Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu asks for her phone Sultans says.. wont get He asks CLEAR?

She says..yes.. his words.. tone .. mood.. but she also understood the kids fear.. dying hopes of freedom n childhood!

Madhu tells Aryan his fever is down! He asks if she will stay back? She says yes coz even if he is not scared ..she is ! She starts to tell him a story..he says.. he isnt weak to listen to stories. .n she says.. its a fairy story..he says..there are no fairies! Madhu tickles Aryan n they are laufing n smiling! Sultan listens to the sound of his laufter.. while lighting his lighter ..sitting all quiet..!

At the mansion Sikky looks on hurt at Dips..during dinner.! Dips asks him to eat she has to get up early ..! Sikky says..he thought its a cameo but its become longeo! He says.. he can see.. if not speak.. n that he saw it all .. she n RK! Dips says..nothing like that..! Sikky says..she has 403 pics of RK n not even passport size pic of his!

RK comes for dinner.. n Dips says.. Radha is busy..! Sikky asks RK when will Dips cameo end? RK says.. inquiry counter is on platform 12 .. n h is on platform 1.. ! Dips intervenes. .n Sikky says.. bahut yarana lagta hai! RK speak what he is allowed to. not more! Sikky walks off! Radha watches!

At the studio ..RK comes n sits while checking his moby..n asks heroine about Madhu..! She nods..its some other hair dresser! RK asks where is Madhu? She on leave!

Aryan n Madhu are doing hand wrestling.. n Aryan beats her.. n she says..he is getting stronger eating fruits..! They again repeat.! Sultan watches quietly! Madhu tells Aryan that its time to go n will miss him! She hugs Aryan n tells him to get well soon! Sultan asks Madhu what she Madhu says.excuse me? Sultan says.. he knows it all.. so better ask! Madhu says..he only knows.. about guns n bullets.. so better not talk of people! Madhu tells him that there are many things in world.. which can be done without money n guns.. a simple PLEASE will be enouf! Madhu asks if she has to tie a blindfold n he simply walks past him!

Madhu reaches the chawl n all are staring at her there! She enters her home, Trish opens n find RK waiting for her! He says that heard ur unwell n at home got to know ur on shoot! RK tells Trish its a personal screening..! Madhu tells RK he cant tell Trish to leave.. only he will leave! Trish goes out on her own! RK says. Samajhdar hai.. tumpar nahi gai! RK tells Madhu that..why is her nights being spent outside.. by lying to all? Madhu stays mum! She then asks RK ..why does he care if she is lying or not? Comes on set or not? Madhu says..firs the answer her..then she will try to reply back..TRY!!! RK-Madhu glare-stare at each other!

Part 2

RK tells Madhu that.. he asked first… so reply! Madhu says..keep the sawal with u.. raise it.. feed it.. n stare it..wont answer! RK asks who was the guy..n where was she entire night? RK shakes Madhu n asks who was that GUY..where was she whole night?

Madhu says..he is hurting her n he says.. she is.. hurting him! He says..he has right to hurt her.. to make her happy make her smile.. to make her cry.. ONLY HE HAS THE RIGHT! Madhu says.. NO . .NO RIGHT anymore! He had.. the rights.. but he himself broke it n destroyed it..! Madhu tells RK that he only told her.. she is his EX-Biwi!

RK says.. payback? Madhu says.. not a superstar.. to plan revenge for 4 slaps for the rest of life.. by destroying a life!


Part 3
Madhu says.. dun have time.. energy.. nor does he have that importance in her life that she has to sit n plan a revenge from him! RK asks if she is trying to make him jealous?? Madhu asks..he is jealous?? Rishabh Kundra?
Madhu opesn the door n says. .its a door meant to show the way out to some. .n way in to others..! LEAVE ..!


Precap — RK says..she cant hide HIM from RK for long..! Madh usays..keep voice low.. n dun take out ur frustration here..! RK goes out! Paddo overhears.. asks Madhu who RK was talking of? She slaps Madhu!


