Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th April 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th April 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 27th April 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Dips accuses Madhu of having a mission.. having a plan …n that she is fooling RK..with her.. blue eyed B.f .. Sultan aur Sultaniya ka khubsurat PREM GAME!

Madhu is quiet.. Dips says .. Chawlbala becomes VAMP-bala!

Dips asks Madhu to leave when Madhu grabs her arm n squeezes .. n Dips hurts n Madhu says..she has right.. n has big plan.. n Sultan is part.. so lets call RK rightaway!

Madhu calls out to RK n he comes .. Madhu leaves Dips arm .. n asks Dips to say what she wants to RK Dips is quiet..!

RK says …reservation is for 2.. no third allowed.. Bahut Nainsafi.. n Madhu says.. Nahi sarkar.. Dips Bhabhi is not coming along n RK says.. so Madhu has to be shot.. n teases her .. n Madhu too teases Dips!

RK says.. three things are ominous… black cat crossing path… someone sneezing n Dips opening mouth! Madhu asks Dips to say. .n Dips stammers n says.. Madhu is looking pretty! RK says.. the gown is looking pretty on Madhu n Rishbala head off!

Sultan teaches Aryan how to put covers on cushion n Aryan asks..why they cant meet Madhu? Coz RK dun like him n that he doesnt like RK n Madhu too doesnt like RK!

Aryan asks why Madhu is staying with RK?? Sultan says..they will find the reason soon

Aryan asks..why all good people cant stay together? him ..sultan . kaka.. n madhu? Sultan says..cant answer n asks him to drink milk n sleep!

Sikky is combing his hair.. n Dips comes .. cribbing.. saying Chawl bala needs to be brought to ground..! Sikky says.. Dips looks like Tandoori Chicken as in hot..! Dips tells Sikky that.. Madhu is not as simple as they think!

Dips is wondering what to do.. n finds a way the BLUE EYED loverboy .. n taking moby number from Paddo..! The other diners see RK n gush!

Manager offers shampagne.. n RK says.. veggie .. so need water only! RK tells Madhu that.. he feels like feeding drinks to Madhu so some secrets come out…n asks Madhu what secret she is hiding?

Madhu says.. secret?

RK says.. ‘Batooni Badmash Ankhe . jo aaj meri ankho me nahi dekh rahi.. jaise dar rahi hai..koi raz khul na jaye’!

Part 2

Madhu says.. her eyes did speak to his eyes

RK says..lemme stare back n they have a stare see who blinks first..! RK blinks n Madhu says..he lost..! RK says.. he did so the fan doesnt get embarassed…! Madhu says.. it gives invitation to them.. so he better not look!

Madhu says..if Salman Khan stared at her..she did melt too


Part 3

A fan comes n tells RK that she is a big fan .. n watched Kayanat 5 times .. n needs autograph!

She offers tissue paper.. n RK says.. give hand n he will write on the vein that runs to heart.. n Madhu glares!

Madhu excuses herself n RK asks..where to? Staring at Salman?


Precap — RK says.. all this is a plan.. th evening.. her.. Rishbala dance on Marjawa..! Sultan comes there.. n RK sees him n glares..!


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  1. aarya
    April 04, 13:07 Reply

    I m always fond of meiej… because it also give scope to mail lead (not like other show where male leads only follow female leads).
    but I also wanted to show madhu as a strong person not like satayi hui.. & it is also happening 🙂
    interesting story line…m loving it

  2. drishti
    April 04, 09:36 Reply

    dips-madhu-r.k convo was too good 😀 (dips ki bolati band ho gayi 😀 )
    sometimes it looks that r.k knows that madhu is hiding something..

    precap is very much interesting..

  3. fast money online
    July 18, 22:38 Reply

    Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice post.

  4. tanni
    April 29, 09:18 Reply

    Lovely dialogue by RK-
    madhu iss gown me nahi, ye gown madhu pr achcha lag rha hai, mind it!
    RK is treating madhu like a princess now..

