Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 30th August 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 30th August 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 30th August Written Episode

Part 1

Radha is making RKs fave Paneer gravy .. when Madhu comes! She offers to help but Radha says all is ready..! She packs RKs lunch but asks Madhu not to tell RK!

She rues her destiny …and regrets her decision which forced RK to grow up before time ! She says.. after 12 years RK has allowed someone in his life.. n thats Madhu and asks her to take care of RK, if possible!

RK comes and sniffs the lunch box and fumes ..saying age old scent is captured in the box like a genie in the bottle! He tells Bittu to get the food distributed to beggars!

Part 2

RK asks why servant no. 9 aka Madhu is being given special treatment ..?? Radha is shattered! RK asks Madhu to get ready and come fast!

At Paddos home, a guy comes to give Ration to Paddo and asks for payment of previous month! Paddo asks for time and he gives two days n says.. third day he will ask!

Paddo comes to chawl guy for a role but he says.. will be touf! Madhu does RKs nail filing and asks her to do his padicure! He reminds her wifes love Hubbys feet as they take blessing from them!

RK pulls Madhu before she can touch his feet and tells her not to feel any pity on him! RK sees Madhu talking to some Assitant and tells Bittu that nothing affects Madhu!

Paddo comes on the same set to work n is shocked to find out its RKs set ! Madhu spots Paddo! Madhu is shattered seeing Paddo at work! RK spots her! He welcomes her and introes her to everyone on the set!

He says.. Paddo will act with him as his real life MIL … n Madhu pleads him not to insult Paddo but RK forces her, giving her dialogue sheet! He forces her to tell that getting a SIL like him, she gotten lucky! Paddo feels dizzy n RK orders water for her! Madhu begs him to stop! RK decides Rs. 5000 as Paddos payment for her acting.. as bakshish from his side!

Part 3

RK gives money to Paddo and tells Paddo not to do things she cant do! Paddo apologises to all for making them lose shoot time! She tells RK that he is her SIL so.. heres nek n gives him back the Rs. 5000 !!

RK says.. ‘I like it’! RK tells Madhu a while back she was a stranger but now she is his own! He declares pack up ..!

RK comes home and his mom offers Aarti to him n he turns n asks Madhu to get green tea! Madhu refuses! She tells him not to drag her family in the mess.. n take it out on her not them! She asks RK his reaction if he insults Radha n RK asks her to do it! Madhu challenges him .. n says.. she will make him apologise to Paddo in next 24 hours! RK smirks .. n goes off!

Precap — Kuku asks Sikandar to focus on Madhus challenge n ensure to defeat RK ! Kuku asks Sikandar to give the photos to Madhu to help her win the challenge!

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  1. Sim
    October 15, 05:30 Reply

    Thanks for the pics Mythi

    • Sim
      October 15, 05:31

      They r really nice

  2. Sim
    October 15, 05:28 Reply

    RK’s style is so different..

    • Sim
      October 15, 05:29

      Its Best

  3. Sim
    October 15, 05:28 Reply

    Outstanding performance Vivian

  4. Sim
    October 15, 05:27 Reply

    Awesome episode

  5. aarya
    October 15, 00:46 Reply

    admin :angry:
    post wu with pics
    dont depend on mythi…

    • Mythi
      October 15, 01:29


  6. harshi
    October 14, 15:30 Reply

    What the hell is this wu without pics

  7. aksa
    October 14, 11:40 Reply

    RK u r totally wonderful.

  8. aksa
    October 14, 11:40 Reply

    We fans wish you get a project right away. We wanna see u VD.

  9. aksa
    October 14, 11:39 Reply

    We want u back RK aka VD it ha seen exactly 2 months,1 week & 3 days wonder when u will get a project I am eagerly waiting for your comeback.

  10. aksa
    October 14, 11:36 Reply

    RK I really love u. You r my favourite RK.

  11. aksa
    October 14, 11:36 Reply

    Now this is what u call Redefined Coolness RK.

  12. aksa
    October 14, 11:33 Reply

    Then RK declares pack up.

  13. aksa
    October 14, 11:32 Reply

    When RK says I like and says to madhu before your were a stranger to me but now u r my own.

  14. aksa
    October 14, 11:31 Reply

    RK doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy.

  15. aksa
    October 14, 11:30 Reply

    Like it when RK pulls madhu before she touches his feet and the RK says to feel pity on me.

    • aksa
      October 14, 11:31

      RK says no need to feel pity for me.

  16. aksa
    October 14, 11:29 Reply

    Love it when RK sniffs the lunch box and fumes.

  17. aksa
    October 14, 11:28 Reply

    Actually madhu says how will u feel to RK if I insult your mother RK says then do it.

  18. aksa
    October 14, 11:26 Reply

    Radha u r the best mother ever.

  19. aksa
    October 14, 11:26 Reply

    I swear Radha is so innocent that she can’t understand what her husband is like cunning,shrewd so evil.

  20. aksa
    October 14, 11:25 Reply

    RK u totally Rockkkk.

  21. aksa
    October 14, 11:24 Reply

    Wow what dialouges you hit RK u totally kill me with your dialouges.

  22. aksa
    October 14, 11:23 Reply

    RK u r the one that always amazes me.

  23. aksa
    October 14, 11:22 Reply

    Then she challenges him that u have to apologise to my mother in the next 24 hours. RK smirks & then leaves wow just wow RK.

  24. aksa
    October 14, 11:19 Reply

    When RK says to madhu go on then insult my mum I would like too see this madhu just then has nothing to say.

  25. aksa
    October 14, 11:18 Reply

    RK u make me laugh a lot.

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