Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st October 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st October 2012 Written Update Armu4eva

Part 1

Madhu promises Radha that this time Ganpati Bappa will surely come in their house and one day a son will return to his mother as well..! Radha says all this hatred, all this complaint only Madhu can have the courage to destroy! She wishes Madhu good luck and goes away! Madhu goes and sits on her bed and looks at the idol of Ganesh ji! Dips comes and asks Madhu why she is showing false dreams to Radha? She says that Madhu does not understand RK so thinks he will participate with everyone in all this ! Madhu says.. if in past Bappa was part of RKs life, he will return again! Dips tells Madhu that she has not seen RKs stubborness, he wont agree! Madhu says even RK has not seen her stubborness!

RK tells Bittu to cancel all shoots, photoshoots etc! Bittu tells RK that he was telling him the same thing earlier! RK says till the madness of the family members reduces, there is no need for stepping out of the house! RK comes to his room and sees Madhu smiling[ She is wearing a comfy kurti as nite suit]! He asks her why she is smiling? Madhu says there is no condition in the contract that prevents her from smiling! Madhu asks RK if he likes yellow or red? RK walks off! Madhu says strange! RK comes in shorts and tees! He keeps staring at Madhu! Madhu says sorry and gets up to go and sleep on the couch! Madhu is busy making some list! RK makes the partition of pillows and goes to lie down on his side of the bed! RK tells Madhu to sleep on the bed and now! Madhu says she has some work and refuses to sleep on the bed! RK switches off the light and Madhu shrieks! RK switches on the light! BG-Darmiyan! RK gets up and sits on the bed and recollects that Madhu is scared of darkness and says sorry to her! He tells her to come and lie down on the bed before he switches off the light again! Madhu goes and sits on her side of the bed as RK is lying down! Both of them are awake! Madhu asks RK if he likes yellow or red?! RK turns around and sleeps! She says she will ask next day morning and wishes him good nite!

Sikky comes to Kuku who is drinking! He asks Kuku why he is drinking? Kuku tells Sikky that Nair is asking them to return the advance he had paid to cast RK in the lead of his movie! Sikky says that they can return as they have not blown up the money yet! Kuku hits him and says if he wants him to remind where they blew the money? Kuku rues that ever since RK has banned them, everyone is cancelling their contracts! Sikky suggests to apologise to RK and request him to allow their equipments to be used for shoots! Kuku chides him and asks him to never repeat this! He says he may be a low person but not he is still not that low that he has to beg before RK! Kuku tells Sikky to tell Dips to expend less!He says.. ‘Jeb nahi dhela.. aur biwi khele mela-mela’!

Next day morning Dips comes and Radha too joins her to decorate the seat for Ganesh Puja! Dips asks Rahda to reconsider her decision but she averts! RK is playing game on his PSP when he hears drum noise! Madhu is walking in with Ganpati Idol! RK comes and sees the decorations and Radha doing Aarati of Ganpati Idol! Madhu chants Ganpati Bappas name loudly! Sikky/ Kuku all are dancing..! Sikky makes Dips dance! RK is fuming! Dips sees RK and smiles! RK is grinding his teeth! He walks towards Madhu! He comes and stands in Madhus way and says.. STOP! He asks what is happening in the house? He says that whole world, the family members and Madhus Bappa knows that where RK stays.. he (Bappa) cant stay! He tells Madhu that he had told earlier that he does not believe in him! Madhu says no need for him to believe but he cannot stop others! She says that she believes in Bappa and this time he is not letting her go to her home so she decided to bring Bappa to their home (here)! Madhu says Bittu told her that for 10 days RK does not step outside the house so better he stay in his room and Bappa will stay in the hall! Madhu asks RK to step aside as she has to put Babaji in his place! RK stays put! Madhu asks all to play the drums! Madhu says no one will get punished for this.. n if they do.. she will be the one to face the punishment! All start to play the drums! RK keeps fuming! RK-Madhu eyelock! RK glares at the idol and then steps out of the way! Madhu says ‘Ganpati Bappa .. Morya’ and goes and places the Idol in its seat! RK is left fuming!

