Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th September 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Recap — RK says.. out of all places in Mum …she got only this place to die and now the door is not opening either! RK notices Madhus cut and pulls her leg forcefully n starts to dab it n bandages it!

Part 1

RK is bandaging Madhus leg and then gets up and goes away! Madhu looks on curiously! RK is going thru the various boxes kept in a store room like place and finds a packet of biscuit! He comes and sits next to Madhu and offers her a biscuit saying that she mite be hungry! Madhu asks him to cut the act of beign a good samaritan! RK says ..he does not act for free.. rather takes a lot of money so better she eat! Madhu says that by acting good .. if he thinks he will become good.. he is wrong! RK says.. her childhood is finally going, she is maturing.. and she knows him well! Madhu says..yes..she knows him well enouf..he is an animal and will remain one! She says that he is away from love and all such things! Madhu says that he has no humanity to realise that he had insulted someone this very evening! RK stays mum! Madhu asks if he wants to repent and so came to save her there? RK scoffs and says.. empty tummy and empty head makes a person talk crap..! He asks her to get out of her misconceptions and says that.. even if 4 they hv taken Pheras.. n he is fulfilling some of the promises.. so better not stay in some misconception or her heart with stop beating!

Madhu gets up and stars to walk and RK calls out saying that the door is closed! Madhu struggles to open the door and RK says.. guard tried.. he did.. but culdn open now superwoman Madhu will save them by opening.. it.. very good.. open it n save a favour! Madhu keeps knocking on the door! Suddenly the last remaining light in the studio goes off.. n Madhu is worried she looks inside the set.. n its all dark..! She is scared.! Madhu walks slowly and unsurely back inside the set..! She encounters a box and screams it..! Then a plate falls in front of her. .n she runs to RK and hugs him and bg – Kuch to bak hai! RK says.. so Madhu is scared of darkness. .n Madhu goes off! RK makes a bonfire… and puts a blanket near it and asks MAdhu to sit ..! RK says that he is trying to make the nite more beautiful..! He takes some newspapers .. and lights it..! Madhu is rubbing her hand..! RK comes near Madhu and offers her the biscuit but Madhu refuses..! RK goes and sits on the other side of the bonfire and keeps eating the biscuit..! He cuts his tounge and screams says.. so she cursed him or knows black magic? Radha is listening to news about Floods and short circuit! She keeps trying RKs moby but its out of coverage area! Bittu comes and informs Radha that studio door of Natraj is stuck so Rishbala are stuck and that coz of lot of water… they are not able to open it..! Radha prays for Rishbalas safety!

Madhu starts to feel sleepy! RK keeps looking at his pic with his father and recollects Radhas words to him about his behvaiour with Madhu ..! He asks the pic if he crossed his limits? If he thinks he did wrong? RK notices Madhu about to fall coz of being sleepy! He runs and holds her in time and helps her to rest her head on his shoulder! The duo fall asleep resting their heads on each other1

Next morning.. madhu wakes up and sees RKs hand on her shoulder and pushes it away! RK wakes up and says that she was about to lose balance! He touches his arm which is a bit sore..! Madhu stays mum! RK gets up! Madhu takes RKs wallet and sees the pics of his father n him in it..! She offers it back to him! RK snatches it from her hand! She tells RK that she din get the pics published! RK says.. would anything change? Nothing? RK says that she used those pics to make him bow down .. that his private moments became public ..! He says.. a person can bear their body being sold but not their memories!

Part 2

RK is about to step on a newspaper which has his childhood pics printed! Madhu sees and calls out to him! RK sits down and picks up the paper and looks at the pics! His face is cringed in pain and rage! RK says if not her.. now coz of this everyone else must have walked on these pics..these memories of his..! He says.. these must have sold at the cost of trash the next day! Madhu says.. whole world knows he is Mohan Kundras son.. n all have been kids.. they have such pics with their parents.. so what is in these pics that he does not want anyone to see them?


Part 3

RK says that yes.. they have all been kids … but no one has grown up suddenly..! The world knows RK .. but no one knew that this Rishu grew up in a matter of few moments .. and became RK! The world does not know that its the first nite that a 12 year old kid could not sleep .. and after that.. even now he has not been able to sleep..! The drinks bottle .. she thinks ..! World does not know that within 2 hours of the pics being clicked.. his father died! Madhu is shocked!

Precap — The door oepns and RK is carrying Madhu in his arms..! Media is there and clicking pics..! Madhu looks in daze at RK! BG – Bas haq hai ek mera…!


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    October 25, 13:45 Reply

    Madhu looks beautiful in black coat

  2. drishti
    October 25, 13:31 Reply

    So,His dark past make him so arrogant & rude…
    Poor,Rishu 🙁

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