Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK says.. it was all his evil gameplan…to break Madhu … the wedding…torturing her… et all..! But she did not break..! RK says.. over and above all this.. she got Radha on her side.. n got Ganpatti Bappa at his home..! RK says.. he prayed to Ganpatti Bappa to give him a way to break Madhu…n he found a way! RK says…he got shot at the chawl..! But a simple bullet could not have killed him …he is too expensive.. so he survived but Madhu kept fast and gave blood to him..! RK said..he understood two things then… that he had.. her blood n her sympathy..! RK says.. that Ganpati Bappa gave him a great gift… the shooter turned out to be Maleek.. n from there his plan started to unfold..! RK said that.. he understood that.. the girl who din break by so much insult.. he got an idea..that the girl who din break by attack on her head.would break by attack on her heart..! The Dhai akshar prem ke..would break her… ! He said.. prem and game are rhyming words..! He says that.. he understood.. if he played prem game with the girl who could save him from the lighting … game.. would break in a jiffy.! RK says that.. he watched her sleep with dreams of him .. on other side.. he kept gawking at her.. as she was his prey n he was planning new ways to ruin her.. !

Madhu says he has changed.. he has become human… he cannot be the old person..! RK says.. enouf of crap…! He says..girls are emotional fools .. first step is fighting.. n then falling for the bad boy..! RK says..opening his past was not easy.. but he did.. so as to give her pain..! RK says.. SO SAD… and says..he knew..what would happen the day she called him over for lunch.. but Dips gave him the idea to test her love..and so.. he tested her see if her heart was ready to be shattered.. in pieces..n become powdered! RK says..that.. he took her to the top where she would trust his I LOVE U …n then he did master stroke.. making Madhu all nervous n jittery.. in his love ..falling in his arms! RK says that.. Zeher ka nasha ravangi par.. aur Madhubala ka ishq dewangi par..!

RK says that..talking of Ballu .. he saved her.. coz he wanted to hunt her down himself..! He says that he wanted to punish her himself.. so put his own life at stake to save that.. he would prove .. Madhubala Ek Ishq .. Ek Junoon! Madhu says..that his eyes cant lie.. he did love her! RK says that.. the world dies on RK .. n his action ..n expression..! Madhu forgot that. RK is a superstar.. and this time he enacted the role .. in real.. n she had to go nuts on him ..! He became a character whom ..she hugged.. she caressed.. she kissed n even wanted to .. give her all to him! RK puts his arms around Madhus neck and imitates Madhu n says.. wont say anything and would give myself up…!

RK says that its not a film where a kameena like him ..would fall for a girl like her..! This is real life..where he cant fall in love with her.. n doesnt wanna keep any relation with her.. .even if physical ..! She is not deserving of RKs love.. she is of no use to RK! Madhu collapses on the ground…! Her green bangles break! RK says.. what a historical moment.. broken bangles.. n broken dreams..! RK says ..enough time passed..! RK says..he promised her to start a new life.. so she better start … a new life.. but without him..! RK says.. just one last thing to drop her where he had picked her from…! BG- Chan se jo toote koi sapna! RK pulls Madhu out of the wedding venue ..n drives her to the chawl..!

Part 2

At the chawl .. Bhajan is going on..! RK comes and brings Madhu out and says.. Home.. Sweet Home..! He takes the mike and addresses the crowd..! RK says… hope dun need intro .. n neither Madhu mite need! RK says..he is here to drop Madhu ..handle with care…as she is weak! RK says.. like a thing.. is returned after few months.. he is here to return Madhu .. as he doesnt like it! RK says..incomplete wedding n all .. ! RK says..where a superstar n where a junior artitsts daughter! RK says.. no matter how pretty a stone is.. cannot be put on the crown. like diamond! RK says.. he could not RK says.. ladki apni sher hai bas pooch lagane ki der hai..! Paddo comes rushing to Madhu..!

