Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th May 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th May 2013 Written Updateby Armu4eva

Madhubala 17th May 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Baba asks Sultan if he is going or coming? Sultan says.. not coming..

Asked if he is angry.. Sultan explodes rueing time he asked something Allah din give…n Baba counsels n too doesnt give all.. n Allah.. has reason..

Sultan fumes..

Baba says.. Allah is everywhere!

Sikky-Dips wonder if they will be allowed to stay when they hear Radha shout about sweets n Rishbala enter… hand in hand

RK tells Sikky-Dips to stay back for 2 days.. to witness Rishbala wedding preps! RK asks them to take leftover food with them.. when they leave

Radha allows the duo to stay n warns Dips to not dare ruin the familys peace..!

Madhu recollects RKs proposal RK shows Madhu two sherwanis n asks which is nice? Madhu says both n RK says.. if he wears both he will look like lolipop

RK says..he will crash land with chopper.. hold her hand n do circle in air RK sings.. ‘Biwi dekh lo gai duriyan.. main yahan hun yahan’

RK says..they can have simple wedding.. at his mansion ..with both families..but Madhu says …she wants EVERYONE to be there..

RK asks if Madhu is hiding something? Madhu says..he is … She says.. RK disappears.. n stays on alert..

RK says..he asked.. question first .. what is she hiding? Radha comes n RK rues that.. ‘Saas bahu ko fasane ke liye hoti hai… fasi hui bahu ko bachane ke liye nahi’ Radha says..they are mom-daughter..

Radha gifts Madhu bridal attire.. n she is emotional RK teases.. Radha n she shooes him to check on Bittu …! Radha is on phone talking of Rishbala wedding with full rituals..!

Sikky offers to help Radha for wedding..! He tells Bittu too but Bittu taunts him saying.. its better if he keeps mum n stays still … Radha asks Sikky to ensure there is no problem in Rishbala wedding..!

Aryan is in his room n finds the hanky that he wore at the dargah.. n he brings to Sultan … He asks to keep it inside..! Aryan asks when they will go to pray again n Sultan says NEVER …

Aryan asks Sultan to control his temper.. or else… n he forgets the lines further They hug..!

Part 2

Dips is walking past RK n he stops her midway … to thank her

RK says… he felt like settling down with her.. but when she left.. his world ended.. but if she hadnt left… Madhu wuldn have come in his life!

Dips tries to look away.. but RK stops him n says… she had asked.. if he felt same passion for her.. ?? Well answer is .. NO …coz u r not Madhu..n cant b!!!! Dips in tears

Part 3

Dips fumes n swears (while crying) that… she will get something.some weakness of Madhu. n the day she does… she will bring it in front of RK … n wont spare Madhu!

Precap —- Dips tells Paddo whatever Madhu has done till now.. pouring water in pure fire of havan… ! Paddo asks Dips to stop ..n Dips asks her to tell that to Madhu..!.. Trish tells Dips that they wont ask Madhu to stop…coz what Madhu is doing is right… RK has to be taught a lesson…n if RKs heart breaks.. let it..!

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  1. aarya
    April 20, 23:55 Reply

    wow now rishbala marriage 🙂
    & rk says he will look like lolipop very funny 😀
    bs ab 7 pheron k saath vivah bina kisi vighn k sampann ho jaye 😉

  2. drishti
    April 20, 10:40 Reply

    hmm nice epi 🙂
    mb is thinking about r.k & his proposal she is also amazed & confused from r.k’s change
    yest. when trish asked to executed her plan she ignored that talk .. .. r.k ab waisa ban gaya hai jaisa vo hamesha se chahti thi 🙂
    sultan u wished for a wrong person na… how can allah 😛 give u someone else wife aka mb 🙄
    but,liked sutan aaryan covo. aaryan is really sweet 🙂
    for dips..this phrase shoots ” ab pacha tne se kya hot jab chidiya chug gayi khet ” 😉

  3. Priya
    May 18, 09:39 Reply

    Is there anyone online?????????

  4. prasa
    May 18, 09:00 Reply

    stupid trishna sab bak diya idiot kahin ki.

  5. Saikat Mohanta
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  6. Rishu
    May 18, 04:53 Reply

    Ok i’m also gng.if possible try to cme today page.bybyee

  7. Rishu
    May 18, 04:46 Reply

    Oh..sanju di hw z u?really miss u!!!!

  8. ritu
    May 18, 04:46 Reply

    bye @di,@jerry.. main bhi jaying
    bye @rishu bhai

  9. sweety
    May 18, 04:45 Reply

    Padayi tv khi films khey sath ho rahi hai

  10. Rishu
    May 18, 04:43 Reply

    Yes jerry sis me also badly miss drs akka,anjie,pal,deiva,moni..plz cme soon… days get counted dear vacation also gng to finished.gng to back my life.

  11. sweety
    May 18, 04:43 Reply

    Bye guys
    Kathreh khi bell bajgayi
    I replied U check it

    • ritu
      May 18, 04:44

      koi nai.. tata

  12. Rishu
    May 18, 04:37 Reply

    @jerry sis:hw are u?my preparation gng smoothly..
    @shruti:hey younger sis mine gud what abt u?

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