Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th July 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th July 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

The journo calls her assistant and tells to publish RK-Madhu thingy as headline for the afternun edition!

Madhu is admiring her ring n smiling! Trish comes and teases her for glowing n asks what cream she is using! Madhu is confused n Trish teases her for using Mukku beauty cream which is applied on heart n glow is on face!

Madhu splashes her towel and drops fall on Mukku..! Madhu asks what he is doing n he says.. passing by! Trish teases Madhu! Right then Shammo comes and Madhu-Trish run inside! Shammo invites him to come in!

Trish brings milk n fruits etc .. n Mukku wonders if its for him? Trish says no for Shammo n Roma gives Paratha to Mukku! Paddo teases saying that next time she will make Sabu dana vada.. as Madhu said is Mukkus fave! Madhu is embarassed! Mukku touches Madhu with his leg and Trish sees.. Madhu kicks Mukku and he screams.. n says.. its spicy!

Madhu runs away and Mukku follows but all stop him and make him sit! Trish prompts him to say OFFICE and he says and runs off thanking Trish! Mukku follows Madhu! Madhu chides him saying she is SAGAI-Shuda Mukku praises Madhu for her beauty n says.. she is so magnetic that he follows her on his own!

Paddo sees Madhu-Mukku cutely yapping n prays that may they be happy always!

The Edition is ready with the headlines .. Journo says.. the girl is finished!

Madhu-Mukku are strolling and Madhu asks if he has no work n he says.. half day.. coz of FEVER of LOVE! He says the ring he is wearing is his destiny .. that lot of happiness r gonna come and the ring he has given her is a promise of happiness!

Madhu suggests for TEA and both go! Mukku shows brochures to Madhu for one BHK flat n shares he wants to take advance! Madhu says. .she wants a house which is Mukku facing! Right then the newspaper bundles are delivered at the tea stall! Mukku-Madhu lost in each other.. n Mukku sets Madhus hair! (BG – Bahara)

A guy reads paper n stares at Madhu..! Mukku-Madhu feel odd n leave! As they walk.. all stare at them!

Part 2

Shubhangi complaints about Mukku becoming useless ever since he got engaged! She n her hubby argue..!

He praises Madhu n says.. she is a decent and well behaved girl n will b good wife and daughter in law! Shubhangi hears door bell n gets paper and sees first page which is of RK-Madhu!

She curses on Madhus name and asks her hubby to inquire on this!

Part 3

Trish is waiting for the engagement pics and Shammo says he will get while returning! Right then a chawl guy calls Shammo out n shows the paper! Shammo fumes! Paddo asks the matter!

She takes the paper n is shocked seeing RK-Madhu on front page! Paddo is panicked!

Phone rings and Mukkus sis picks up and is annoyed when the caller abuses Madhu!

Precap — Mukkus mom screams on Paddo about the kind of girl Madhu is.. n that all are asking her if she is gonna make RKs ITEM her …daughter in law? Madhu overhears n is crying!

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  1. drishti
    September 22, 23:33 Reply

    waiting for the next episode.

  2. aarya
    September 22, 11:16 Reply

    go away dislikers…….

  3. Sim
    September 22, 11:13 Reply

    Now mukund’s mother will do a lot of drama and create a big scene. She is so melodramatic.

  4. aarya
    September 21, 15:19 Reply

    poor madhu..
    very soon it will b poor rk…. huh

    • i love ipkknd
      July 29, 01:38

      dont say this please. rk is doing wonderful acting.

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