Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st December 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st December 2012 Written Update

Part 1

Shammo gets veggies.. n observes Paddo in the house.. Paddo asks..if he got sarso n paneer.. n the duo speak at the same time.! Shammo thanks Paddo for coming back n saving the family from breaking! Shammo rues about breaking Madhus trust. faith n belief ! He also rues of breaking Madhus heart!

Madhu is cooking …palak Radha comes! Madhu shares that in winters they used to make sarso with paneer at home! She gives a bit to Radha to taste n recollects about time spent with Trish! Madhu asks servant to pack it for RK! Radha shares how RKs dad used to make for him ..! Doorbell rings n Paddo comes! Madhu comes n hugs Paddo..! Radha excuses herself..! Paddo talks about Shammo missing her.. n also feeling guilty .. ! She shares how RK came and made her realise that by distancing oneself.. one cannot solve things..! Madhu is delighted .. when Paddo says.. RK told how love makes one make mistakes.. knowing n unknowingly ..! Paddo asks Madhu to forgive Shammo n move ahead! RK comes and asks Madhu to come with him n Paddo too..! He drives them to the chawl..!

RK says..that Madhus heart n head runs proper.. n tells that Madhu forgave RK who ruined her life.. n fell for him n Shammo is the person who has saved her life.. n raised her.. she should forgive n hug Shammo ! RK says..that.. if theres a connection of heart. only then connection of tears is possible! RK wishes All the best to Madhu .. n says.. not to stop crying as she looks cute crying! He heads off..! Shammo is fixing the photoframe n Trish-Madhus pic falls on the floor..! Madhu picks up! She helps Shammo fix the frame.! Madhu hugs Shammo..! Paddo thanks God that things r getting fixed..!

At work.. RK is shooting…and suddenly there is noise of ambulance.. n RK screams..! Guard stops Ballu .. n he says.. he cant hear the security..! Bittu comes.. n Ballu says kabootar boy … Ballu storms inside the studio n drags Bittu along..! Ballu claps for RKs performance. n RK fumes n set guys too! Ballu hugs him! RK screams on Ballu n asks him to get OUT …! Bittu takes Ballu out..!

Part 2

Bittu asks Ballu to sit quietly in RKs vanity van n not touch anything! He asks Bittu to get drinks for him! Madhu arrives at the studio! Ballu smells tasty food n starts to eat RKs food … He finds the taste similar to Paddos style..!

He reads forecast of his past coming infront of him .. Right then Madhu is walking towards the vanity van after learning that RK is shooting!

Part 3

Madhu walks in and finds Ballu eating RKs food n Ballu introes himself as RKs friend.. n asks who is she?

Precap — Ballu tells Madhu that he feels he has some relation with her! Ballu starts to walk towards Madhu singing.. Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi ..! Madhu worried!


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  1. aarya
    December 27, 13:39 Reply

    tera mujhe se h pehle ka nata koi
    yun hi nhi dil lubhata koi
    for ballu this song is like…
    tera mujhse h pehle ka nata koi
    yun hi nhi khana kisi ka kha jata koi

    • drishti
      December 28, 03:58

      hehehe 😀 😀

  2. drishti
    December 27, 09:03 Reply

    ballu & mb ‘s 1st meet
    what will happen now 🙄

  3. Kriya
    December 24, 08:40 Reply

    C u in 2days comment page…
    I hv 2 go 2 market….

  4. Kriya
    December 24, 08:38 Reply

    Function is postponed yar..its on 29th now…
    Well my practise is complete….
    Coz frst they told function is 2moro…
    So i practicd accordingly..
    But my practice is complete…
    Ab thoda or acche se ho jaega…

    • aps
      December 24, 08:43

      Hmm….chalo dats also gud as u’ll get more tym for practice which’l make u efficient to give a phadu performance on 29th…:-)

    • aps
      December 24, 08:32

      How was ur practise today 4 ur performance at d clg..?? Hope u ekdam ready 4 it..

  5. Kriya
    December 24, 08:25 Reply

    Ohh yeah can i forgt u…
    Actually anonymous was written there….so i asked…

  6. aps
    December 24, 08:22 Reply

    Gud eve frends…

  7. Anonymous
    December 24, 08:14 Reply

    Main wohi (mini) hun jisne tmhe good girl kaha tha did u rmember u tel me ful form of TRP.:-)

    • aps
      December 24, 08:30

      Hey mini…ofcurse mb is d bst n wil b d bst

  8. Kriya
    December 24, 08:10 Reply

    Anonymous..plz tell ur name yar…

  9. Anonymous
    December 24, 06:38 Reply

    Haan shocking to thy result par Madhubala is best show madhubala was best madhubala will b best forever after all vivian aur drashti jo lead pair hain:-)

  10. Anonymous
    December 24, 06:25 Reply

    Tum log Thank u b nahi bol sakty TRP ke result ke liye jo meny btaya, mera dil hi tod dala.;-(

    • aps
      December 24, 06:29

      Thankt so much 4 trp shocking rslts

    • Kriya
      December 24, 08:09

      Ohh teri…
      Sry yar..
      Thank u..

  11. aps
    December 24, 06:19 Reply

    Hmm..apun log mb dkhte the dkhte hai aur dkhte rehenge…aur ek na ek din mb b sare records todega..

  12. Kriya
    December 24, 05:48 Reply

    Well wat v hv 2 do wid trp..
    Apna toh mb hi massst jhakkas show h…trp se kya hota h…

  13. Kriya
    December 24, 05:45 Reply

    Not only this wen d leads of d show do smthng good…they r lyk jaise khud ne bahut bada kaam kia h..
    Itne khush ho jaate h jaise pta nai kya…
    I hv seen this at my nani n taiji’s house…they watch dis diya baati..
    Thank god is maamle mein meri mummy sahi h..woh ye idiot shows nai dekhti…

    • aps
      December 24, 06:17

      Realy yar unhe aisa lagta hai jaise unke ghr mein h kisi ne kiya ho n i’m too lucky k yeh shws mere ghr par b koi ni dkhta….my mum watch uttaran n mb….

  14. aps
    December 24, 05:39 Reply

    I jst dn’t undrstand why people dn’t waatch new n unique strylines wahin same ghissi pitti stries dy watch

  15. Kriya
    December 24, 05:37 Reply

    Yeah…kuch toh gadbad h daya pta lagao…hehe…
    Pta h abt these shows my mom says them ghatiya…

  16. aps
    December 24, 05:31 Reply

    I thnk k rslts mein kch jhol hai..i mean hw cm simar b on 2 iski jagah koi aur hota lyk balikavadhu to ek bar smjh skte the becoj these serials including diya bati mostly ladies watch..

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