Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Bittu is standing holding an envelop and RK asks him the matter! He takes the envelop and opens it and reads it..! Its Bittus resignation letter..! He hands over his cell too! RK asks what crap is this? He says..its his way to protest?? Bittu says.. what he did with Madhu…n RK says.. keep quiet! He says that ! Bittu says..he is betrayign the blood running in his veins! RK says..he had paid for it! Bittu says.. Madhu din all this for money.. she did all thsi for her feelings..! He bawls saying .. Madhu wanted to make his life happy ..n she loved him ..! Bittu says.. Madhu made this house.. home.. ! He only purchased a bungalow..! Bittu says.. Madhu put life in every human in this life.. n he has no value for her..! RK says.. ENOUF! He says.. scene is getting extended! He asks if Bittu will stop praising Madhu? Bittu says..he wont.. and RK better leave.. n be the support of Madhu..! Bittu says..cant work with someone like him ..! He says..he gave 10 years to RK n he only thinks of himself..! RK calls Sikky n tells that he will handle all RKs work from now n tells Sikky to throw out Bittu out of the house! Sikky pushes Bittu out and Radha asks the matter? Bittu says.. relations are breaking.. one RK broke.. another he is brekaing! RK says..he is throwing Bittu out.. n he does not need anyone! Bittu says..when Madhu was there.. he din need anyone but now he will need..a friend. .a support.. a punching bag..! Bittu says.. no one will be there to look at him .. n he will be left alone! RK fumes n slaps Bittu! Bittu says.. THANK U… Chief.. n says..he has only made him more confident! He tells Radha that.. RK loves.. Madhu a lot..! He pleads RK to call Madhu back..! RK asks Sikky why Bittu has not been thrown out n Sikky pulls Bittu out..! Bittu tells RK that he will be left alone without better call her back..!

Madhu is on her way to work n Paddo asks if she is sure? Madhu says.. yes..! Paddo asks Madhu to take some more time but right then Trish comes. .n tells her to get ready n that she will drop her at work n gives her prasad from Siddhi Vinayak! As Madhu steps forward she stumbles n hurts her feet.. n Paddo tries to reach but Trish stops n let Madhu do what she wants.. to fight..with life..! Paddo calls Trish n Trish joins her! Madhu is back at Lemon’s! Someone calls n asks for appointment for Madhu ..n the owner takes the booking.. ! The caller refuses to give her name! One of the laides sitting in the parlour is excited seeing Madhu as RKs wife.. another one says.. she is ex-wife..! Madhu says.. she is no longer Madhubala Kundra.. she is Madhubala Malik.! The parlour owner tells Madhu that someone has aksed for booking for her..already..! The parlour owner asks her to start work..! One of the other girls at the parlour expresses sympathy to Madhu but she tells her to let it be..! Right then Dips arrives.. and asks for pedicure appointment from Madhu..! Dips tells Madhu that HER FOOT… as in she needs pedicure..! Dips takes her seat n parlour owner asks Madhu to attend to her on priority..! Madhu hesitates.. but Dips insists..! Madhu relents.. n asks her to get started..!

At Kamal Studio .. the assistant tells RK is there..! All go to call the heroine..! The girl comes and she tells RK that she din expect that her debut movie will be with RK! The assistant asks RK to ignite the lamp but RK asks the heroine (Shradha) to do it..! She does..! All clap! RK is sitting and director explains the scene..! Its to be shot on a jhula (swing)! RK touches the swing and remembers the studio Karwa Chauth night..! The director asks the matter! RK says..wont shoot the scene on swing.. n goes to his vanity! The heroine is scared.!

Madhu is doing pedicure of Dips n Dips akss her to remove her nail polish n put the blood red color instead! Madhu stays quiet! Dips says.. that its so nice.. that Madhu is at her feet..!

Part 2

Dips says.. ‘Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahi.. sabko sabki sahi jaga pahucha diya’! Dips clicks Madhus pciks n says.. memories! Madhu calls another girl n tells to get old magz so that.. her mouth is shut.. n time passes! Dips says.. no need n says.. her time will pass better yapping withi Madhu! Dips tells Madhu why so hostile? She says..she wasnt the one who threw Madhu out! Dips says..some flowers look pretty in a vase n another on roadside with beggars! Madhu is quiet! Dips tells MAdhu that..she hopes the nail cutter she is using is clean? Madhu is quiet n Dips tells Madhu that.. customers are Gods incranation .. so answer..! Madhu says yes mam! Dips says.. the word MAM .. feels nice to hear . .instead of bhabhi ..!

Part 3

Dips tells Madhu that the clothes look so nice on her.. where the designer heavy saree ..looked like Madhu was forced to wear them! Dips tells Madhu that a donkey wears the costume of a lion n he enjoys. .n the day the truth comes out.. the donkey is kicked to death… ! Poor Donkey..! Poor Madhu..! Madhu keeps mum! Dips tells Madhu that moral of the story is … One can create magic on people by being fake. .but the day reality comes out the same people ..kick out..! Coz its important to stay in limits or big price needs to be paid..! Madhu ends up hurting Dips nail n Madhu says… the toe nail was spreading so thought to chop it.. so it stays in limit!

Precap — Dips is running on the treadmill n hears Madhus interview..! Press ask Madhu since when she n RK separated n if their relation is over! Madhu says..relation never end.. just love ended..! RK overhears the whole thing. standing behind Dips..! Dips says.. VERY NICE!


