Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th August 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th August 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 20th August Written Episode

Recap — Paddo tells Madhu that its not a wedding but a drama by RK to harass her! RK comes and asks Paddo how dare she enter the house! Paddo says that along with RK, her daughter too stays in the house ! RK says her daughter is nothing more than a servant! RK tells Madhu that..samaan is what RK gets on the set and where RK is king and all present on the set are his subjects!

Part 1

RK tells that …one day a girl comes and slaps RK …on the sets…now thats called apmaan…! Madhu says.. he deserves it! RK punches the boxing bag and it hits Madhu and she repeats saying yes! RK asks Madhu what she said?? He closes in on Madhu and asks her again! He says that if he deserved that apmaan..what is she now? RK says that he thot a lot what to do with Madhu to avenge the slap ! RK says he wanted to kidnap Madhu/ throw acid on her face or end this story by ending her but if he did all that.. there wont be any difference between RK and a streetside criminal! RK says that he is a hero. .not a villain ..but he culdn leave Madhu! RK says..if he left her ..her dad wuld have either survived or died! In a few years Madhu wuld have married some middle class guy and had his kids..having forgotten RKs insult! He says that RKs life wuld stop at that slap but Madhus life wuld have gone ahead! RK says..thats why he married her.. coz her life is now in his control.. n she can screm.. crib. breakdown…but all in front of him..and till his ears forget the sound of the slaps and till his heart says.. ‘Scores even RK’! Madhu is dazed! RK walks away!

Madhu says.. ..if RK is dying to see her in pain see her crib .. n cry and die.. then he will keep wanting… .coz the soil she is made of.. she isnt gonna budge..! She resolves to see who gives in first.. she or RK!

At the breakfast table.. RK is sitting and asks about Biwi and the servant informs him that Madhu is in her room! RK asks the servant to call Madhu! Madhu is sleeping by the side of her bed! RK screams.. ‘Biwi’! He keeps screaming loudly .. n Madhu wakes up and covers her ears! Servant comes with dresses for her as RK asked her to change but Madhu refuses! RK comes in the room and says her hubby is not so poor that his wife has to wear one outfit all the time! He says that the scene she wore the bridal outfit for is over better to get ready for next scene! He asks her to choose but Madhu refuses! RK says its not for her need .. its for his need! RK says Madhu is Mrs. Rishab Kundra.. so whatever outfit she wears once.. she will throw after wearing it for his sake! Madhu still refuses! RK shows Madhu her mangalsutra and says..its a PERMIT ..that is in case a hubbys wife is unable to change her clothes..a hubby can help his wife to change her clothes! RK says.. he can help her but Madhu agrees to wear new otufit..! Madhu asks where they are going? RK says.. only one person has the right to ask question and thats RK! He says that.. he and Madhu are once again the headlines of all newspapers!

Trish is reading the newspapers and cribs and says that Paddos ladli daughter is celebrating her honeymoon while they are serving Shammo ! Paddo stays motionless! Trish rues that she is getting to know about her sis thru the papers! Trish asks Paddo what her ladli has done for the family? Paddo says it doesnt matter to her anymore coz she knows that whatever Madhu did was for the family! Paddo asks Trish to look into Madhus eyes.. to see the helplessness! Paddo asks Trish if she knows the hell thru which Madhu is going thru the previous nite? She says.. that to save Shammo ..Madhu sacrificed herself but Trish is busy cribbing! Paddo says.. its not Trishs fault since even God too cant figure out what is going on! Paddo rues that if God culd understand Madhu wont be in these conditions!

Trish taunts Paddo saying that her hearts truth has come to her mouth.. ‘Her daughter’ … !! Trish says that she can see Madhus sacrifice but not Trishs broken dreams and life! Trish says.. Paddo will understand step daughters pain when she will be able to get over .. her own daughters trials and tribulations! Trish goes away! Paddo rues saying that one daughters life is destroyed and another is hell bent to ruin her own life and yet God is sitting quiet and watching! Trishs phone rings and its Roma! Trish asks..what .. and how? Paddo is worried and asks the matter! Trish says.. Shammo …and Paddo is scared!