Part 3

RK tells all to take care of the injured sherni..! Paddo asks the matter? RK take note that.. never make mistake to fall in love.. coz.. all this is cause of destruction … eg. Heer Ranja… Soni Mehwal ..n RK-Madhubala.. aka.. only Madhubala..! RK says.. infront of them is standing the outcome of one sided life! RK says.. another thing is..for them to remember that after slapping RK .. RK slaps.. the other person.. n takes revenge from their life..with interest..! RK puts the mike down..! RK tells Madhu . .Bidaai .. Goodbye..! He says.. delighted to be separated ..! RK pulls the garland off Madhu n throws it away..!

Precap — Paddo is at RK mansion and begs RK not to do this.. and that Madhu loves RK a lot..and cannot live without him..! RK is standing with an evil look with his feet on the handrest..atop the stairs. of the mansion..! Madhu is standing like a statue in shock..! Dips watches on..! Radha is shocked..!


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  1. aarya
    February 01, 13:24 Reply

    rk u r such a right kameena 👿
    & dialogues omg ! sherni & punchh so cheap
    i am so 😯
    but vivian u rock wid acting

  2. drishti
    February 01, 08:03 Reply

    r.k did all this to break madhu’s heart 😯

    it’s all a big lie/prem – game … 👿

    but, still,it’s unbelievable that he never loved her 🙄

    oh ! God koi itana lamba natak kaise kar sakata hai … hmm,really he is a superstar..

    poor madhu 🙁 😥

    amazing acting by dvd 😛 😛

  3. Kriya
    February 12, 09:58 Reply

    Aine..hehehe…mazedaar h

    Pal…kitni jaldi samjh aaya tum log ko ki 961 nai lagaoge tab bhi chalega..isliye toh main 207 nai lga rhi thi..
    Coz username nai email id se farq padta h..hahahahaha…

  4. Aine
    February 12, 09:50 Reply

    Aik larki pankhey say latak kar khudkushi kar rahi the samne wale ghar say aik bacha usse daikh raha tha aur chila raha tha aur chila raha tha sirf latakne se kuch nahi hota mummy ko bolo complan pilayein.*

  5. Eca - A Strong Madhu please!
    February 12, 09:48 Reply

    Creative team, please create a stronger, resilient Madhu who doesn’t cry at a slightest thing. She has become a cry baby, and no wonder RK send her back! Who can tolerate a crybaby! Write a storyline that makes Madhu a force to be deal with, that RK will find fascinating and starts to Want her real bad. Make Madhu stunning! Drashti needs a makeover , seriously do replace DD’s stylists- hair & dressing!

  6. Eca
    February 12, 09:34 Reply

    Relax, RK will eventually regret what he did as he will start to miss Madhu and realise that he truly loves her. By then Madhu would hate RK and ignore him and really become an actor, become popular etc etc. If the story had continue with RK & Madhu completing their marriage, n them settling down , then there will be no more story period.

  7. pal961
    February 12, 09:33 Reply

    @jerry: accha ab hum chalte hai….milege tume aaj k page par….so by jerry pyare…

    dinner kar k aate hai hum… 🙂

    ANd one thing i forget to tell u… we can use our previous name without adding 961 to it….and even pic will also be shown… hehehehe… 🙂

  8. Jerry961
    February 12, 09:33 Reply

    @pal..tunhe star+ par arjun dekha h kya??

    • pal961
      February 12, 09:35

      sry…i don’t have cable in my house… 🙁

      but kyu pucha…????

    • Jerry961
      February 12, 09:40

      As mujhe wo b mast lgta h..hehehe.. 🙂 🙂

    • Jerry961
      February 12, 09:41

      Ohk pal..bye..taataa.. 😀 😀

  9. pal961
    February 12, 09:27 Reply

    @meethi: bye meethi.. c u later… 🙂

    • Aine
      February 12, 09:35

      Pal:hey.hw r u?
      Jerry:nice pic yar.kya haal chal ha?

  10. Jerry961
    February 12, 09:25 Reply

    @kriya…tere smile ka kya secret h.. 😀 smiley kitne cute lagte h..hehe

    • pal961
      February 12, 09:26

      yes,yes…hehehe.. 🙂

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