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  1. aarya
    February 05, 12:57 Reply

    wow! bittuji rocked today…
    & tumhari rago me madhu ka khun h mr Rk
    ya drishti madhu is strong

  2. drishti
    February 05, 09:20 Reply

    bittuji resigned …never thought that bittuji left his chief…(when r.k took the paper,i thought it’s divorce paper which mb send him through bittuji…)

    r.k what r u doing 🙄 👿

    but,good part is that madhu started a fresh life 😛 strong girl… 😛

  3. Ranju
    February 16, 09:58 Reply

    Hai frnds.hw r u al? Yah bhi barish araha hai.
    Jerry tumar dip’s wali joke nd conductor story nice yar.

    Yestrday madhu luk nice. Madhu u hav to cut dips tongue yaar.
    Lets c today kya hoga rk kya karongi.

  4. Palak
    February 16, 09:14 Reply

    @aps di:mera sweetie behen kaisae ho?

    • aps
      February 16, 09:16

      hey palak…me fyn yar….u tell wat abt u??

  5. aps
    February 16, 09:10 Reply

    Today E 24 SEG WU:
    Madhubala Rk ke set pe aati hai hair dresser banke …use pata nahi ye Rk ki filmka set hai dono ek dusre ke paas se jaatehain but ek dusre ko dekh nahi paate..
    DD said :use pata nahihai ye rk ka set hai ye job use bittuji ne dilwayi hai…so dekhtehain aagey kya hota hai..
    reporter said : bittuji ne ye job dilwayi hai to kya vo aap dono komilana chahte hai…

  6. Palak
    February 16, 09:07 Reply

    @rudz:hi friend hw r u?i’m fine.i think u r so close to meethi heart.

    • Palak
      February 16, 09:09

      @rudz:r u there??????

    • Rudz
      February 16, 09:18

      @palak:ya palak i m close 2 meethi di,but here we both r in same age…so hope we’ll also close 2 each other soon…hai naah..

  7. Anjie
    February 16, 08:53 Reply

    Aine tum kahanCHOOMANTAR ho gayyi
    Aur sweety pie tum bhi

    • Aine
      February 16, 09:41

      Anjie:main aa gaye!

  8. Ritz
    February 16, 08:51 Reply

    hi and bye rudz…. m going now, c u all on todays comment page
    bye anjie,palak,sathi,aine!!!

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:52

      Bye meri sweet wali di

  9. Rudz
    February 16, 08:44 Reply

    @palak:hi,my sweetie has been long tym dat we chat..hw r u dear?

  10. Anjie
    February 16, 08:44 Reply

    Ritz di pal di se boliye ga ke main morning ko late wake up karti hoon( seriously don’t know how to say it in hindi)
    Kyon ki kal Sunday hai
    Mutlab fun Karne ka only one day hai

    Uske baad vahi school ka week……:(
    Palak I know u’ll understand me hai na.

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:48

      offcourse!!!! ill tell her….
      okay sweety?????? now smile

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:49

      Close up wala smile

  11. Ritz
    February 16, 08:42 Reply

    and ya, ill pray 4 u

  12. sathi
    February 16, 08:32 Reply

    Telly Tv news:

    Madhubala To Soon Become Superstar

    Today E 24 SEG WU:

    Madhubala Rk ke set pe aati hai hair dresser banke …use pata nahi ye Rk ki film ka set hai dono ek dusre ke paas se jaate hain but ek dusre ko dekh nahi paate..
    DD said :use pata nahi hai ye rk ka set hai ye job use bittuji ne dilwayi hai…so dekhte hain aagey kya hota hai..
    reporter said : bittuji ne ye job dilwayi hai to kya vo aap dono ko milana chahte hai…

    Telly tv news:Bahot hi jald Madhubala banegi superstar.

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:37

      Arey vaah, mera guess sahi nikla,
      Aur mr reporter sathi thanxx for sharing

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:44

      thanks sathi

  13. palak
    February 16, 08:31 Reply

    ritz di you have how many friends.and anjali di is tere night ?

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:33

      Ya actually tooooo late I’m trying to sleep bt all in vein

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:37

      i have a friends group in my clge palak…. and ya,i have got so many frnds here also and sisters lyk u & anjie

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:38

      Ohhhhhh soooooooo chweeeeeeet

  14. Anjie
    February 16, 08:26 Reply

    Pata hai guyz Maine pal di ko kaha tha ke main half an hour mein so jaaongicoz she was concern abt my health.. Jab unko pata chala ke main nahin soyi to woh meri band bana dengi

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:30

      no yr!!!! woh aisa nhi karegi,
      but she was ryt, u need 2 take some rest..

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:32

      Mujhe sleep nahin aa rahi di
      Aap mere se ek promise karo ke aap on behalf of me unse sorry kahengi with chocolates plzplzplz

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:34


    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:35

      Thank u soooooo much my di vo Pakka maan jayengi hai na

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:40

      definately!!! so, dnt worry..
      itni pyaari sis pe koi kaise angry hoga???? hmmm

  15. palak
    February 16, 08:23 Reply

    @anjali di;m here patner..ritz di. same pinch i also hate that

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:27

      okay!!! my dearest palak

  16. Aine
    February 16, 08:19 Reply

    Ritz:kya yar main kyun impres hona be na,

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:26


    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:27

      Ritz di seriously zain hahahahaha main aur mere friend usse kabhi impress nahin honge jab tak he is show off

    • Ritz
      February 16, 08:33

      oho!!! itna gussa us pe,

    • Anjie
      February 16, 08:34

      Bus dua kiziye ke Monday ko aur kisi bhi din main uske saath nahin bathoon

  17. Anjie
    February 16, 08:16 Reply

    Whr r u sweety pie palak, my partner

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