Part 2

RK and Madhu come to the shoot in RKs car and Madhus phone rings and RK takes her phone and keeps it on silent mode saying that at shoot phone should be silent! RK comes towards Madhus side and opens the car door and says .. ‘Khushamdeed, shukriya, meherbani Mrs. Kundra for coming to the shoot!’ He pulls Madhu out of the car and BG – Tere ishq pe! RK puts his arms around Madhu and Madhu tries to fight but RK holds on!


Part 3

RK says that the girl on whose waist RK puts his hand… there is a smile on her face and charm on her face and asks Madhu to smile..! He squeezes her waist and forces her to smile and takes her along with him on the sets! RK and Madhu come and stand on a bridge made on the sets and RK screams out ‘Ladies and gentleman’! He introes Madhu as Mrs. Madhubala Rishab Kundra! All are taken aback! He says she is his life .. his arrogance and his junoon (passion & obsession)!

Trish-Paddo arrive at the hosp to see Shammo who is still unconscious! Paddo asks Roma the matter and Doc shares that Shammos condition has declined the previous nite and that the medicines given were not working ..! Doc suggests them to call all the relatives! All are shocked!

Everyone on the set are dazed! RK asks them why they are shocked and that they have all met her before..! He reminds them how Madhu taunted him.. and slapped him and today she is there on the set..with him. holding his hand! He says their love story is not less than any film and that there are many twists and turns in it! RK asks Madhu if she wont slap him and RK says that Madhu regrets the slap and hence is here! RK asks everyone if they wanna know what Madhu told him on the wedding bed? RK says.. he will tell and comes closer to the unit guys! RK says that Madhu told him that she wants to make up for the insults and she will fulfill her hubbys wishes both on the set and home! RK says that from today Madhu will be on the set as RKs personal SPOT! Madhu is taken aback! RK says that its not his decision but Madhus wish to be RKs .. SPOT GIRL!


Precap — RK asks Madhu if she has forgotten what is written in the contract? Madhu says that the contract is not bigger than Shammo for her! RK twists Madhus arm and says that no one is bigger than RK in Madhus life now! Madhu tells RK that its better if RK doesnt compare himself to Shammo.. as it will be Shammos insult! RK fumes! Madhu says.. that RK doesnt know what respect is! RK glares!


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  1. Mythi
    October 08, 02:46 Reply

    Nice episode!
    Love you Rishbala 😛

  2. aarya
    October 07, 13:36 Reply

    nice episode … now I think rk is also in a difficult situation. He has to take revenge but also has to maintain superstar status. that’s y he is giving new dress to madhu & them making her a spot girl…
    in upcoming episodes it will b interesting to watch how rk manges both status & how madhu face it.

  3. drishti
    October 07, 13:16 Reply

    WOW ! R.K brings beautiful dresses for madhu . good choice R.k.

  4. drishti
    October 07, 12:48 Reply

    slaping girlturns into R.k’s spot girl. very bad

  5. drishti
    October 07, 12:39 Reply

    Trish always misunderstands madhu.

  6. drishti
    October 07, 12:27 Reply

    Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe,bas haq hai ek mera…..

    what an amazing song & junoon full song !

    • drishti
      October 07, 12:34

      Only written & sung for R.K the superstar.

  7. drishti
    October 07, 12:21 Reply


  8. Sim
    October 07, 11:05 Reply

    RK is looking very handsome

  9. Sim
    October 07, 11:04 Reply

    RK totally rocks!!!

  10. aksa
    October 07, 10:58 Reply

    Wow awesome RK Love y even though the show finished still commenting.

  11. AMLP
    August 21, 04:06 Reply


  12. AJ
    August 20, 16:57 Reply

    awwwww poor madu 🙁

  13. RiMa
    August 20, 12:58 Reply

    great written update 🙂 thanks for adding the pictures =)

    aww, poor Madhu :'(

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