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  1. sanju91677
    March 12, 11:59 Reply

    @all my mb gang
    Aaj sultan koh dhek kar aisa laga khi woh kuch plan kar raha hai apni aaryan khi hassi khey liye aur jab woh madhu aur aaryan koh dhek raha tah aisa lag raha tha khi qoh kha jayega madhu koh
    Aur yeh kya uss neh mashu par trust karna shuru bhi kardhiya
    Rk abh tuh toh gaya
    Yaar iss paddo khi prob kya hai jab dhey koh harr kisi koh maarthi rehthi hai
    Pehleh rk
    Abh madhu
    Kash apni husbnd balraj koh maarah hota uss seh chod khey har kisi koh chata laga rahi hai madam ji

    • Vishti
      March 12, 12:06

      Hai.. U r ryt. Paddo pagal hogayi hai yr. Hehe

  2. Vishti
    March 12, 11:57 Reply

    Iss sultan ko bardaash karna nai ho raha hai mujse. I hate sulatan. Aur ye tiwariji kya kar rahe hai! Madhu ko heroine banane ka track chodke sultanbala track kyu kar rahe hai. Iss tiwari ko koi goli maro yr. Ab paddo ka bhi zyada over ho raha hai. Rk too deservs d slap.

  3. priya
    March 12, 11:57 Reply

    kal ka promo n aaj ka promo same hai…they r movin d story very slow just dragging it …..

    • Jerry961
      March 12, 11:59

      No yr,padimini ka thappad b add ho gya h 🙁

    • priya
      March 12, 12:02

      yaar useless epiosde tha….they shud knw that we want rk n madhu.sultan ko faaltu mei beech mei laakar kabab mei haddi bana diya…..n yeah padmini ka tappad sahi tha….madhu spending nyt in another man’s home that too a total stranger n gangster….i wish ab padmini forbids madhu to meet sultan n makes her swear that she wont….at least madhu n rk ka track vapaas aaeyga

  4. Jerry961
    March 12, 11:57 Reply

    Kriya aajkal mere s padimini tolerate ni hoti h yr… 🙁

  5. Kriya
    March 12, 11:54 Reply

    Ooo teri padmini madhu ko thappad maregi…but whyyyy…
    Padmini ne sabit kar dia woh madhu ki mom h…hehe…
    Thappad champions…

  6. Jerry961
    March 12, 11:54 Reply

    Abi aage kya hoga koi toh tiwariji b koi tweet ni kar rhe h.,mujhe milte toh btati unhe..mental torture krte rehte h.. 😐 😡

  7. Kriya
    March 12, 11:52 Reply

    Aaahhh…thank godd aine tu itthe hi h…
    Happy happyy…
    Or aise chirkut logon k liye tu idhar se jaane ki baat mat kiya kar…or inko goli maar…dhishkiyaooonn…

  8. Kriya
    March 12, 11:49 Reply

    Aaj woh hua…jo hona mushkil hi nai naamumkin h….
    Main mb dekhna bhool gai…shit yar…
    Kitni excited this coz it was biwi’s turn 2 say OUT…but ohh shit…bhool gai……

  9. ennie minnie
    March 12, 11:49 Reply

    i think rk should have got that slap 4 wht he did with madhu!!!

  10. Aine
    March 12, 11:48 Reply

    Hye friends aj ka episode main na nhe dakha.bcz lite nhe ha.
    Pal,shruti,eashel ap log muj sa narz nhe ho na???

    • pal961
      March 12, 11:55

      nahi re…hum tere se gussa nahi hai…jo maine kaha hai…yaad rakh bas….no need to worry… 😛

  11. Mb
    March 12, 11:48 Reply

    Well Balnced episode .dey r doing d foundation f sultan character.nd at d same tym building d insecurity feeling in rk. Rk cuming madhu home nd inquiring about her whereabouts was aceeptable and wat i hd expected him to do.his restlessness is increasing about d man nd as to where madhu is spending most f her tym. But d way he is approaching her is very disgusting . I mean how can he even expect hr to answer his ques dat too aftr al dat he has done. I mean more dan jealousy feeling it seems to me dat he is kinda f being still under d impression dat he is d boss nd superstar so she needs to answer him. His ego my why will madhu stand such ego. But den at d same tym dere is concern fr her also. So cant he just say dat luk madhu wat i did was revenge nd i was wrong but wat u r doing now is wrong so plz luk before u leap into ny kind f situation in a softer yet firmer tone. No..he will not why becoz f his ahankaar. I m like if he felt even a little guilty f wat he did he never wuld hav used such a harsh way to get d answer. Rite now its just his not able to accept dat she is spending tym with sumone else nd ofcorse his subconcious concern fr her. But d guilt feeling is yet to cum. Talking about sikky nd dips now i get it why dey showed dat hugging now we see d real plot has started with al d characters done justice. Now with dis track sikky wont b just a monkey who keeps jumping after his wife nd drinks rather wuld try to distance dips frm rk. Lets hope dis man’s ego atlast awakes. My god…radha must hav difficult tyms with her sons sikky having no ego at al nd rk frm top to bottom filled with it.

