Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st August 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st August 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

Paddo tells Madhu that she has lost .. n Madhu asks her to stop crying! She says that she is their strength … n now her both daughters wont let her lose!

Madhu tells Paddo that she once fought Ballo all alone for Trish.. but today.. they all will fight for Paddo..!

Shammo recollects RKs crude words n sulks !. A fellow chawl guy asks him not to think all that! Trish brings water n meds for Shammo! Madhu takes Paddo inside! Roma keeps drinking while crying!

RK is sitting by a pool with ddrinks .. wearing black vest n grey shorts… n lost in Madhus words! Trish pats Madhus head and comforts her as Madhu comforts Paddo! Trish sits with Paddo as Madhu excuses herself n lost in RKs crude words!

Mukku calls Madhu . .but Madhu is in is Mukku! Madhu breaksdown! Trish assures her!

RK is working out and Bittu says that RKs 95) heroine have become insecure after this! Bittu says chapter of Madhu is over but RK asks him to share unseen pics with all fans of RK via MMS!

Mukkus mom comes and throws the Shagun thal on the floor! Shammo tries to interrupt but Mukkus mom asks who he is? She raises questions on Paddos character and Madhu/Trishs legality!

Part 2

Mukkus mom asks Madhu if she din feel the need to tell Mukku about her facts?? Mukku doesnt know anything but RK knows everything … She accuses Madhu of fooling Mukku n taunts on Paddos character!

Madhu asks Mukkus mom not to raise fingers on Paddos character! Mukkus mom gets an sms right then n its RK-Madhus pic n she shows Paddo!

Part 3

She asks Madhu to step out and shows her the MMS pic! Shammo goes away fuming ! Mukkus mom says… ‘Madhu did sagai ek ke sath n rangraliya aneko ke sath’!

All security guards watch the pics.. at the studio n right then Shammo comes n bellows ..asking where is RK?

Precap: Shammo punches RKs bodyguard and RK calls out .. MASTER JI .. Shammo tries to reach to RK.. to whack him but the bodyguards keep restricting him..! Bittu is scared but RK stays calm!

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  1. Mythi
    September 27, 23:03 Reply

    RK-Head of Psycho 👿

  2. lola
    September 27, 15:22 Reply

    Love you vd and dd

  3. lola
    September 27, 15:20 Reply

    What will be hapend next

  4. lola
    September 27, 15:19 Reply

    Rk look so cute in precap

  5. aarya
    September 27, 13:53 Reply

    sd of vivian
    & bhut dream of rk….

  6. aarya
    September 27, 13:45 Reply

    @mythi picadmin, post pic chellam

    • Mythi
      September 27, 22:53

      Hm today no pics 🙁 i searched a lot but no pics yaar! I try to post next episode wu page 🙂

  7. drishti
    September 27, 12:32 Reply

    Still R.k does not realize his mistake .

  8. drishti
    September 27, 12:26 Reply

    horrible precap ,what going to be next ?

  9. drishti
    September 27, 12:23 Reply

    full of sadness in today’s episode.

  10. drishti
    September 27, 12:20 Reply

    today flop drama queen crossed her all limits.

  11. Sim
    September 27, 11:00 Reply

    Now the major hate track will start.

  12. drishti
    September 27, 11:00 Reply


    • Sim
      September 27, 11:01

      Hey drishti

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