Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th September 2012 Written Update by drashsree100

Madhubala 27th September Written Episode

Same scene continues where RK interrupts MIL & Madhu convo . He says he was looking for Madhu & here she’s busy opening his chapter 5 of secrets ! both Radhajee & Madhu denies but RK remains unperturbed asking whether Madhu will come or not as otherwise she knows he’ll simply scoop up her
He’s about to do the same when Madhu immediately agrees & RK holds her hand dragging her in their room . Whilst this due to force Madhu’s pain increases so RK makes her sit on bed . Madhu tries to assure she’s fine but RK shushes her & searches for the ointment . Finding the same he rolls up the salwar & applies it and asks what she wants to know about Deepali ?
He says she’s just like you DIL of this house but he’s oblivious to Kukku Bhatia , Sikki , his mom and her presence ! Life has taught him a lesson to always cover up wounds lest they can become dangerous sores .

Herein Madhu says that she has learnt in life to never hurt someone on purpose . Its true she wanted him to apologize to Paddy as that was indeed right on her part but she never knew what valu those pics held in RK’s lives ? if she would have known it then she would have never ever used them for her purpose , she goes on to clarify the fact that she also was not the one responsible to make those pics go public by printing them in newspaper ! its true she does not like RK but she’s not that low & mean to do something so cheap . Between them whatever’s there will remain like that only she’ll never allow the world to interfere in their matters ! she apologizes to RK saying that she’s really from her heart !

Here RK just stands & watches her with a smirk , a lil’ amusement [subtle appreciation]

He mocks her saying that he was referring to her wound in leg but she went on saying everything like filmy dialogues ! but amidst all that Madhu sais RK only connected with a specific one that Madhu “does not like him” he repeats the same to her saying that “you ensure that this notion of yours never changes” he tells she’s indeed courageous for whatever she told her right now & leaves .

Heritage Hospital:
Paddy having convo with doc where latter says Malik’s condition’ improving thanks to the improvised machines imported from abroad . Paddy’s very happy but gets shock of a lifetime when the doc proceeds to say that RK himself have supervised this & that all thanks to him the kind of treatment n provisions Malik’s receiving in hospital . Paddy wonders about this new facet of RK

RK Mansion:
Radhajee in kitchen giving instructions wherein Madhu arrives , she addresses Radhajee as Ma which makes the latter emotional as she’s refrained from the happiness by her son who calls her “that lady” ‘ this convo is overheard by Dips who intervenes pouting n saying that even she addresses her as mummyjee as she’s been taught ! she further asks Radhajee to take rest as she & Madhu will wrap up rest of workin kitchen so Radhajee leaves .

Dips tells Madhu to prepare lunch as RK did not have anything since morning . So while both were doing chores Dips suddenly feigns to cry in front of Madhu , the latter asks the matter so Dips says she wants to tells something !

Bittujee & RK:
Bitttujee tells RK that the police found the number to be an international one . RK does not believe the same ; however Bittujee tries to convince the former that until the matter’s sorted he should stay in house . RK refutes totally saying he’s the Tiger of Mumbai & Mmbai is his jungle so everything from shoots to photo session will be as scheduled !
Bittujee perplexed !

Scene shifts to Madhu & Dips:
Dips enters the room , locks the doors & takes out a scissor ! at first seeing Dips with scissor Madhu does get scared but Dips passes by her to the wardrobe & takes out a box having 10 lacs cash + jewellery worth 14-15 lacs , so whatever rest money required she would give Madhu as soon as its arranged !

Madhu’s trying to understand exactly what Dips trying to convey when the latter tells Madhu she knows everything about their 4 phere marriage being total mockery , how RK has humiliated her in every given chance ? she also reveals that she too was used by RK & when he was satisfied he let his bro Sikki marry her . Dips goes on to say RK uses girls like video games the moment a new one comes he gets rid of the earlier ones like herself . She urges Madhu to go , pick up the amount & throw it on RK’s face , free herself from this bond !

Madhu looks at the money & jewellery , flashbacks of Malik’s critical condition , RK’s reading out the will , RK’s “charity” offering the money for Malik’s treatment plays & she lifts the box with the scene halting !


