Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th June 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th June 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 6th June 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu says..din wanna lose u n myself RK Where has she attained him?

Madhu says.. RK cant end everything between them…

RK takes Madhu by the hand n walks out to the car..
Sultan rushes home..asks for whereabouts of old locker..

He finds a pic.. n cleans it.. its of his parents n him .. n he identifies his father with the locket..! Kaka asks..why relive old memories?
Sultan says.. these are no more memories..! Kaka says.. this is of n Sultan says.. Rashids.. n he is alive..

Paddo tells Trish.. she tried to reach Sultan but he din respond..n asks her to come home early but she says.. will be late..!

Paddo says..she is going there.. she needs to handle things!

Radha asks Bittu to locate RK …

Dips watches time in Sikkys watch n asks..why smile? Dips says celebration time.. as Rishbala have not returned..

Paddo reaches the RK mansion …n asks where r Rishbala n Paddo is surprised..! Bittu says. no idea where Rishbala have gone.. ! Paddo asks if RK was ok then? Sikky says .. no ..he was angry n Madhu was in tears!
Paddo asks Radha why she let them go? Dips says…when RK is fuming..better to stay away..! Paddo fumes more.. saying RK can do anything to Madhu!

Paddo says RK is a monster..who broke Madhu n can do anything to her..! Radha asks Paddo to calm down..! Paddo asks Radha to calm her son.. not her..! Radha tells Paddo ENOUF …

She says RK has done wrong n paid.. n today he was gonna marry Madhu honestly . .but why did Madhu call Sultan (the PARAYA MARD) in her room

RK calls Bittu n asks them to reach to the mandap… with everyone!

Radha asks Paddo to come along..!

RK is driving …

Sultan talks to someone on phone n asks his men to locate Rashid..! He tells his bodyguards to locate well but manages to spot him .. on his own..!

Rashid gets up n runs seeing Sultan..!
Press are covering RK n Madhus wedding… ! They ask where RK is? Sikky says.. its RKs wedding drama is expected!

RK reaches with Madhu .. ! He walks out of the car.. Madhu too..!

Reporter asks .. why RK n Madhu together..without barat n not on ghodi? WHY? RK says.. he wanted to come on ghodi but of green color..but not possible so
RK pulls Madhu to stage with her…!

Part 2
Sultan manages to catch hold of Rashid… n he begs for mercy

Sultan asks him to look at him n recognise… n says.. he is SULTAN ..his son ..his n Nazias..!

He says. .not my son.. Sultan says.. wont let u go..!!

Part 3
RK says.. drama.. ofcourse…

RK says.. normal wedding is few years of happiness then distance then breakup..!!

RK says.. there r two people. .normal n different but he is unique . .he has special relations..! All relations start with four letter his was not LOVE was HATE..!! Madhu looks at RK

Precap —- RK says..that in this revenge drama. .Madhu wanted to do same as he did to her… break his heart. hurt her..! Madhu asks RK to stop it..!


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  1. achu
    June 06, 12:06 Reply

    Nice epi…. ๐Ÿ˜€

    heeyo guyzz ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. deiva
    June 06, 12:01 Reply

    @ pal :

    pal if u have watched the precap fully then u would have known rk confessing his deeds which was just bwt rk n madhu, the pain he gave her, the way he hurted her everything… right??? did u see that why dont u think it as a confession rather than an insult??

    • sri
      June 06, 12:15

      hi Deiva, I replied to your older comment. pls check. I just dislike when Paddo calls RK as rakshas or monster. Instead, she should have someamount of gratitude that her daughters and herself are live today becuase of RK.

    • jeeva
      June 06, 12:29

      oh tho teek hey par aap ko naehi lagtha hey Rk kuch over karahey i hate this behaviour of him if madhu opened their personal life to sultan is wrong means now wht he is doing tht to whole world he is really frustrating i agree he love her lot and he was hurted by her so he is reliving she also had come acrossed this situation tht too more wroser than y not she i cant guess his character i want him to change a ton then only he can able to enjoy his love life

    • pal961
      June 06, 12:29

      @i agree its a confession but tiwari ji showing it like insult in rk style…….the only thing bothering me … side he says to madhu..whatever is there b/w them….whether its hate or love…its not a show piece which they should show to everyone….ryt????

      then why now he is discussing their personal matter in front of media…????

      one side he is confessing his past deeds and on other humiliating madhu for her deeds in rk style.. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Deepz
      June 06, 12:52

      I [email protected] rk confessing his mistake nt insulting madhu…after tht he wud say srry to madhu..nd wil propose fr d marry….

