Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 13th July 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 13th July 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

Mukku arrives home n his mom n dad ask him where he was? He says to meet Madhu! His mom asks how much he spent on Madhu?

She asks him ..who she is to him? N she tells him not to meet her! Mukku starts to revolt ..! His mom says that its coz Madhus parents are filmy people and uneducated! She keeps taunting Madhu but Mukku again retorts n says his mom has lost her manners!

Mukku tells that HE LOVES Madhu and she will b the bride of the family! His mom says she wont let that happen in her lifetime..! Mukku says he has better idea n locks himself up in kitchen! His parents get hysterical..!

Mukku opens the door and says.. like they feared for his life.. he feared of losing his life aka Madhu!

RK arrives home and dabs his face and keeps seeing Madhu and a jug of water … makes Bittu n all to remove all things from his bedroom He starts to drink water from the jug like he did in jail..! Bittu is scared seeing RK..!

RK keeps a matress on the floor and sits on it ! Bittu promises to teach Madhu-Mukku a lesson n asks him to forget Madhu! RK reminds Bittu that he forgot everything .. getting bail for him.. n now he will remember Madhu! Lunch comes..!

RK eats from his hand n asks Bittu to take the car out and gets changed n asks Madhus address!

Madhu comes home n calls out to Trish but she walks away..! Paddo asks her to relax n appreciates her for fighting for justice!

RK drives rashly towards Madhus house and Bittu keeps asking him to drive slow n not mess up at Madhus place! RK stops car and asks Bittu to get off!

Madhu rues what to tell Paddo about Mukkus proposal!

Part 2

Madhu offers to cut veggies when Paddo asks her not to as its not needed! Madhu says she needs to talk to her! But before she can, the phone rings n Paddo goes to check! Its Mukkus mom n asks to meet Paddo n says she will come next day to meet!

RK arrives at the chawl and Roma and Trish are worried to see him! All kids n girls of the chawl go crazy on him!

Part 3

Roma tells Trish that they should go away as RK is coming and they lock the door of their house! Paddo-Madhu r confused!

RK takes the address of Madhus residence and walks to it!

RK knocks at Madhus door and Paddo opens n all are shocked seeing RK!

Precap – RK cuts his hand while making a bust of Madhu … n pours the blood on Madhus bust n says Madhu will pay the price of those 4 days.. for the next 40 years of her life!

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  1. Merah
    September 14, 04:56 Reply

    Wak.rk always a fatso

    • Mythi
      September 14, 05:19


  2. aarya
    September 14, 04:05 Reply

    dont care
    but actually care…

  3. aarya
    September 14, 03:59 Reply

    really rk is psycho… he cant b raj kapoor & madhubala

    • Mythi
      September 14, 04:55

      Hmmm 🙂

  4. Mythi
    September 14, 01:08 Reply

    I think dis Muku’s mom try to spare Muku&Madhu relationship 🙄 because she already dont like Madhu na!

  5. Krish
    September 14, 01:03 Reply

    RK looks like Psycho in precap….
    Why he cuts his hand?
    He try to do blood promise on Madhu?
    I wont leave you…
    I try to make your life like hell….
    You have to pay for dis 4days… He is talking like a Villain 👿
    Poor Madhu 🙁

    • Mythi
      September 14, 01:06


  6. aarya
    September 14, 00:09 Reply

    @mythi u should also comment here…..

  7. drishti
    September 13, 12:27 Reply

    mythi,sana,krish,radha,where r u all ??

  8. aarya
    September 13, 11:41 Reply

    rk….. y r u doing this?
    40 yrs for 4 days…

  9. drishti
    September 13, 11:30 Reply

    why muku’s mom always taunting madhu??

    • Mythi
      September 14, 04:56

      Mental 😀

  10. Sim
    September 13, 10:55 Reply

    OMG! RK cut his hand in promo?

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