeep was like want to kick him as he is mingling with Mona n kids very well. He leaves from there thinking he can’t see anymore.

Anu says she is feeling awkward there as everyone are seeing them. Pradeep seeing at Mona n team n Anu asks where is he seeing and she adds she know what he is thinking. Pradeep panics.

Tani gets call from Jia n she says that she needs to talk to her something imp. n asks her to come home. But Tani says there aren’t anyone in home so she can’t. But Jia insists n Tani agrees.

Precap: Pradeep sees Jatin, Mona n kids leaving happily.

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