  5. π
    April 29, 08:41 Reply

    seems vd & dd addict eat PARLE-G g maane genius

  6. Kriya
    April 29, 08:33 Reply

    Gud evng everyone..
    Ki haal sabke…changa?

    Vd nd dd addict…i agree yar…n dis v all r saying dat its not revenge…
    Revenge is never good…n madhu promised padmini dat she wl never cross her limits..n also sabak rk wala, tareeka mera sanskaar tere..
    So revenge toh bilkul nai h..
    N yeah i also agree wid u dat rk knws thoda bahut wat madhu is upto….n also uske dialogues mein he speaks smthng but d expression of his words is smthn…
    One more thng is dat ki now rk loves her…badla jo tha woh bhi ovr..but now he loves madhu…n uski khushi k liye he can do anythn…fir pyaar mein fanaa hona is not a big deal…
    N d last thing is mb is unpredictable..kab kaunsa twist le aaye..u nvr knwwww….

  7. pal961
    April 29, 08:29 Reply

    @vd & dd addict:

    I agree wid ur entire comments..whatever madhu is thinking & doing ryt now is quite justified otherwise it seems to encourage the men’s injustice towards women… 😉

    I agree too whatever u said abt rk character..100% react karna banta hai…but ek limit mein… 😐

    In my opinion for this track…it is very least he should understand…its not always possible for other(madhu) to behave & live life..the way he wants in every situation…
    she is also human being not a toy…to which he’ll mold the way he desires with his madness n anger…like the madhu said “mann kiya ghar is bhar fenk diya..aur mann kiya toh ghar vapas…. 😐

    moreover, you are right in saying…madhu never explained him anything about sultan earlier why now???….but that tym situation was different…on that tym rk intentionally used to taunt n humiliate her on shoot..just bcoz she accepted his challenge & in addition,as both of them already made public announcement now they were not hubby-wife anymore…then on that tym her question was quite justified to him…..why he wants to know??????..and why should she reply him????

    Moreover,in that case if anyone esle(stranger) came to her & questions on her character & self-respect…the same reply she would gave to him/her too… ;)…”I won’t tell you”

    and now she told him..she went to meet sultan…though she was unaware of this thing he knew everything abt that…..
    it shows only one thing….now she don’t want to hide anything abt sultan…which could affect their relations in future and nor she wants his presence would affect rk anymore..;)

    you are right they can’t introduce sultan character for this much role only…and he’ll surely try to find the reason…but i can’t say..whether he’ll come cross the real reason or not…so this thing time will clarify to viewers…. 😉

    and it’s true..sikky well tried it guessing madhu’s plan so there could be chances of surprise for viewers….ahead…like we saw at rk revenge tym 😉

    In last…I too believe…rk is also trying to find out whats going in madhu’s mind ???? 😉
    and its true too till now he didn’t accepted changes in her behavior fully….still a little bit interrogating & doubting session going on.. as saturday’s precap clearly shows rk is aware of that sultan coming dere…that’s why he didn’t fumed at his presence… so might be he is playing a little bit game too…;)
    and its usual in his case…as before trusting her fully…he definitely wants to clear each n every doubt abt her recent change….;)

    moreover,here fights are going on only bcoz of difference in opinion…and many of here…just taking each n every dialogue n scene in wrong way (like many did…when madhu said “yes sultan is also a part of her plan”)& also dreaming everything should favor rk character..which is not possible at show has to move as per writer’s script not viewer’s thoughts!!! 😉

    i hope whatever…i wrote..only to clarify things..there is no intention to hurt anyone on the page… 😐