    • aksa
      June 06, 19:45

      Jeevika no RK is not over doing it infact what RK is doing right why does everyone always think RK is bad infact what RK said I found it good because RK is telling what happened between then and now their love story beings because both RK and Madhubala are in love with each other and RK will say to Madhubala to marry me with 7 oheras.

  3. Deepz
    June 06, 12:00 Reply

    I want to say all f u guyz plse see d link which pal posted…there is rishabala wedding pics..

  4. pal961
    June 06, 11:55 Reply

    @deepz: i’m fine…and busy with preparations…as i hv two comp. exams in july…that’s why i’m not coming here these days…

    but today precap forced me to comment… ๐Ÿ˜

    what abt u??? how were ur exams??? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. Jerry961
    June 06, 11:54 Reply

    pal if u reading my comment..plz fb pe aa..kuch imp h

    • pal961
      June 06, 11:56

      coming… pyare!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. pal961
    June 06, 11:52 Reply

    @today episode was just ok…nothing special…but i hate the precap…for humiliating madhu in front of media..after his betrayal she never ever humiliated him…. ๐Ÿ™

    ya its true after all this drama…..he will propose her n marry her too…but still he has no ryt to humiliate her like this….. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. rajlo
    June 06, 11:47 Reply

    will RK marry madhu or not?

    • Deepz
      June 06, 11:55

      Are yar tm log sajhte hi ni..shaadi already hv dรถne it..see pal posted d link…their wedding..nd cรถmfusiรถn dรถor karo

  8. deiva
    June 06, 11:46 Reply

    @ rishab is best ::

    i think padmini doesnt want everybody knows abt madhu’s plan to break rk with love. coz this might make radhaji angry on madhu… but 4 that she has let down her daughters dignity n self respect. the thing is she could have just said i didnt like this marriage so sent sultan to kidnap my daughter to save her 4m rk…

    stupid lady doesnt even know when to talk n when to keep quiet…

    • sri
      June 06, 12:03

      yep Deiva,

      She has been flying high and insulting RK since love game part 1. Radhaji has kept quiet for so long. Trishna and Paddo made faces, insulted, ignored Radhaji and RK quite a lot. They should say sorry and stop it now epecially Paddo.

      I cann’t believe how Paddo forgot that RK being a superstar saved Madhu from Ballu by risking his life. Even if it is for the sake of revenge which we now know not true, she should respect for RK being there at that time. otherwise, her beloved daughters and helself would have been dead long ago.

      Madhu is getting married and what important work does Trishna has?

      Oh, CVS!! please don’t make sultan as RKs brother. pleeessseeee….not liking to see him on the screen anymore. I was hoping that once RK-Madhu get back together, this Sultan will either die or go to jail to pay for his crimes. Nah!! that’s not happenning.

    • rishab is best
      June 06, 13:07

      @deiva yeah but that stupid woman’s brain work when it comes to rishbala seperation but stays dumb in case of their union

  9. Deepz
    June 06, 11:35 Reply

    Jerry-plse yar meri fb rishala wedding photos aayi thi ..i hv posted them on 5th june wu…wil u plse post them on tody page…plse kr de na mujse mob se post krte nhi bnti…above hi dli h..

  10. rishab is best
    June 06, 11:32 Reply

    oh the precap is tooo scary but what is gonna happen now ๐Ÿ™

    • aksa
      June 06, 12:13

      RK is going to say to madhubala marry me with 7 pheras.

  11. deiva
    June 06, 11:32 Reply

    hey what the hell yar on rishbala marriage day also they r showing some stupid illegitimate sultan’s past which is a crap already???\

    today also no marriage…

    i liked the way radhaji supported her son today, she always lets her son down in the name of supporting herdil, but today her one question silenced that over reacting padmini.

    what was her madhu became when she decided to take revenge on rk??? she also became an animal na? a monster na 4 sucking a life 4m rk even after knowing it would destroy him???