Precap — Dips asks Madhu to go.. n be free and Madhu says. Bhabhi.. nods at her and goes off!

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    • drishti
      October 31, 03:29


    • drishti
      October 31, 07:14


  1. aarya
    October 30, 12:55 Reply

    rk is repenting by facillating machine to shamsher, good for Rk
    & this dip is ๐Ÿ™„

  2. aksa
    October 30, 11:03 Reply

    RK says filmy dialogues wow awesome.

  3. aksa
    October 30, 11:02 Reply

    RK may act hard from the outside and people may think he is stone hearted but I don’t RK has a pure heart as gold.

  4. Sim
    October 30, 10:37 Reply

    RK is so nyc he bought imported machines for shamsher

    • Sim
      October 30, 10:38

      RK you do have a soft corner which u hide with ur ego

    • Sim
      October 30, 10:38

      But I lyk his ego too

  5. almas
    September 28, 04:58 Reply

    deeps i will put u in deep sea so be carefull dont broke madu and rk heart idiot depali

  6. Mano
    September 28, 03:56 Reply

    Hope madhu will give good answer to that deeps

  7. madhu
    September 28, 01:51 Reply

    madhu is not going to leave RK..dont know what she will do with deepali and her money but she is not leaving rk…madhubala is going to celebrate ganesh chaturthi in RK’s house…she brought ganesh idol and prepared for puja but rk is not at all happy with this as he doesn’t believe in god…

    madhu rocks….

  8. kr
    September 28, 01:15 Reply

    very nice bt that stupid dips dng too much

  9. Arya fan
    September 27, 14:56 Reply

    I want dips 2 die on sultan’s attack. She s making epi boring.

  10. AMLP
    September 27, 14:31 Reply

    wow……awsome….this is the first tym tat RK is listening to her continueously for more than 30 sec… improvement hai …
    n i am sure madhu will giv som gud answers to deepali tomorrow ….:) bohot xcitd hoon mein…

    let this serial last long with the same spirit it has … all the best ^_^

  11. eeshaa
    September 27, 13:33 Reply

    the best part in todays epi is RK listens to madhu with out offending her and i love the way madhu appoligise to RK she is so sweet… i hope she wont accept money frm deepali she ll return it to her

  12. Anonymous
    September 27, 13:06 Reply

    Guys..why rk is giving chances to dipail for creating misunderstandings btw them…..when he has started talking abt dips with madhu then why don’t clear her quiries on that time only;-( ….miss their nok-jok scenes

    • drishti
      October 30, 10:54

      because he is R.k ,totally different from others. that’s why everyone like him more than others na ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Khyati
    September 27, 12:34 Reply

    And btw did Sultan take a holiday for one episode???? Where is he? It wud b better 2 c dat sultan than dis chudail dips

  14. Khyati
    September 27, 12:27 Reply

    2day the episode was nt so interesting due 2 lack of rishbala scenes. Bt dis dips urgh! How dare she put such cheap blames on RK??? Madhu shud throw d box on dis dips’ face. It wud b better if they continue d rishbala track.

  15. vv
    September 27, 12:14 Reply

    rk n madhu wer nice together but deepai spoiled the epi!!!plsss i dnt wnt more stupidity of deepalis saas bahu dramas i hate the track of blaming rk n creating misunderstng in madhus mind abt rk wel i wnted madhu to strt lovin rk but its goin on opposite now so ihate it!plsssssssss bring back rk n madhu magic n no other villian specialy deepali btw them as sikki does comic n ooks gud in -ve also but dips is so stupid with flop acting n makin epi boring

  16. rishbala rocks
    September 27, 12:02 Reply

    Thanks for the fast update plzzzzzzzz add pics and detailed update……..

  17. RK fan
    September 27, 11:55 Reply

    I feel like hitting dips like anything.

  18. Arya fan
    September 27, 11:54 Reply

    Not so good epi. Plz cntinu dis sultan’s track. We wanna c hw madhu ll save rk. Want more rishbala momnt.

  19. lovleen
    September 27, 11:43 Reply

    didnt like today’s episode…

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