Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd October 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd October 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

Cops come and stop Shammo ..! They ask who he is and what he is doing there? He says only Mrs. Kundra or Bittu can be there..! They ask for Gate pass..! Madhu overhears and then asks cops to let Shammo go as he is her father! Madhu offers to leave Shammo out but Shammo says he can go!

Radha is shocke dto hear that RK has been attacked again! She wonders aloud.. what is happening to him! Dips wonders out aloud.. how despite so much security can attack him? Radha says that its better to bring him home soon! RK asks Madhu not to get so troubled.. as nothing happened to him.. and also.. if anything happens she can stand in front of him to save his life..! RK tells Madhu that he is fine.. and his no is no..! Madhu pulls his hand and blows air on it ..! She says.. that.. infection wuld have increased and she would have had to .. n RK says..cut his hand..! RK says..that if she is stealing his dialgoues.. better to give respect n say it fully..! Madhu asks him not to talk crap! BG – Hum hai dewane!

Madhu keeps stealing glances at RK .. as she bandages his hand..! RK too looks at her..! Eyelocks..! Madhu looks away!

Bittu chides.. the cops and asks what is going on? Constable says that.. the guy was wearing the Docs attire so..! Bittu says..that.. the man who attacked RK is out and till he is caught neither he will breathe easy nor let them!

Doc comes and asks if Madhu tied the bandage. n she says yes..! He puts tetanus injection on RK..! RK grimaces..! Madhu looks on! Doc leaves! Madhu asks RK to sleep ..! Bittus cell rings..and Radha tells him to bring RK home.. and all treatment will be at home infront of her eyes! Bittu asks Radha to talk to Madhu and says..RK is fine and out of danger! Radha says..she is too worried and cant take anymore risk! Bittu says he will consult the Docs and get back to her!

Bittu tells Doc that they want to take RK home..1 Doc says.. RK is not fully fit yet! Bittu assures to arrange Docs nurses.. at home.. and Doc asks him to keep all arrangements ready at home.and ensure no infection..! Bittu assures and Doc agrees to discharge RK! RK at home..!

Radha checks on RK ..and smiles out of relief! Bittu gets calls from industry.. to check on him..! Radha says.. not to disturb RK! RAdha says..all will stay away from RK even family people! Madhu asks her to rest easy and assures to keep everyone away from RK ! Radha asks Madhu to stay with RK! Madhu lies on the bed and recollects the shooting.. and all that happened..! She is in tears! The second attack..! She turns to check on RK..! BG – Hum hai dewane!

She keeps looking at RK and keeps crying..! RK overhears her cry and looks at her… BG – Male version of Tere Dewane! RK reaches out to Madhu but stops right before touching her.! He recollects Madhus words to him about why she gave blood to him! The duo look at each other.. and BG goes on – Tu hai sirf meri..fir bhi kyun hai duri darmiyan.. ! Madhu turns away and keeps crying..! RK keeps looking at her ..! RK gets up and gives her tissues and says .. how at 8 years age he and his dad had gone for trekking.. and he had gotten hurt coz of slipping..! Madhu gets up and RK starts walking and he used to cry a lot seeing his injuries.. and his dad told him that if he keeps focussing on the hurt.. he wont be able to stop crying and if he wants to stop crying he has to take out the feeling of pain from his heart and mind and he did exactly the same and his tears stopped! Madhu comes and stands next to him and RK says.. that wanna say. .n Madhu complets that she should not cry? RK says that when his father left.. him .. he decided to use his fathers suggestion to forget his injuries.. to stop his tears.. but no.. he culd not stop crying..maybe coz his father was not there..! RK says that whenver he thought of it.. he used to curse himself..!

Part 2

Madhu tells RK that whatever happened was not his fault..! RK says that even if she says 1000 times he wont believe .. just like she tried the previous nite..! He tells her that he remembers everything… ! He tells Madhu that he should thank her for the previous nite and saving his life 3 times.. but he wont.. but at the max this is what he is gonna say..! RK says..that if his dad was in his life ..then there wont be so many drama in his life.. nor so many injury on his heart..! RK turns to go to the bed and grimaces in pain and MAdhu holds him..! RK asks her to leave him and that he can go and sleep on his own but Madhu says..she still wants to hold his hand.. HER WISH!

Part 3

Madhu says.. that she is not saying anything new.. and that he knows she is stubborn like him and that they have same blood..! RK asks if she needed to say this? Madhu helps.. RK to lie down on the bed..! BG – Tu hi hai maula.. tu hi hai kazi .. tere dewane!

MAdhu lies on her side of the bed with her back on RKand both RK-Madhu are awake!

Precap — Shammo is walking upto her bed and hides the knife and Paddo asks where he went and from where he is coming! Shammo stays quiet!