  8. Jerry961
    April 29, 07:18 Reply

    @vd n dd addict
    U r absolutely right dear…each n evry word is up to the point…we too want attitude wala dashing Rishbah mohan kundra.,new version of rk..hehe…i agree wid dat pt also if madhu will tell the reasn dat when nd hw she met sultan..rk will surely undrstand her…in past days when evry1 disbelieved madhu..even bittuji bt dat tym only rk believed her….
    And yes yes rk get some hints of madhu’s plan bt let c hw madhu will do.. 😮 nd ya i hope too at the end rk will say dat he is knowing evrythng frm starting bt fanaa ho chahta tha isi se ni btaya…isn’t cute na..hehe RISHABALA ROCKS 😛 😛

    • sweety
      April 29, 07:36

      hello ji kaise ho

    • pal961
      April 29, 08:32

      @jerry: pyare…Gud evening!!! 😛

      me too agree…humko..“attitude wala dashing Rishbah mohan kundra.,new version of rk”

  9. vd n dd addict
    April 29, 06:03 Reply

    hello every1….guys why u all seem to indulge in fyt??? PLS I REQUEST U ALL TO JST GIVE FEW MINS N READ DIS N DEN TELL ME UR OPINION…. especially d old members of d page pal renu jerry aps kriya ritz moni deiva n sanju…..

    if i was at madhu’s place i would have done d same thing wat madhu is doing ryt now…. n pls don’t give it d name called revenge….bt she shuld have dealt wid him in his attitude only..emotionally break karna is wrong…

    EGO n so called jeher bahra attitude…widout these rk is incumplete n vd is wonderfully portraying d real rk… cvs very well know dis n dats why dey r showing him lyk dis…honestly agar yeh attitude yeh rk style khatam ho gayi den rk mein wo baat ni reh jayegi n we as audiences too will nt lyk it as we r used to him in dis way only….. n he will definitely be jealous n react as he doesn’t knw anything abt sulatn in wat conditions madhu met him n why she helped him…madhu too never explained him n wen he tried she first said dat i will not tell n now telling dat she went to meet sultan is of no use….itna hai to puri kahani bta de rk ko… i think rk will definitely understand her… remember padmini too salpped madhu for helping aryan n sultan wen she came to knw bt wen she saw d bond b/w madhu n sultan she understood n dat bond is not been seen by rk rather usne ab tk madhu n sultan ko jb bhi dkha hai aisi condition mein dkha hai ki doubt to 100% banta hai…doubt itane ke liye he has to knw d actual situation…
    rahi baat sultan ki to i think he will definitely help madhu becoj she is d one who has made him more close to his son….d sultan who was earlier treating aryan as a soldier nw doesn’t take him in dat way n d credit goes to madhu only…so he is debted to her… in eaching rk a lesson madhu shud not involve sultan in any way bt i think he will be involved….he alrady said ki tm mjhse share kar skti ho n madhuu too said ki she can’t tell him d truth bt conditions for sure aisi hongi ki na chahte hue bhi madhu will tell… n cvs will not make n use sultan chracter for dis much only ki choti moti baatein aryan se share kar le jaise ki pichle 2-3 epi mein hua hai…dey will definitely use him…n sultan too will not sit quitely..he will try his alll means to find out d reason why madhu is staying wid rk??
    sikky well tried it guessing madhu’s plan bt i knw d cvs very well….as now dey have showed sikky telling d way…so definitely dat way will not be adopted by madhu…dey always surprise us n do sumthing which we can not predict so i am crossing my fingers as to wat way will be progressing???
    last thing i think rk has an idea of madhu’s plan though he can’t guess wat she is actually upto bt very well knows dat madhu has sumthing in her mind…if u all have noticed his two meaning dialogues….”abhi tak to so raha tha bt now my eyes r wide open”..he very well tried to convey dis in his shyari too..”khtam krdo…aao mitta do,
    tayiyar hoon main fanna hone ke liye!!!
    dhankh saako toh dhankh lo khud ko,
    kyuki ye aag aage kaam aaegi mujhe jalane ke liye”….n many more dialogues r there…sharab pine doo raaj bahar aayenge n all…. wat my take on dis dat rk at d end will tell her wen almost her plan will be about to cumplte ki he was knowing it from d very begining… n now he is cupletely shattered by her or watever madhu is trying to do becoj he thought dat it is d only way to let prove his love for her…lo fanna ho gaya mai tere khushi ke liye types as i already mentioned ki rk ka attitude khatam karne ki risk cvs ni lenge….ki rk bina attitude ke devdas ban jaye n 1000 baar soory bole….rk har chij rk style mein krta hai to may be yahi style ho uska… sory bolne ka n to prove his love….
    wat u all have to say on dis…. waiting for ur responses

