Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th September 2012 Written Update by drashsree100

Madhubala 20th September Written Episode

Film Studio

Same scene continues where RK reveals his dad’s death . He says that day itself in evening I did funeral of my father , my happiness n everything was lost … thus these weren’t just pics but a part of my life or my life that existed till that moment ! Meanwhile Bittuji enters with people to take them out . RK hearing noises goes out where Bittuji clarifies relentless showers & filled roads the reason of their delay . RK asks Bittuji to wait for 2 mins n he’ll come out . He goes asks Madhu to change . After changing she comes out , hands over his coat n thanks him… RK notices the dori of her blouse untied . He stops her & tries to tie the dori but feels real awkward & hesitates . Finally unable to tie it feeling uneasy he simply covers her back with the sari aanchal , drapes it around her & scoops her up in arms since the car was placed quite far from studio . The moment door opens they are faced with the throng of media but he nonchalantly carries her in front of them . Madhu’s expression is soft .


He takes her to chawl to meet Paddy . Therealso he tries to carry her but Madhu says she can walk . With RK”s help she reaches her house & Paddy opens the door . Paddy showers tons of questions on Madhu’s whereabouts & reasons why she left ! the obvious notion she concludes that RK might have done something but Madhu stands in front of RK defending that he’s innocent & did not do anything . She does not know but she just left the house & was about to call Paddy when RK found her & brought her here. Paddy informs that RK came here as well last night to find her. Finally Paddy tells her never to do such things … Madhu bids bye to Paddy asking her to take care & Paddy does the same .

RK mansion

Madhu tries to say something when RK stops her & asks not to look at him like that . He reduces 10 lacs from the sum that she’s supposed to repay . RK tells Madhu to forget everything , that was a weak moment when he opened his most dark secret to her ! but that does not change anything , he knows Madhu lied to her mum for him but he doesn’t want pity n sympathy from her … the entire family is waiting so they should get going . Madhu again has difficulty to walk so RK scoops her up & enters mansion .

Madhu in RK’s arms is witnessed by Radhajee & Kukku . Radhajee again grets them with tons of questions on their being & whereabouts when RK puts in there’s no big deal that he spent a night with his wife where their hearts came close and they shared some talks , there’s nothing to get hyper ! saying so he proceeds towards stairs only to be halted by a voice .


Entry of Deepali

Deepali comes & says that RK just wasn’t there for 1 night & he’s greeted so grandly . She goes to say that what he thought she’ll stay in London only ; she got few days off so she came here . She looks at Madhubala and tells that since she landed she has heard loads about the latter ! RK musn’t have said anything to her so she introduces herself that to whole world RK lives with in this house alone but that’s not the case ! she’s the daughter-in-law of this house .
Madhu’s , well , trying to grasp what she just heard when RK lifts her once again & asks Bittuji to call the doctor . Saying that he proceeds to his room where scene focuses on Deepali smirking ‘


Precap — RK tells Madhu you must be thinking that I share such weird relationships with my mom , step father & brother ! well Deepali’s relation with me is also of that sort an imposed one ‘..


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  1. aksa
    October 27, 08:23 Reply

    The first time I saw Deepali and RK was their and gets absolutely furious I never even thought for a second that they were married but yes I had a feeling that he liked her and she betrayed badly that is why he has so much hatred for her.

  2. aarya
    October 27, 00:27 Reply

    now who is she.. deepaliiii devil
    if rk loves her ???

    • Mythi
      October 27, 03:02

      Nooooo 🙁 I dont think he loves her 👿

  3. drishti
    October 27, 00:07 Reply

    now i think may be madhu is trying to understand R.k after knowing his truth.

    • Mythi
      October 27, 03:03

      Hmmm 🙁 🙂

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