Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th April 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th April 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th April 2013 Written pisode

Part 1

Madhu says.. she has no idea..what the problem with men is .. they enter her life..unannounced.. !! She goes in the vanity..!

Sultan is working out … flexing his muscles..! Madhu is thinking of whatever has happened n decides to call Sultan..!

He asks..if she is fine n she says NO … n Sultan..offers to come.. n Madhu fires Sultan for coming between Rishbala! Sultan justifies.. that he heard she was forced.. n Madhu chides Sultan for pointing gun on Madhu!

Madhu asks what is Sultans problem? Sultan says.. if anyone hurts her.. its HIS problem..! Madhu says.. its not his right .. nor his duty! She is not his wife..n Sultan is shocked to hear the words.. n Madhu regrets!

Madhu tries to apologise but Sultan doesnt take her calls.. She realises RK is standing overhearing..

Sultan continues to work out angrily … n he recollects the accident ..his wife screaming…n fumes.. he recollects …Madhus words.. breaks the table n the lighter plays! He shuts it..!

Trish tries Madhus cell but no answer!

RK asks Madhu n Bittu to sit.. n narrates a story coz..only few dare to give views in front of RK

Title of movie – Hum hai dewane

RK asks how it is? Bittu says.. great.. n RK asks him to do mahurat (opening) ! Bittu breaks coconut .. Bittu does the clap …

RK says.. dewangi bhari prem kahani. .for all dewanas.. (a love story for all lovebirds)

RK introes the hero.. [a mannequin dressed up like RK] RK says.. the world loves him .. but he loves his chandni …who is it?

RK introes .. the heroine … [a mannequin dressed up like Madhu] RK says. so sweet.. n loving that ..she gave her heart to enemies too!

RK says… Roti bina belan aur prem kahani bina villain kahan aachi lagti hai…(stories are not interesting without villains) RK says … the hero isnt able to figure…what is going on in the heroines heart..! RK points at Madhus eyes n says.. kya koi chal hai.. ya chalava?

RK introes the villain … [a mannequin looking like Sultan]

Part 2

RK asks how they like the plot?

RK says..twist is that …no one knows..who the heroine loves?

RK says…people are wondering… Kya heroine ne hero ke liye kuch mehsoos karna.. band kar diya hai.. ya.. villain ke liye mehsoos karna shuru kar diya hai..!! (has heroine stopped having feelings for the hero, or has she started to have feelings for the villain?)

Madhu looks on confused!


Part 3

RK asks Madhu to sit ..says they will wait till answer!

RK says how the fire in heroes heart forces him to ask…who she loves? Hero or Villain ..?? Madhu looks on with anger… n confusion .. Bittu is taken aback …!


Precap — RK says that rule the end hero gets the heroine n villain has to die in the end .. n pushes the mannequin down..! Madhu looks at RK n he stares back!

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  1. aine
    April 19, 12:14 Reply

    renu:studiez bs ok.ok……

  2. renu961
    April 19, 12:12 Reply

    laiba,vinti,…i think madhu s gonna take a revenge on rk yaar

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 12:13

      yeah i think she is.

  3. Anjali
    April 19, 12:11 Reply

    I want rk n madhu 2 b 2gethr., i’m not a blind followr, bt y can’t u guyz undrstand madhu luvz rk n he luvz him back., dh way he xprs his luv is wrong, dh thing he did to madhu was mistake., bt he realizd soon wat he did., he hurtd her many times bt never let anyone to hurt., he was alwayz dhr wen she was in trouble, nyone deserves a second chance., rk too deserves it. Now dh weird behaviour of rk towards madhu is his luv 4 her., he is afraid dht she wl leave him, he wants her to be near him., he doesnot knw how to xprs his luv doesn’t mean dht his luv is not true., in yesterdays episode bittuji beautifully xplaind y rk is behaving lyk dhs n its not nly his luv 4 madhu., n dh most imprtnt thing is madhu stil luvs rk n care 4 him

  4. renu961
    April 19, 12:10 Reply

    bindhu,…actually,they got confused n by mistakenly,they posted cmts lyk that yaar

    • bindu
      April 19, 12:11

      may be renu and thn?hw r u dear please please tak cre of ur self!!

  5. renu961
    April 19, 12:10 Reply

    aine,…yes dear,…i missed u a lot n thanx rama,…2day,i talked with aine n sanju,…

    hows ur studies dear???

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 12:10

      hello im good wht about u?

  6. aine
    April 19, 12:09 Reply

    laiba:ok aleen khan 4rm pakistan and u????and welcome i know am last one……..

