Kya Hua Tera Vada 25th April 2013 Written Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vada 25th April 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Kya Hua Tera Vada 25th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Anushka’s residence
While alok is talking on the phone, anushka knocks on his door. Alok cancels the phoen hurriedly, and goes out, and asks about who’s the culprit in the fire, as shown by the cd. She tells him what she saw, and says that she’s very angry as they have befooled him, and next time she would talk to satish. Alok again gets innto a drama as to how she’s doing so much, and mona wouldnt. Anushka asks him not to talk about mona, and leaves, much to his amusement.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s and anushka’s residence.
As bulbul asks to go now, vihaan keeps lingering the moment. Mona and jatin are standing outside, trying to eavesdrop the conversation. Mona says that they would have to listen very quietly, as lovers talk low and hushed. Jatin teases her saying that he should also then talk like that, with her.

When light go off, Bulbul says that she doesnt like the darkness, and asks him to leave. He takes her somewhere inside the room. Bulbul is surprised to see MARRY ME written, in lit diyas, and vihaan joins him from behind, proposing her, going down on his knees. Bulbul looks on disbelievingly, overwhelmed with emotions. Without answering, she goes out, with vihaan in tow. As they come across jatin and mona, standing outside their doors, bulbul leaves. Jatin compliments vihaan on his romance, and ask whats was bulbul’s response. He tells him. Mona tells them that she has gone to rajveer and rano, to tell them everything and to get their approval. She says that even pleasing her is quite difficult to see if he fulfills her expectations.

Bulbul chats on with rano. Bulbul hesitatingly tells about vihaan’s proposal, hearing which rano is shocked out of her wits, and asks if she’s telling the truth. she tells rajveer and alok too about that, and puts the phone on speaker. They all ask about who’s the groom. She tells them everything. Alok too expresses his happiness at the news, and asks if she’s happy. Bulbul gets emotional, and unable to answer. she tells them that she’s missing them so much, on this important day of her life. They get into teasing her. she asks should she say yes. They are all disappointed with her, that she hsnt even said yes yet. they all ask her to rush and say yes, and be happy always.

The next day, alok shows anushka and anika that he had gone to the temple, for the safety of this house and anushka. she gives them prashad, and keeps a scorpion in anushka’s hand, when she unmindfully takes the prashad. When she sees it, she throws it on the ground. Rajveer hides it under his feet, while alok tries to tell anushka that she shouldnt say such things abou the prashad. Anushka is frustrated that she’s going nuts. alok and rano tell her that she is over stressing herself for the CD, and that she should go rest. Alok gives her more prashad, which she vehemently denies, and alok asks her to go and rest. As anika and anushka leave, they have a hearty laugh.

Scene 3:
Location: Mona’s residence
the next day, mona calls vihaan for talking to him alone, when bulbul isnt around. as she offers to get tea, he says that he would get it for her, emotionally blackmailing her, telling her what she likes best, saying that jatin told him her likings. He makes tea for her. mona thanks him for what he did for bulbul, to make her alive again, living a new life, and made her trust people. She tells how bulbul had been affected, and had seen her mother’s pain, when the episode of anushka happened in mona’s life. she thanks him for making her meet her old daughter again. she says that bulbul doesnt know how to dress up, but she’s very pure. she asks if he would take care of bulbul. Vihaan says that he feels like he has to take mona’s care more than her daughter, as she has seen much more, and her tears come way faster and fatter than bulbul’s. Mona gets emotional. He says that h doesnt know how much he would care for bulbul, but knows he would care for her more than life. She blesses him. He asks her to test the tea, and tell him if he passed the test, for a good son in law. she tastes and says that he has passed.

Mona, jatin and her mother are discussing the marriage preparations. Mona’s mother goes to attend the call. mona shows him the wedding card. Jatin is confused about the Mr. and Mrs. Chopra, and mona clarifies that it relates to them. Jatin agrees that they should not let go of the formalities. Jatin goes first, but mona isnt able to do it. As mona’s mother comes back to ask who would go along with her to choose the ring, both mona and jatin call out each other’s name, which they had been trying so hard. they end up laughing, understanding which is beyond her comprehension.

Scene 4:
Location: Anushka’s residence
While anika is sleeping, anushka tries to wake her up to get her to the gym. They start gymming together. While anika is on the treadmill, anushka is sitting in contemplation. rano comes in saying that she has a news. To taunt anika and anushka, rano intentionally tells them about bulbul’s engagement with vihaan, shocking anushka completely, as anika doesnt hear it, since she’s hearing the music on the headphones. anushka asks if she’s sure. rano tells that its a confirmed news. The screen freezes on anushka’s shocked face.

Precap: jatin is adamant that he would wear this dress only, come what may, as noone has done this for him before. Mona is concerned about the fitting, but jatin doesnt budge from his descision, saying that its her first gift to him, and he cant let that go.

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