Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th November 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th November 2013 Written Update by BadtameezDil

Madhubala 12th November 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK asks Madhu to not worry of the media and their cooked up stories, she has a long way to go and if she starts caring for the media, she will be in tension forever. He leaves and so does Madhu. Dips says that RK’s hunger for stardom and his ego will alone separate RishBala, all the while he talked…he never let his superstardom down and this will be their key to separate RishBala. Paabo says that for her selfish reason, she will not use RK and his condition. Dips advises that just for the sake of RK’s future, it would be better if we give him little pain and then Madhu will be gone, it will be for RK’s benefit. Paabo appreciates that for the first time, Dips talked sense.

Roma wishes Madhu good luck for the new beginning. She says that she knows Madhu will be able to do it as it is a simple emotional scene. RK comes and supports Madhu and says that soon she will be the superstar and will make breaking news. Madhu says that she is there because RK is… RK says same pinch. RK hugs Madhu. Roma says that she is closing her eyes and won’t see. RK says that don’t worry…they are used to see Bittuji being the Kabab mein Haddi.

Madhu supports RK out and Bittuji brings a packed thing. Madhu asks what is it. RK says her sautan. He asks Bittuji to open it. Madhu sees the bright red couch and says that isn’t it too loud. RK says just like me. Madhu smiles and gets ready for the scene and says I LOVE YOU. RK smirks, “Who doesn’t”

Paabo sees Dips packing food and asks what it is. Dips says that she is hungry. Paabo says she just had food now. Dips says that its winter and she feels more hungry. Paabo says winters in Mumbai? Dips must have gone crazy. She leaves. Dips takes the food to the store-room for Sikki. He comes and thanks her and starts eating wildly. Dips says that he is going to get mad soon. Sikki says that if she wants him alright, she better talk to RK and get him an apology. Dips says that she needs time…the person who has made RK partially paralysed…RK won’t leave him. Sikki pleads. Dips says that she is already helping him by not revealing him to RK. Sikki thanks her and starts eating.

Part 2
Madhu is in the shot, “Anamika is talking to her mom and says that she can’t continue the relation with Karan because the world knows that she is better-off than him and people all around won’t take the fact. She can’t take this relationship any further and wants to break all the ties with Karan. She and Karan doesn’t match and she is more famous.” RK is watching the shot and starts relating Karan-Anamika to him and Madhu. The shot is called perfectly cut. Everyone claps for Madhu and appreciates her shot. Mehul tells RK to better sign her for his next film before the other PH get hold of her. RK smiles and claps for her too.

Part 3
Madhu is in the shot, “Anamika is playing to Jesus and saying that He is with her right? Whether right…or wrong…good or bad…” RK calls the spot and this spoils the entire shot. Madhu comes and asks what is wrong. RK apologises for spoiling her shot. He wanted to go back home and mistakenly called out the spot while the shot was on. He asks Bittuji to take him home. Madhu asks to accompany him. RK says no, come after finishing your shoot. Madhu nods. He apologises to Mehul also.

At home, RK is waiting for Madhu. He looks at the watch and then the mobile. Paabo comes in with food and asks him to eat. RK says that he doesn’t wish to eat. Paabo says that he’s angry on her but not on food. RK says he’s not angry on her. Paabo asks not even for the wheelchair thing? RK says that no. But Madhu said she will come and make soup for him.
Dips comes and says they he should start getting used to this wait. RK says to get lost. Dips says that when no one supported him, she was the one who did. RK says that she needs to remember her “aukaat”.

Dips says that it was all destined. Madhu married him to become an actor. It was all written in her destiny. The director/producer is above in heaven. After the film, Madhu will be the Rising Sun and RK-the setting sun!


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  1. aarya
    September 15, 13:39 Reply

    Clash of ego & love has started…
    .. Who will win Rishbala or Right kameena

  2. drishti
    September 15, 09:56 Reply

    rishbala part was good.. 🙂 🙂
    but,it seems dips & other’s words is started to affect r.k & his big wala ” EGO ” internally..he is connecting karan-anamika to rishbala.. 🙁

  3. priya
    November 13, 08:25 Reply

    where is umai didi ashii??

  4. priya
    November 13, 08:17 Reply

    ashii is it u in the photo? k no one is there online??

  5. priya
    November 13, 08:10 Reply

    and aashii when r uu free tom pl reply soon…

  6. priya
    November 13, 08:08 Reply

    ashii u left? right bye..waitin for todays update… mom never allows me to watch any serial…bye:-(

  7. priya
    November 13, 08:05 Reply

    how do u know madhu will be pregnant sameta didi??

  8. priya
    November 13, 08:03 Reply

    y is it holiday for u ashii??

  9. priya
    November 13, 08:02 Reply

    yes ashii we will enjoy tom..

  10. ashii
    November 13, 07:51 Reply

    200.. Task cmplete… Woow

  11. sameta
    November 13, 07:19 Reply

    There will be good news madhu will be pregnant soon

    • ashii
      November 13, 07:35

      Ya sameta.. Nw crysty sed

  12. priya
    November 13, 06:33 Reply

    bye guys tom is a holiday for me as there is a mega exhibition in our school are u guys free in the morning??? anyway good evening, bye, see u tonight………

    • ashii
      November 13, 07:30

      Me too hv holiday 2mrw.. V both vl njoy priyuuu

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