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  1. aarya
    November 15, 13:21 Reply

    which ghost 👿 dislike it…

    • drishti
      November 16, 05:39

      THANHS 🙂

  2. Mythi
    November 15, 10:59 Reply

    OMG! Wat a Mindblowing episode 😉 Just loved it a lotttttt
    Love you Rishbala 😛

    • drishti
      November 15, 11:11


  3. drishti
    November 15, 10:27 Reply

    most melodious bg song 🙂 😛

  4. lavanya
    October 23, 06:48 Reply

    the pair is looking cute.drasti…. U look very decent and homely.keep it up

  5. lavanya
    October 23, 06:44 Reply

    nice to see madhu & rk together.increase serial time and include some romantic scenes b/n both

  6. Deepa varma
    October 23, 01:09 Reply

    Plz try to add the dialogue which rk used earlier for madhu.the sequence is as follows-
    Madhu-“tum muskura kyon rahe he ho”
    Rk-“mere mukurane ke do reasons hai muskura te huey kahi handsome lagta hu, n
    2.aj kal tum se koi bhi bat manwan kitna asan ho gya hai”

    Plzzzzzz try bring this sequence like rk asking madu y is she smiling n madhu replies in the same manner as rk did replies to her this question
    Plzzzzzz try to include this thing this sequence plzzzzzz……

  7. shalini
    October 23, 00:44 Reply

    nice episode. nice scene of Rk and madhubala

  8. Anonymous
    October 23, 00:19 Reply

    Whoever tries to separate rk n madhu….for any reason…..but unforunately ends up by bringing them more close to each other :-)…..this time the shamsher did the same thing 😉

  9. ruby
    October 22, 14:54 Reply

    picture please………..

  10. Anonymous
    October 22, 14:32 Reply

    Plz plz can sum1 giv te link to download the new background song…

  11. Zara
    October 22, 14:16 Reply

    Best epi ever love rishbala

  12. ishika
    October 22, 13:27 Reply

    we all r lovng to see rishbala togethr n hpe to see d same in upcmng epi….
    i hope dat as d upcmng news sae dat dips will humiliate madhu i m hpng to see rk tkng madhu’s side n humiliatng dips instead…….
    i hate dips she is stooping so low just for fame n mny…..

  13. Anonymous
    October 22, 13:15 Reply

    nice to see long rishbala moments…….like in today’s episode maximum parts are of rishbala love to see that …..hope to see more in coming episode………. otherwise usually i get bored by looking those ugly dips,kukku-sikky scenes ;(

    plz writerji…… we all want to see more of rishbala scenes as shown today:)long n heart-touchy:)

  14. Roop
    October 22, 13:09 Reply

    K…so thre is a startng of feelngs….soon v’ll c lv 2 happen…:))hope so!!

  15. Ritz
    October 22, 12:44 Reply

    Plzz add pics soon ….!! cant wait to see rishbala together 🙂

  16. Anonymous
    October 22, 12:37 Reply

    truly said madhu………..”tum dono ziddi ho” and its love to see your “ziddipan”;)

    one thing i feel today………….for the first time rk has shared his feelings and moments related to his father with madhu on his own 🙂

    moreover today i loved all the rishbala moments ………especially the hospital scene and bedroom scene where they admire each other but hiding their love for each other as well;)

  17. Anonymous
    October 22, 12:26 Reply

    awesome episode today…………….especially rishbala moments;)…………….moreover today love the way madhu made rk to listen her during hospital scene and its for the first time rk listens her for what she said to him.

    awesome…… male version romantic song recorded (i said awesome but in actual i have no words to express for this song);)

    hope to see some more of romantic moments in coming episodes;)

  18. Vidushi
    October 22, 12:24 Reply

    Love 2 see more rishab bala moments soon….cant wait..

  19. kr
    October 22, 12:10 Reply

    so nice and awesome plzzz add the pictures

  20. rk madhubala fan
    October 22, 12:07 Reply

    It seems like they are both starting 2 fall in love withe each other. One can’t stand the other in pain and the other can’t see that one in tears. The problem is that they both don’t know how to express it.
    Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes

  21. revz
    October 22, 11:51 Reply

    Hiii….so our hero s opnin his heart 2 his madhu…means more rishbala moments…

  22. aanya
    October 22, 11:41 Reply

    thnx 4 d update ..
    u knoe wat all d rishbala fans were eagerly waiting for dis moment ..
    n here it comes..
    after very long i m watching any serial .
    i loved dmg, mjht,hhl n now madhubala..

  23. Barsha
    October 22, 11:36 Reply

    Madhu …..u r in love!!!…

    • Anonymous
      October 22, 12:46

      not only madhu is in love but rk is also in love too but both are hiding their feelings and love too………..this can be seem when rk raises his hand to wipe off madhu’s tears 🙂

    • drishti
      November 15, 10:32

      hmm 🙂 🙂

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