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 12:10

      I’m laiba actually from london but now i live in india.And thanks for the welcome.

  7. vinti
    April 19, 12:08 Reply

    really gettng bore.pls change this track.

  8. aine
    April 19, 12:07 Reply

    laiba:ok aleen khan 4rm pakistan and u????and welcome i know am last one…..

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 12:08

      I’m laiba actually from london but now i live in india.And thanks for the welcome.

  9. bindu
    April 19, 12:03 Reply

    true we are not blind followers as renu said,

    Appreciating the actor is diiferent from liking and following the character of a serial

  10. aine
    April 19, 12:03 Reply

    am fineeeeee renu…….o my GOD bht time saa tm saa baat nhe hue yar…

  11. aine
    April 19, 12:00 Reply

    i thnk sb mujy boul chuky han.saaaaaadddddd

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 12:02

      As i came here last week i haven’t seen you here before.
      Still hello

  12. renu961
    April 19, 11:58 Reply

    jeeva,…well said dear,….actually,we both r sailing in the same boat coz wat is there,y cant a women live alone rather than living in the shade of another selfish guys,…

    this is 21st century,..but still we can see male domination in our country n m sure madhu will reply back 2 rk n rk will realize his mistake n appologise 2 her with justifying rishbala scenes,…this s my expectation.

    & dont feel shame 2 express ur views yaar n its our ryts too

    • geetha
      April 19, 12:13

      hi renu how is your health. take care of u r health. Innaiku nan mb pakkala so wupdate matum than padichen. madhu enna hurt panraga rkva.

    • ladu
      April 20, 09:50

      hai…u guyz are tamil ah?

  13. aine
    April 19, 11:56 Reply

    hye frndz.kaisy hoo sab???????

    • renu961
      April 19, 12:00


      how r u n m f9 dear

  14. aarohi
    April 19, 11:54 Reply

    any1 there guyz??? i am new here…

    • Laiba16
      April 19, 11:56

      hello i’m here and welcome.

    • aarohi
      April 19, 12:11

      was not expecting such a warm welcome…anywaz do u guyz often cum on this???

  15. iuliana
    April 19, 11:54 Reply

    If Madhu will avenge RK, then Rk will eat her with all the feathers!

  16. Laiba16
    April 19, 11:53 Reply

    pata nahi kal ki episode mein kya hoga.
    I just can’t wait.

  17. aine
    April 19, 11:53 Reply

    hye frndz.kaisy hoo sab???

  18. renu961
    April 19, 11:51 Reply

    ok,…sanju my boss,….m waiting 4 u

    jaldi aao,…

  19. athi
    April 19, 11:49 Reply

    i think due to the precap nly madhu decided to nt leave rk

  20. sanju91677
    April 19, 11:48 Reply

    Good night
    Take care
    Dinner tym mom nahi manegi abi aayi
    Good night

  21. bindu
    April 19, 11:48 Reply

    i just said it di,am here only!!!

    • bindu
      April 19, 11:50

      Madhu to take revenge interesting ,but please please show some difference between Rk and Madhu!!!!!

  22. sanju91677
    April 19, 11:45 Reply

    I agree with u dear
    Kya yaar itni jaldi good night
    Enjoy karna acchi bath hai par health kah bhi dyan rakna chahiyeh naa haa??
    Abi medicine liya??
    Doctor se check karvayi???
    Take care dear

  23. renu961
    April 19, 11:45 Reply

    @chowdry,…we r not blind followers yaar,…as we all love this show very much n plz check that lake side mandap revenge epi yaar,..there u can notice our angry on rk,…

    @ sanju,bindhu,….sure,i ll take care of myself yaar

  24. Husna
    April 19, 11:45 Reply

    Ok gyz i m going to hav my dinner tha will meet u gyz tomorrow bye khudahafiz…..

  25. renu961
    April 19, 11:41 Reply


    u r cent percent ryt about self respect of a women n its more imp than our soul.Here we all expect madhu 2 give a good reply 2 rk in his way n ofcourse,there’s great fan following 4 rk due 2 his dialogue delivery n portraying his egoistic,arrogant attitude in superstar role.

    & my wild guess is madhu wont 4get his revenge attitude n she 4 sure give him a nyc reply n now she makes him 2 trust her n wanna break his heart like him.

    but,m not agree with ur point of making sultan as madhu’s life partner coz she cant love any1 at this point of tym as she loves rk unconditionally n sultan is awellwisher 4 her.that’s it

  26. bindu
    April 19, 11:41 Reply

    gud nit guyss,how r u all!!!!!!

    • Husna
      April 19, 11:42

      Yes laiba i m here… Dear!!!

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