    • rishab is best
      June 06, 11:35

      yep completely agree wid u but y didn’t padmini tell that she sent sulthan and madhu didn’t call him

    • geetha
      June 06, 12:12

      Correcta sonnega deiva. Radha rkku support pannathu nalla irrukula. Renu mbyoda wu pagekku varangala. Unga cmtsla ellam oru thelivuvana msg irruku.

  12. Deepz
    June 06, 11:30 Reply

    Paddo thoda kam bola kr…bahut ho gya yar jab dekho use rakchas bolti rhti h…are yar ab sullu ka track bdta hi jaa rha h…nd i think ye bahut lamba chlne bala h…nd now he became step brother f rk….omg yar nw i jst cnt tolrate him…more

  13. aksa
    June 06, 11:27 Reply

    Aww finally RK is there talking and cant wait for tomorrows episode not much happened today.

  14. reena
    June 06, 11:27 Reply

    was waiting for episode bt wat a boring epi

  15. aksa
    June 06, 11:24 Reply

    boaring too mcuh sultan too boaring. except for RK`S parts, radhas, bittuji.

    • iuliana
      June 06, 11:44

      Hi!I say the same.Sultan is RK’s step brother.

  16. rishab is best
    June 06, 11:21 Reply

    y the hell r they showing abt that stupid sulthan’s story when rishbala story is going on such a dangerous way

  17. Deepz
    June 06, 11:20 Reply

    Hey guyz go to d 5th june wu…nd see rishabala wedding photos…cmnt me sabse upar hi dali h mere name se

  18. reena
    June 06, 11:20 Reply

    felt bad for sulta bt its ok

  19. madhu
    June 06, 11:18 Reply

    wowwww rk ne kya jawab diya hai… grenn color ghodi ….. ha ha …

  20. aksa
    June 06, 11:18 Reply

    Absolutely amazing when radha answered padmini back I absolutely loved it hats off to u radha.

  21. rishab is best
    June 06, 11:17 Reply

    omg rk says their relation is based on a 4 lettered word but it isn’t love but hate ๐Ÿ™

  22. anshika
    June 06, 11:15 Reply

    finally radha ji ne apna mooh khola aur padmini ji ko mooh tod jawab diya
    how can she tell someone a monster in front of his own mother

  23. madhu
    June 06, 11:15 Reply

    finally radha ji na jawab diya….

  24. aksa
    June 06, 11:11 Reply

    Cant padmini just go away how can she say RK is a monster when he is not and RK is going to take Madhubala to the wedding venue and say to her Marry me with 7 pheras.

    • rishab is best
      June 06, 11:19

      and i loved radhaji bashing her finally but y didn’t padmini say that it was not madhu who called sulthan but she sent him stupid woman not saving her daughter’s prestige

  25. anshika
    June 06, 11:04 Reply

    koi hai
    rk kya karne wala hai ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • madhu
      June 06, 11:11

      dont worry dear…. this time marriage ll happen for sure…..

    • anshika
      June 06, 11:14

      arrey kaise worry na kaaru yeh padmini ji aur deepali hai na jo shaadi mein kaabab mein haddi ka kaam kar rahi hai
      eventhough i know shaadi ho gi par kab kya ho jaye kya maloom and i have a bad feeling about this wedding kyunki rk kisi ko itni jaldi maaf nahi karta hai toh aaj madhu ko itni jaldi maaf kardega impossible

    • aksa
      June 06, 11:16

      No its not impossible because RK loves Madhubala truly that is why he will surely forgive her.

    • anshika
      June 06, 11:21

      i am damn sure koi drama hoga tabhi yeh shaadi hogi
      waise bhi shaadi ke venue mein padmini ji aur deepali aka nagin hai na toh yeh do kaabab mein haddi kuch na kuch zarur karege jiseki yeh shaadi na ho
      deepali ko madhu se dushmani hai kya kyu hamesha woh rk ke peeche paadi rehti hai
      can anyone explain plzzz???????????????

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