Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK calls the servants..! Madhu is surprised to see Radha at her home..! Paddo refuses to acknowledge her. .but relents..!

Radha seeks apology from Madhu …for the set mess… Paddo asks.. what sort of mother is she..doing this?? Radha says..she is a mom in law too n she wants to prove that Madhu wont break..!

Paddo says.. Madhu is not a toy .. a human… who gets hurt..! Radha says sorry again! Madhu says.. she n RK are in two separate worlds.. n they better not meet ever.. !

Radha says. RK wants to see a broken Madhu .. but she wont let him win n Madhu needs to face RK n he needs to know.. HE IS THE LOSER! Radha tells Madhu that she needs to show that. .no one not even RK can become RK! Madhu says.. she wants to start a new life. .n doesnt want.. any RK .. in it..!

At his room RK imagines Madhu .. as a dupatta falls on him..! BG- Na jane koi …! RK tries to touch Madhu .. but she is not there! He fires servants for not throwing Madhus stuff out n they do…! Madhu keeps looking at RKs poster n recollects Radhas words! RK looks at Madhus jhumkas n throws them off too .. ! He sees the ganesh idol ..Madhu brought n gets flashbacks..!

Madhu remembers her .. chant [new tune] and resolves.. to face RK!

At the set next day.. RK is shooting ..! The actress tries to chat up RK but he cuts her off n asks her to keep shut ..! She calls for her hairdresser.. n Madhu arrives..! RK is stunned seeing her back! He asks her if she din have enouf ?? Madhu ignores him! Director calls for shot… ! RK cuts the shot n drags Madhu to his vanity n shakes her .. and asks why she is here? Madhu warns him to dare touch her again… !

RK says.. Jungli Billi… n Madhu says.. last time he named her SHER! Madhu says..if he is ok?? or feeling dizzy?!

Part 2

RK tells Madhu to get out.. as he doesnt like her face! Madhu tells him to hide his face! RK calls security . .n Madhu says.. kids call moms like this! Madhu tells RK that she is not a weak leaf.. which will get swayed away.. but she is a cactus.. which is full of thorns.. n is grounded.. n will not bleed!

Madhu says..she wont shed tears.. but fire..! She has moved on.. n has no time to cry!

Part 3

Madhu says.. Love at First Sight n Hate at Last Fight..!! Madhu says.. whats there to fear a piece of cardboard…”?? She tells she needs to maintain no losing nor fighting him!

Precap — RK on set..decked up in police costume..! RK tells Madhu ..that .. tum aai to apni marzi se ho..jaogi. .meri marzi se [Deewar] Madhu says… Ye police station hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi … [Zanjeer]!

No picture today sorry…

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  1. aarya
    February 08, 13:25 Reply

    jordar reply by madhubala
    ……………ahaan 😉 like it
    & in precap Big B dialogues r awesome

  2. drishti
    February 08, 08:11 Reply

    nice epi..
    now madhu is ready to face r.k
    strong girl.. 😛

  3. sanju91677
    February 20, 09:38 Reply

    @anie aaj mood kaisa hai aap ka gayi thi ya nahi colge

    • Aine
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      Sanju:di aj holiday tha.

    • Aine
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      Sanju:di ap bei gayb?

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    Rudz:main hazir tm gayb?

  5. Rudz
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    • Aine
      February 20, 09:23

      Rudz:am here dear,

  6. Aine
    February 20, 09:09 Reply

    Manahil:tm kha gayb hu gae?

  7. Rudz
    February 20, 08:54 Reply

    Manahil-oh!best of luck 4 da xm…INSHAALLAH u’ll do a very gud result…i think it’s our 1st tym 2 chat?cn u tell me sumthin abt u?btw i m in 8 standard…frm bngladsh…our xm ‘ll b held in november…OK BYE HAVE 2 GO 4 NAMAJ

    • Rudz
      February 20, 09:13

      Hi aine di i m back,uff phir se ntwrk probs

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