    • bindu
      March 12, 11:51

      thats what iam saying mb ,if he is concerned he will enquiry by bitto or others,so many ways ,

    • madhu
      March 12, 11:59

      well said mb!superb analysin of today’s episode

    • pal961
      March 12, 12:11

      i also totally agreed with u…. 😛

    • iuliana
      March 12, 12:28

      Hi.I agree with everything you said.RK is not jealous, I’m sure of it.He just can not accept that Madhu may have someone else in her life.It’s not only about masculinity but also about his big ego that he would go broke.And Padmini why is she slapping Madhu?For what?Maybe she wants to rebuild her life, perhaps because she wants to be loved? Or maybe she deserves to be loved by someone, not necessarily by Sultan, may even be someone else, still do not think she deserves that palm.Although is not true, I think no one is allowed to get in her personal life and even if Padmini knows everything what happened till now with Sultan.I strongly believe that Madhu did’t do anything wrong and Padmini gave satisfaction to RK, with that palm.Sorry, but RK doesn’t deserves Madhu at all.

  12. Jerry961
    March 12, 11:45 Reply

    Hey bindu…aajkal episode dekh ke mood off ho jata h yr 🙁

    • bindu
      March 12, 11:47

      kya yaar,tappad ,whats happening,cant she trust her own blood,she was also cruelly hurt by someone,,,,

      tum tho bilkul sach keha rahey ho yaar,,,,mood offf

  13. kr
    March 12, 11:44 Reply

    wow great thanks for the update but always they fighting its bore

  14. Vishti
    March 12, 11:44 Reply

    Slap!? Bt y?? M happy that paddo slappd. Madhu ko hi nai, rk k ko bi ek slap dena chahiye tha. Kutthe billi ka tarah lad rahe hai. Slap k wajah se dhono accpt karle ki they luv each othr. Nice epi. Nt awesome.

  15. Jerry961
    March 12, 11:42 Reply

    Sultan- kya h wo pta nhi…emotional b h…bt btayega nhi..aur sbse badi baat madhu par thoda sa trust toh h

    • bindu
      March 12, 11:43

      hey jerry,

  16. bindu
    March 12, 11:40 Reply

    rk ney madhu ko dump kiya.woh bhi plan karkey,
    madhu neih kiya kya? she is not running after sultan,,
    she is in a position to hiding some thing,for hersake,for her family,s sake, and even for rks security,,,,

    rk is jealous,inspite of asking madhu,irritating her ,why cant he simply follow the guy that time

    mujeh yeah jealous sy jyaad doubt lag raha hai??

    if a rk feels jealousy it acceptable,but if he doubts madhu is it correct????

    if he is jealous ,he will ask bittuji or orthers to solve out it,
    if he doubts ,he will keep an eye on her

    but what he is doing phaida ,madhu ka beijjathi,

    its not fair rk!!!!!!!

    • Ana
      March 12, 11:55

      He does not doubt her, b’cos if he did.. he would have followed her or have someone do that for him… he is just jealous and cannot see her with some else..

    • bindu
      March 12, 11:58

      what ever ,but its not the correct way of enquiring or showing concern
      one thing 4 sure his ego will definitely complicate things,if he really love her ,he has to keep his ego away ,

  17. av
    March 12, 11:36 Reply

    Y paddo slapped madhu? I hated that!

  18. Zeemah
    March 12, 11:34 Reply

    Hello everyone!. Am new here. Nice to meet u guys…. hope i will get many friends here! want to say thank you to the written updater. very fast and nice. keep it up!

  19. aksa
    March 12, 11:33 Reply

    Oh thank you so much Padmini for slapping Madhu. RK good one U deserve to know. I dont know why madhu is being all stuck up. Why cant she just talk properley to RK.

  20. erum
    March 12, 11:33 Reply

    RK ki wahja se madhu ko tappar par gaya hai 🙁

  21. kash
    March 12, 11:30 Reply

    so paddo g thank u mai madhu ko slap karna chahti thi par ap ny meri wish puri kar di
    thank u

  22. viva
    March 12, 11:30 Reply

    rk ko ab yaad aaya ki madhu pe sirf uska hi haq hai…. Nice rk, lage raho…

  23. Mb
    March 12, 11:26 Reply

    Hey moderator u r too fast man.gr8 work!keep up d gud work.

  24. Viva
    March 12, 11:15 Reply

    Oh… Ab Rk miss kar raha hai madhu ko…

  25. erum
    March 12, 11:12 Reply

    RK tu jalbon raha hai bohat zyadah

    jalne ki smile zyadah ho gai hai 🙂 🙂 😛

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