Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th June 2012 Written Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th June 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

At Madhavs place, when Tani reaches she finds Madhav- Jia getting engaged! She is shocked! Madhavs father announces the start of the party! All congratulate Madhav-Jia! Jia notices Tani and comes to her! Jia asks where Tani is these days and thanks her for coming! Madhav asks her if she wont congratulate them and Tani congratulates Jia! Jia asks Tani to celebrate with them! Someone calls Jia and Jia asks Tani to chat with Madhav and not fight! Madhav tells Tani that he hopes that she forgets all evenings that they spent together coz they were fake! Madhav humiliates Tani and asks her not to cry else all will think they are tears of happiness! Tani watches Madhav give a backhug to Jia! She turns and leaves as Madhav watches triumphantly!

Waiter asks what Jatin wants to order? Jatin says what kids wish to order! Mona interrupts saying that Jatin has ordered many starters and kids will waste main course! Jatin insists and asks them what they wish to order – Cauliflower/ Spinach veggies? Jatin offers chocolates! Mona again interrupts but Jatin insists and says he will do his SETTING with kids! Mona asks if the strategy will work? Jatin says yes and says but Monas strategy of mothering wont work in business! Jatin suggests to play a game and says he will say a word and kids will have to say a connected word to that! They start! Jatin says Butter – Bulbul says – Chicken! Jatin says Tandoori -Kids say-Chicken! Jatin says Kulfi and kids say Faluda! Jatin says that this will be the menu! The kids drop a spoon and before Mona can pick Jatin picks up! He cleans the spoon and gives to Mona! Pradeep is watching from the side and feels restless! Mona self thot that what she thot nothing happened so! She thinks that what she thot that Jatin wont like seeing kids with her din happen and he has mixed well with the kids! Jatin asks what she is thinking and Mona says that she is worried for food wastage! Jatin compliments Mona for being careful and concerned and that Mona’s hubby must be happy in this regard! Bulbul compliments Jatin and says that when they go to Delhi they will go to Jatins place! Rano wants to go to washroom and Jatin offers to go along when Bulbul says she will go! Rano notices Pradeep and calls out ‘Papa’! Mona and Jatin are taken aback!

Part 2

Pradeep kisses Rano! Mona is delighted to see Pradeep and says now Jatin will feel bad! She tries to tell Jatin that Pradeep must have come coz he missed the kids! Jatin asks Mona if she has brought her hubby with the kids too and that its a modern family and that he likes it! Jatin invites Pradeep to join them! He shakes hands with Pradeep! Jatin says that the kids are very cute and he had great time with them! Jatin asks him to join! Pradeep says he has come with someone else and that he saw them so came to say Hello! Bulbul goes to the washroom with Rano! Jatin tells Mona that Pradeep is after Mona not the kids! Jatin says that he realises Mona is embarassed but he is fine with it all coz Mona is very simple and truthful even though her life is complicated! He compliments Mona for her efforts to set up Tanis relation! Jatin asks Mona how anyone can be so nice? Jatin says that its coz of this he had decided to propose Mona! He says his respect for Mona has increased coz of what she did today and that he likes her more! Mona asks what she did? Jatin says that by bringing kids with her Mona proved she is a nice daughter in law, wife, woman and mother! He says that he has kept his feelings openly before her and now Mona can decide thinking all pros and cons and also think about her heart! Jatin says that she should not reject him coz of the world but if she decides based on her hearts wish, he will like it more!

Part 3

Its raining and Tani is walking thru the rains! She recollects how she had insulted Madhav first time and whatever happened after that n how Madhav took revenge! Tani passes out on the road! Passersby gather near her! At the restaurant, Anushka is eating and Pradeep is sitting idle! Anushka apologises that she is eating and Pradeep is not eating coz of his stoamch upset! Pradeep notices Jatin -Mona and kids leaving and Jatin waves a bye to him! Mona and Pradeep look at each other! Pradeep feels sad seeing kids happy with Jatin! Mona walks off as Pradeep keeps looking at her!

Precap – Jatin calls out Mona in the parking and says if he has cleared all her tests can he know his result? If she is ready to marry him? Mona looks startled at him!

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