    • sumaiya961
      April 29, 06:46

      u are right……i have also joined mb many months ago and i think the fight which is happening has no use….whatever madhu is doing is not a revenge……..the thing is that i love rk alooooooooooooooooooot and i dont want rk to chance in a typical man….i want him to be the same rk….rk har kam ek alag andaaz me karta hain(rk style) 😀

    • sweety
      April 29, 07:10

      what ever u told is right i agree with u
      yes the fightings which r goimg here also what to say
      but i dont think madhi wil involve sultan
      haa but this dips wil make him to entry in madhus life with her dirty ideas
      rk without ego is also possible
      pyar mein ego khi koi jagah nahi hai
      but i have a slight doubt mayb rk aware of madhus plan
      lets see what will happen
      oopps i am sanju i just changed my name a couple of days back
      i like ur analysis

    • tanni
      April 29, 09:11

      i agree dat we love RK d way he is. without dis attitude, RK will become an ordinary man and nobody will like dat type of RK.. we love RK bcoz of what he is.. dats why he is so different from others and dats why everybody is so crazy about him..

    • sri
      April 29, 11:00

      yep. I agree with your points. It will be odd to watch RK without his dailogues and attitude. Since Sikky also guessed it, its not going to be that kind of revenge. It’s definitely going to be something else, or some compelling situation like Bhujang, or Sultan interfere as he always does and will change the course of this revenge plan.

      Madhu fell in love with RK when he was still attitude wala, just that he softened towards Madhu and her family. He was mistreating his mom at that time. It’s very hard to define RK’s character. He did not tolerate Madhu slapping him in front of his unit, but on the other hand, he is tolerating such irritating Bhatia family in his house planning against him, eating up his money just for the sake of his Mom, whom he doesn’t even talk.

      RK-Madhu issue is not Man-Women rights or mistreatment at all. It’s 100% the issue of his ego. He deals with both men and women the same way.

      I simply do not like Sultan’s character. He never justified why he is doing illegal stuff and killing people. He was helpless as a kid and went in wrong path. Now, he is strong and can do anyother work. If he is lecturing RK on how to treat his wife, first he should learn on how to live as a responsible citizen in the country.

    • deiva
      April 29, 14:03

      just now i read ur post. so here is my opinion. i accept that we like rk with attitude n ego. without those rk is incomplete n our mb is also incomplete.

      i wish this shuldnt be a revenge. but madhu promised padmini that she would let rk feel the fain she did, meaning she has to leave rk like he did saying he’s not a part of her life anymore, he’s not worthy of her. but as u said if sikky can see this plan then rk could. even rk knows this plan i dont think he would reveal this to madhu. but i guess rk would say to madhu he knows her plans n knowingly let her destroy him so that she could move on with him in a satisfied manner.
      what ever it is sultan would interfere madhu’s life. i acept madhu is the one who taught him to build a retion with his son nicely. but that doesnt mean he has the right to interfere bwt rk n madhu while she tries to build her relation with rk in a nice way.

  10. rooba
    April 29, 05:12 Reply

    hyeeee frndz………anyone present there………..?????*******

    • bindu
      April 29, 03:36

      mai hu!

  11. sweety
    April 29, 03:03 Reply

    mein hi sanju hoonnnnnnnnnn

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