Part 2

RK is walking off and Madhu calls out to him and says its the first aarati of Bappa, so wont he come? RK says he wont be part of this drama and throws Madhus Aarati thal! Some gulaal falls on his face and Madhu says willingly or unwillingly, he has been drenched in the color of Bappa! RK sees the Gulaal on his face and fumes some more and walks off!

Madhu is doing Bappas Aarati! She has the saree pallu draped on her head! RK watches on! Everyone in the family is praying along with Madhu! Dips keeps smirking!

Part 3

Madhu chants ‘Ganpati Bappa morya’! Radha self thot… thank u for coming home! Madhu self thot.. give me strength to fulfill my promise to Radha ..and also to help bring back faith and trust in RKs life again! She asks for blessings from Bappa as RK looks on! Screen freezes on Madhus face!

Precap — Madhu tells Radha that she will make RK tie the Mouli! Radha asks Madhu if she is sure RK will tie the Mouli? RK tells Madhu to give him one strong reason why he should believe in her God?! Madhu tells RK that he has two options .. he can tie the Mouli .. or he can tie the Mouli so which option he likes?

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  1. aarya
    November 02, 08:04 Reply

    @drishti I mean in starting male lead don’t believe in god, & female lead try to make them believe in god.
    Rk in mb
    arnab in ipkknd
    shlok in ipkknd 2
    jalal in ja
    & many more but nt in mind now

  2. aarya
    November 02, 01:04 Reply

    y all male lead often don’t believe in god ๐Ÿ˜‰
    yellow -red secret?

    • drishti
      November 02, 01:29

      all male lead,like ??

  3. aarya
    November 02, 01:00 Reply

    y all male lead often don’t believe in god ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. aksa
    November 01, 10:49 Reply

    RK u r just absolutely great.

  5. aksa
    November 01, 10:49 Reply

    Wow what an episode it was just really amazing I love it.

    • drishti
      November 01, 10:53

      me too like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Abygail
    October 02, 10:39 Reply

    I like rishabala scenes very much…….when i see madhubala ek……. Junoon i eagerly wait for rishabala scenes . I think that even though madhu says that she didn’t like rk but he has a little place her heart then why should she pray for him

  7. Anonymous
    October 02, 07:06 Reply

    superb attitude of madhu
    i just love rishbala moments…

  8. Anonymous
    October 02, 06:36 Reply

    add the pictures plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. KSG!!
    October 01, 16:50 Reply

    This is probably the only show that doesn’t drag every little thing!!:)

  10. shruti
    October 01, 16:12 Reply

    thanks fr the update i am tvholic but as my xam are approaching i see ur update via mibile and no one doubt especially parents…..i am blissed bcoz of u guys

  11. Anonymous
    October 01, 14:00 Reply

    Today episode is superb….and especially madhu dialogues. Lovely rk madhu moments ….(bedroom & precap scene the most )

  12. Khyati
    October 01, 12:45 Reply

    Whatever RK says he cares for Madhu. He turned on d light just bcoz Madhu is afraid of darkness. Nd i didn’t understand dis option of red or yellow. Why was she asking so????

  13. Khyati
    October 01, 12:38 Reply

    Wow! Lagta hai Madhu is influenced by RK. After all dis RK only has 2 options- either start believing in Bappa or start believing in Bappa!;-)

  14. kr
    October 01, 12:12 Reply

    really super add picture also fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. shyma
    October 01, 11:56 Reply

    nwdays madhu is acting like rk by using his dialouges……


  16. dejavoozie
    October 01, 11:52 Reply

    ds girl is smtng… i lyk d way she givs rk 2 options… hahaha

  17. 123
    October 01, 11:49 Reply

    Wow!!! Love this show!! Thanks for a quick update. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. sweety
    October 01, 11:49 Reply

    tx for the update. . . superb. . now days rk hear to madhu words. .

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